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BioBase4SME slides webinar Technical services


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Slides by webinar 19/06/2018 by Tanja Meyer, Roel Koevoets and Bart Bonsall

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BioBase4SME slides webinar Technical services

  1. 1. Welcome to our BioBase4SME Webinar Build up your capacity! Introduction to the BioBase4SME Network Tanja Meyer Project Coordinator
  2. 2. Tanja Meyer Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant Roel Koevoets REWIN Bart Bonsall tcbbResource Agenda Technical Innovation Coupons Services of BioBase4SME
  3. 3. Project partners Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Belgium) AC3A (France) CLIB2021 (Germany) Flanders Bio-Based Valley (Belgium) Materia Nova (Belgium) NNFCC (United Kingdom) REWIN (Netherlands) TCBB Resource (Ireland) University of York (United Kingdom)
  4. 4. BioBase4SME offers 3 different types of support
  5. 5. BioBase4SME: Bio-Innovation Support for SMEs - YouTube
  6. 6. ...or a combination thereof. Scale up and proof of concept Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Materia Nova Social Acceptance AC3A Application Testing REWIN Market Research NNFCC Value Chain Assessment NNFCC Pilot equipment anaerobic digestion tcbbResource Business Plan Coaching NNFCC Application Testing for biofibers and bioplastics REWIN Pilot equipment for pyrolysis tcbbResource Each Innovation Coupons
  7. 7. Contact your regional bio innovation agent. Information on the website! SME friendly Application Procedure High success rate Short Evaluation Time Easy Procedure Innovation Coupons Application Process Open for SMEs and Start-ups > 25 coupons available for SMEs 1,3 Mio € of grant to allocate Last evaluation end of 10/18 Innovation
  8. 8. Application testing! • REWIN WEST-BRABANT Roel Koevoets Bio Innovation Agent NL
  9. 9. • Natural Fiber Application Center • Biopolymer Application Center • Colorant Application Center • Bio Innovation Garden • Biorizon Lignin Application Center Support for testing € 4000 100% covered
  10. 10. Natural Fiber Application Center
  11. 11. Biopolymer Application Center
  12. 12. Colorant Application Center
  13. 13. Bio Innovation Garden
  14. 14. Biorizon Lignin Application Center
  15. 15. Development Opportunities in Anaerobic Digestion and Pyrolysis • tcbbRRESOURCE Bart Bonsall Bio Innovation Agent Ireland
  16. 16. NUI Galway Microbiology Introduction University of Limerick Thermo-Chemical Irish Research Centre Scale Up: AD & Pyrolysis Pilot Plant Engineering: Industrial Host Business Support: Commercial / Policy Galway Limerick Thurles
  17. 17. tcbb RESOURCE: Value Propositions Energy/Nutrient/Product Recovery from Biowastes & Residues Agri Food Processing, Forestry & Timber Products, Marine and Fish Processing, Municipal Waste & WWT Nutra- chem Food & Feed High Value Bio-chemicals & Bio-materials Bulk Bio-chemicals & Bio-materials Energy & Nutrient Recovery . . . . . . . Waste vs Resource Integration = Profit
  18. 18. Anaerobic Digestion: Converts Digestible Biomass to Biomethane Flexible Energy Carrier Interchangeable with Natural Gas Wide Range of Uses, Established Demand & Routes to Market Feedstock Flexibility: Mixed Microbiology + Reactor Config’s ‒ Excellent tech for waste/residue ‒ CSTR/Plug Flow/Dry Config: solids ‒ HRAD Configuration: WWT Challenge = Cost of Supply ‒ Industry dependent on subsidies Digestates as Organic Fertiliser ‒ Feedstock dependent ‒ Disposal Costs: rate-limiting ‒ Optimal Nutrient Recycling
  19. 19. Anaerobic Digestion: Facilities & Services Facilities for Scale Up: ‒ Bench Scale (5-10L - NUIG) ‒ Pilot Scale CSTR (500L) ‒ Pilot Scale HRAD (1500L) Process Analysis / Optimisation ‒ Biomethane Potential (BMP) tests ‒ Feedstock analysis ‒ Inhibition analysis ‒ Co-digestion strategies ‒ Pre-treatments (Physi-chem, Enzyme) ‒ Environmental parameter variations
  20. 20. Anaerobic Digestion: Work Programme Examples Meat Processing WWT ‒ HRAD to Remove Organic Load from Meat Processing Wastewaters Meat Proc: Energy from Slurry ‒ De-watering technology: isolate solids ‒ Clarify liquors: N recovery & discharge ‒ Co digestion strategy: optimise energy ‒ N/P recovery: saleable fertiliser VFA Biorefining Platform ‒ Platform for biochemicals/biomaterials ‒ Sourced from low cost wastes/residues
  21. 21. Pyrolysis :Thermal Depolymerisation in Low Oxygen Environment Converts Biomass to Biochar + Syngas / Bio oil Dry Feedstocks (counterpart to AD) Feedstock + Process Parameters + Reactor Config Outputs ‒ Low Temp = biochar ‒ High Temp = Syngas or oil ‒ Downstream: thermal cracking (syngas), condensation (oil) Output Valorisation ‒ Biochar: solid fuel, soil conditioner or filter media (feedstock dependent) ‒ Syngas: conditioned for fuel ‒ Oil: Plastics/tyres = refined oil/wax ‒ Biomass oil = chemically complex
  22. 22. Facilities for Scale Up: ‒ Bench Scale (gram scale – UL) ‒ Continuous rotary kiln (50Kg/hr) ‒ Condensation (oil) or cracking (CHP) Process Demo ‒ Feedstock Analysis ‒ Mass & Energy Balances ‒ Process Optimisation / Inhibitions Emissions Tests ‒ NOx / SOx / CO / Particulates ‒ PAH’s & Persistent Org.Pollutants: Subcontract with M-certified lab Pyrolysis: Facilities & Services
  23. 23. Municipal (Industrial) WWT: Energy from Sludge ‒ Demo sludge + forestry residues ‒ Addresses biohazard concerns Municipal Waste Management: Energy from Refuse Derived Fuels ‒ Demo: RDF ‒ Demo: organic fines + forestry residue Moderate Scale Commercial Deployments that Minimise Environmental Impact Pyrolysis: Work Programme Examples
  24. 24. Policymakers: Frameworks to Support Community Schemes ‒ Feedstock Mobilisation ‒ Technology Development ‒ Infrastructure Deployment - ‒ Demand Stimulation ‒ Routes to Market Pyrolysis: Work Programme Examples
  25. 25. Open access pilot facility for bio-based products • Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant Tanja Meyer Pilot Plant Service Provider
  26. 26. Multi-purpose pilot facility for bio-based products and processes
  27. 27. A one stop shop… and beyond Pretreatment Biocatalysis Fermentation Green Chemistry Downstream Purification Gas Fermentation CO2 – CO – H2 ✓ Abundant feedstock ✓ GHG reuse and reduction ✓ Avoid overexploitation of natural resources
  28. 28. Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
  29. 29. Services Process Development • Concept design • Fermentation optimization • Downstream processing (DSP) development and optimization • Techno-economic assessment (in-house developed model) Process Development
  30. 30. Services Scale up • From 10 L to 15 m3 for fermentation + DSP, up to 50 m3 for other processes • Generation of samples for application research • Demonstration of technology at larger scale • Pilot scale data (mass- and energy-balances, …) Scale Up
  31. 31. Services Custom Manufacturing • 1,5 m3, 4,5 m3 and 15 m3 • Fermentation • (Solvent-) based DSP • Biocatalysis Custom Manufacturing
  32. 32. Team involved in BB4SME Lieve Hoflack, PhD Project Acquisition Manager Sofia Vindevogel Admin and HR Manager Tanja Meyer Project Coordinator Luc Helsen Controlling Katrien Molders Communication Manager Hendrik Waegeman, PhD Business Development Manager Muriel Dewilde Business Development Manager Frederick De Bruyn Business Development Manager And many more engineers and operators
  33. 33. Takeways Until 11/18 Coupons for technical & non-technical services On 7/11/18 Final Networking Event with Horizon 2020 Superbio Project, Brussels > 100 Pitches from SMEs and start-ups in front of investors > 150 awesome international people > 180 min of Matchmaking Session < 5 min distance from the airport Brussels (Sheraton Hotel) Webinars Non-technical services for coupons Technical services for coupons youtube video
  34. 34. Contact Speakers for the technical services within BioBase4SME Tanja Meyer Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant Roel Koevoets REWIN Bart Bonsall, Pádraic Ó hUiginn tcbbResource +31 (6) 226 639 34 ; +353 (0) 86 241 3081 +32 (0) 9 335 70 01 tcbb RESOURCE; REWIN West-Brabant @BioBase4SME @BioeconomyIRL