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Vladimir Yakunin on BRICS development strategy for the years to come


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In a time when the international order is being questioned and is becoming increasingly unstable, new models for global development are crucial, argues Vladimir Yakunin, chairman of the DOC Research Institute. The BRICS countries stand to play an ever greater role in the world and can offer a new model for global progress, especially as their economies grow to play a more significant role on the global scale, particularly as the role of the World Bank and the IMF isn’t being viewed as positively around the world anymore. Increasingly, the five BRICS members themselves are becoming crucial investors around the world. The BRICS countries could become a model of development for the rest of the world, in part by serving as an example of mutual understanding, as these countries, flung so far apart from each other and featuring such different ideologies, cooperate successfully.

For the future, the BRICS states must outline a development path for themselves that places personal human involvement in the development process, Vladimir Yakunin continues. The individual must be placed at the heart of the process and most certainly must not be considered as a mere consumer in a sea of consumers. Rather than looking for GDP growth, the focus must be placed on the development of humanism. This is why the development belt programmes launched by some BRICS members are so crucial. Infrastructure is at the heart of human development. The fact that BRICS countries are expanding their economic activities beyond their borders is fantastic. Given proper research, their initiatives have great potential for making a great change for the better.

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