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Learn about the DOC Research Institute from its founder Vladimir Yakunin.


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The Dialogue of Civilizations (DOC) Research Institute is a uniquely positioned think tank seeking to promote the spirit and values of the World Public Forum – Dialogue of Civilizations (WPF-DC), a non-governmental organisation aimed at the dialogue of civilizations and peoples. The DOC Research Institute seeks to underpin these noble goals with robust research and fruitful discussions on a range of subjects in order to find long-lasting solutions to the many problems faced today and in the future. It was founded by current Chairman, known business leader and philanthropist Vladimir Yakunin, the Former Secretary General of the Council of Europe Walter Schwimmer and Professor Peter W. Schulze of the Georg-August University of Gőttingen, all experts in their respective fields.

Today, the research institute is in a state of tremendous development as it seeks to tackle the many issues around the world. The DOC Research Institute is a community of open-minded, perceptive and dedicated individuals who are working together towards a common goal. Under the leadership of Vladimir Yakunin, the organisation draws upon a diverse and robust international network of known academicians and industry experts to provide special reports, expert commentary and insightful analysis. The organisation regularly organises major events, focusing on a wide range of topics and attracting a vast scope of experts. The DOC Research Institute seeks to form fruitful collaborations with other parties. For instance, the latest event was titled “Islam in Eurasia” in cooperation with the Tyumen State University, tackling a matter that is pertinent for the entire world.

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