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EasyTravel by Street Legal Cucumbers


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Published in: Education, Travel
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EasyTravel by Street Legal Cucumbers

  1. 1. EasyTravelDiscover The World Together
  2. 2. Idea
  3. 3. Two weeks before holidays?
  4. 4. Have you already planned the trip,found companions and bought thetickets?
  5. 5. EasyTravel PLAN Create an entire plan of your trip in one place and take it to the journey JOIN SHAREBe aware of your friends Share your experience, telltrips, find like-minded us about your secret spotspeople all around the world and interesting routes, give smart tips for novices
  6. 6. Hypothesis
  7. 7. 1. Its rather difficult for most people to find like-minded travel companions for the journey or holidays 2. People prefer to plan their trips by themselves.Importantly, most see the Internet as a very useful oressential tool for planning many/most aspects of atrip including where to stay overnight, planningtravel routes, potential places to visit, attractions tovisit, as well as learning about what to do. 3. People like to share their travel experience withothers
  8. 8. Experiments
  9. 9. 1. Survey We managed to get some results from survey createdon . 62 people were participated,mostly from Russia and CIS. So results could representmostly this market and possibly could have some biascause most participants are our friends and colleagues.Though results still have valuable insight. 2. Face To Face We have interviewed 20 people, mostly talking aboutproblems that people face when planning their trips.
  10. 10. Results
  11. 11. Result #151% plan travels and book flights, hotels by themselves, another 34% ofpeople sometimes use travel agencies, but also buy the tickets and bookhotels. СonclusionPeople tend to plan their holidays by themselves, and our service canease such planning.  Result #266% uses email and Internet messengers to plan the trip collectively and45% of them also use social networks. СonclusionWe believe that our service could enhance such experience by providingcollaborative planning. 
  12. 12. Result #371% would like some active sport activities (such snowboarding, surfing,etc.) instead of only relaxing on the beach or doing excursions. СonclusionThat was quite surprising number, one of our value propositions is toprovide such programs by partnering with surf camps, etc. Result #487% are well aware of online services that allows to book hotels andflights and use them. СonclusionMarket is well established in this area, if we will be able to provide usefulservice, we could get good revenue from brokerage fees. 
  13. 13. Result #564.5% only post some photos of the travel on social network, 6.5% writeabout their journey in their blog, 29% wont do anything to share theirexperiences, 0%(!) will write about their trip on specialized sites orforumsСonclusionWe need to attract professional and well-known bloggers and travelers atthe initial stage of the project. We should also consider a system ofmotivation for new authors. Result #435.5% visit tourism related sites only when planning their next trip, 43.5occasionally read travel reports and only 6.5% constantly read travel blogsor reportsСonclusionWe must think of how to maintain a constant flow of traffic to our sitebetween vacations of our users. For example, we can provide convenientservice to find interesting places and local routes for a weekend.
  14. 14. Final conclusion
  15. 15. Most of our hypothesis was correct. The biggestconcern is ability to build community around traveltopics, though we think the idea as a whole is worthpursuing. We will continue to work on our project and wereactively looking for a mentor with a good expertise. And yes, we are looking for strategic venture capitalpartners as well as direct investors.
  16. 16. Our team
  17. 17. We are young, smart, and full of senseDaniil Pokrovsky Alexander Sharipov Yaroslav Latushkin Sergey Noskov Vladimir Buzov Sergey Kuritzin Alexander Cherevan