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Rewriting the Rules of Management for the Facebook Generation


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Slides for my keynote "Rewriting the Rules of Management for the Facebook Generation" at the Proactive conference in Kozara, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vladimir Vulic (October 2014)

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Rewriting the Rules of Management for the Facebook Generation

  1. 1. Rewritingthe Rules of Management for the Generation
  2. 2. The “father” of Scientific management
  3. 3. “In the past the man has been first; in the future the system must be first.”-Frederick W. Taylor
  4. 4. “Management is the most important invention of the XX century. Nothing, not the combustion engine, not the steam turbine, was as important. Because without management, none of those other things are affordable.”-Gary Hamel, management thinker
  5. 5. The average lifespan of an S&P 500 company: 1920 –67 years 2013 –15 years! (source: Richard Foster, Yale University)
  6. 6. Out of the 1,000 biggest companies in the US in 2003, almost 70% were not on the list in 2013!
  7. 7. “It is not the strongestof the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the onemost responsive to change.” Charles Darwin, Author of “The Origin of Species”
  8. 8. ”Tomorrow’s profitabilitydepends on today’s evolvability.”-Gary Hamel, management thinker
  9. 9. “Nostalgia isn't a business model.” John NaughtonSenior Research Fellow at Cambridgeand technology columnist
  10. 10. Is Your Company About To Get Netflixed?
  11. 11. How was Nokia disrupted?
  12. 12. Who Is Your Biggest Competitor?
  13. 13. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace -13% of employees are “Engaged” -63% are “Not Engaged” -24% are “Actively Disengaged”
  14. 14. “How many of you have some dead wood in your organizations?”
  15. 15. What is going on here???
  16. 16. “Iron Curtain” -Germany -Czechoslovakia
  17. 17. Even after 25 years, red deer still don't cross the old Iron Curtain!
  18. 18. Why are newspaper sheets so big?
  19. 19. Tax in England based on number of pages introduced in 1715, and abolished in 1855!
  20. 20. Why do hotels rarely, if ever, reach out and tell their guests they left something in the room?
  21. 21. Hotels were afraid to call the homes of male travelers whose wives may or may not have known they were at the hotel!
  22. 22. Doctors' bad handwriting kills more than 7,000 peoplein the US annually!
  23. 23. 90% of the doctors have access to computers<10% use e-medical records or e-prescriptions
  24. 24. Today’s companies: -21st-century business processes-mid-20th-century management processes-19th-century management principles!
  25. 25. “Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their jobs done.” Peter Drucker, management thinker
  26. 26. “Taylor, though the Isaac Newton (or perhaps the Archimedes) of the science of work, laid only first foundations, however. Not much has been added to them since -even though he has been dead all of 60 years.”-Peter Drucker, management thinker, 1974.
  27. 27. The word “Management” comes from the Italian “manegio/manegiare“ and French “menége” –“to handle, to train (horses)”
  28. 28. What’s The Future of management?
  29. 29. “The future is already here -it's just not very evenly distributed.”-William Gibson, SF author
  30. 30. Organizational Pyramid
  31. 31. When top level guys look down, they see only sh*t. When bottom level guys look up, they see only a**holes!
  32. 32. “Hierarchy is a place in which everyone has their face toward the CEO and their ass toward the customer.” Jack WelchChairman and CEO of General Electric
  33. 33. Span of Control
  34. 34. Span of control in Google is 60!
  35. 35. “Your desk has wheels for a reason.” The simple ruleat Valve
  36. 36. “We’re trying to figure out how to structure Zappos more like a city, and less like a bureaucratic corporation. In a city, people and businesses are self-organising.”-Tony Hsieh, CEO
  37. 37. “Holacracy”-Structure the company around the work that needs to be done rather than the people who do it
  38. 38. Decentralization + Autonomy= Profit!
  39. 39. Whole Foods has gone ahead and made the salary data public to all employees!
  40. 40. “Don’t treat your employees like mushrooms –don’t keep them in the dark and don’t regularly throw crap on them!”
  41. 41. At Morning Star, there is no central purchasing department and no senior executive who signs off on capital expenditures. Employees are responsible for acquiring the tools and equipment they need.
  42. 42. ”The one thing that will certainly get you firedhere is being someone who does things the way we’ve always done them.” Kevin Plank, Under Armour, founder and CEO
  43. 43. “Nowadays, people under 35 don't want to be leador managed-those words are too strong for them. They want to be worked WITH.”-Karl Moore, management professor
  44. 44. Vladimir Vulić To connect, and for speaking enquiries, please visit