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Location location location

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Location location location

  1. 1. Location Location Location
  2. 2. Our idea and the concept of the production is based around a location, a school. We realise that it is expected of us to at least search a few locations before filming but we are in truth happy with our existing location. Windsor Boys School is a historic and monumental site, its red brick buildings are perfect as our setting.
  3. 3. Red brick buildings, covered away from the street by misshapen and uneven housing. A definite tick in the settings box.
  4. 4. The road leading up to school can be jam packed during peak hours but is frequently empty at quiet times of the day.
  5. 6. This area gets darker and more grim during the later hours of the day.
  6. 12. An example of a long corridor, which when dark, will provide a sombre lighting effect as gloomy light will illuminate from the side with shadows.