Oracle Database Appliance


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The Oracle Database Appliance is a new way to take advantage of the world\'s most popular database—Oracle Database 11g—in a single, easy-to-deploy and manage system. It\'s a complete package of software, server, storage, and networking that\'s engineered for simplicity; saving time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database workloads.

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Oracle Database Appliance

  1. 1. © 2011 Oracle Corporation
  2. 2. Oracle Database Appliance Simple. Reliable. Affordable.© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  3. 3. World’s Most Popular Database • Database Share • Database for Data Warehouses • Database for Enterprise Applications© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  4. 4. Oracle Database Appliance Highly Available Database System in a Single Box • Simple – Complete, plug-and-go hardware and software – Easy to implement, manage and maintain • Reliable – Highly available database cluster configured in minutes – Advanced management features and single vendor support • Affordable – Capacity on pay-as-you-grow basis – Consolidation platform for small databases© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  5. 5. Oracle Database Appliance Ideal for SMBs and Departmental Systems • Simple to implement • Designed and priced to scale • Performance improves as you scale • Highest levels of serviceability • Highest availability for this class of machine© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  6. 6. When to Use the Oracle Database Appliance Ideal for SMBs and Departmental Systems • Database(s) up to a maximum of 4 TB of data • Fast, efficient replacement of aging servers • Higher availability for application databases • Migrate and consolidate databases© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  7. 7. Easy to Deploy, Manage, and Maintain Reduced Installation and Administration Effort Installation Expertise Optimization Expertise Network Administration Savings Time Cost Storage Administration System Administration Database Oracle Appliance Administration Manager Oracle Database Build Your Own Appliance© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  8. 8. Easy to Install Rapidly Deploy a Database Cluster • Plug in the power • Plug in the network • Wizard-driven install© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  9. 9. Easy to Manage Appliance Manager Software • Self-managing database features pre-configured – Automatic Storage Management, Automatic Memory Management • Automatic detection and correction of many failure conditions • Fast problem diagnosis – Automated Service Request filing – Relevant logs gathered and packaged for Oracle support • One-button patching for entire stack • Single point of contact for all support issues© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  10. 10. Appliance Manager Software© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  11. 11. Highly Reliable Software • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition – Automatic Storage Management • Oracle Real Application Clusters – Oracle Clusterware • Oracle Linux • Oracle Appliance Manager software – Phones home automatically to file Service Requests© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  12. 12. Fully Redundant Hardware • 2 x dual-socket Oracle Linux servers – 24 Intel Xeon processor X5675 cores – 192 GB main memory • 12 TB raw disk storage • 292 GB solid state storage • Built-in redundancy – Server, storage, network, power and cooling© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  13. 13. Three Tiers of Availability Single Instance Active – Passive Active – Active • Good Availability • Better Availability • Best Availability • Oracle Database 11g • Oracle Database 11g • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition Enterprise Edition • Oracle Real • Oracle Real Application Clusters Application Clusters One Node • Mutual failover and • Can have mutual loadbalancing failover© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  14. 14. ‘Pay-as-you-Grow’ Database Licensing • Purchase single hardware configuration • Start with minimum of 2 processor core licenses • Scale to maximum of 24 processor core licenses • No hardware upgrades required • License database software just for the cores you use© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  15. 15. Low Entry Cost to High Availability HP Oracle Database Appliance • 24 processor cores • 24 processor cores • Manual configuration & installation • One-button configuration & installation • Multiple-vendor support contracts • Single-vendor support contract • Minimum 24 processor core licenses • Minimum 2 processor core licenses© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  16. 16. TCO Analysis – 3 year savings
  17. 17. Engineered Systems for Oracle Database Oracle Database Appliance Full Rack Half Rack Quarter Rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  18. 18. “We ran 9 of our most complex processes on the Oracle Database Appliance, and executed them in a fraction of the time it takes on our existing platforms. The multi-core head room enables us to do much more, with much less equipment, in much less time! That’s truly great bang for the buck!” Jason Scinocca Chief Technology Officer, CallSource Inc.© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  19. 19. “The Oracle Database Appliance was up and running in 20% of the time it takes us to roll out a typical 2 node RAC. We didn’t have to spend time on engineering the drives, o/s packages, or patching. When Oracle says one button install – they’re right!” Rhos B. Dyke Executive Vice President, Cloud Creek Systems, Inc© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  20. 20. Wide Range of Oracle & ISV Applications Horizontal Finance Healthcare Manufacturing Telcos Retail Government© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  21. 21. For More Information visit© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  22. 22. Oracle Database Appliance Simple. Reliable. Affordable.© 2011 Oracle Corporation
  23. 23. © 2011 Oracle Corporation