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Virginia Kuhn: Hacking the Classroom


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This presentation, originally created for the 2012 C+W conference for a panel consisting of a series of lightning talks centered on Hacking the Classroom, has been revised for publication.

Published in: Education
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Virginia Kuhn: Hacking the Classroom

  1. 1. HACKING THE CLASSROOM virginia kuhn vkuhn@cinema.usc.educonstraints?
  2. 2. HACKING MY HEAD virginia kuhngraduate pedagogy: vkuhn@cinema.usc.eduthree principles
  3. 3. HACKING MY HEADthree principles virginia kuhn vkuhn@cinema.usc.edu1. don’t assume they can recognizeyour biasesII. don’t privilege one semioticregisterIII. don’t assume criticalconsciousness when it comes toproduction
  4. 4. HACKING MY HEAD1. don’t assume they canrecognize your biases virginia kuhn
  5. 5. HACKING MY HEADsome basic premises virginia kuhn
  6. 6. HACKING MY HEADsome basic premisesl. orality > literacy > digitalII. ‘fluency’ = consuming + producinglll. ethics: pedagogy + epistemology virginia kuhn
  7. 7. HACKING MY HEADIML501: Seminar in ContemporaryDigital MediaI. managing + mobilizing the digitalII. contributing to the public sphereIII. fostering systems thinking virginia kuhn
  8. 8. my scholarship HACKING MY HEAD International Journal of Learning and Media virginia kuhn
  9. 9. HACKING MY HEADII. don’t privilege writing overother semiotic registers virginia kuhn
  10. 10. HACKING MY HEADimage project
  11. 11. HACKING MY HEADfeedback
  12. 12. HACKING MY HEADrevision
  13. 13. HACKING MY HEADfinal virginia kuhn
  14. 14. HACKING MY HEADREMIX virginia kuhn
  15. 15. REMIX HACKING MY HEAD virginia kuhn
  16. 16. HACKING MY HEADREMIX “you have too many words!!” virginia kuhn
  17. 17. HACKING MY HEADREMIXrevision
  18. 18. HACKING MY HEADIII. don’t assume criticalengagement with production virginia kuhn
  19. 19. HACKING MY HEADethics of representation
  20. 20. HACKING MY HEAD virginia kuhn vkuhn@cinema.usc.eduthank you!