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Props and costumes


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Published in: Education
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Props and costumes

  1. 1. Props and Costumes <ul><li>Our thoughts and research into character costumes and props </li></ul>
  2. 2. Props: weapons Needed for… Breaking in to school
  3. 3. Props: vandalism Needed for… A realistic representation of youths.
  4. 4. costumes: Street Needed for… Realistic representation of youths.. Jeans – Hung low. Brand labelled clothing. White sneakers/ trainers. Wide-rim hats Hood sweaters Balaclavas? Colourful T’s Tracksuit bottoms
  5. 5. The result… <ul><li>Our characters are young and urban, they aspire to vandalise and stray from acceptable social behaviour and so the construction and representation must be influenced by these factors. There will be three characters, two of which will be carrying a spray can and/or marker and the other a metal bar or bat to break in with. We will be going out shopping later to acquire all the costumes, the props we already have ready. </li></ul>