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IML 555 Digital Pedagogies


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This opening slidesh

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IML 555 Digital Pedagogies

  1. 1. IML555 DIGITAL PEDAGOGIES course assumptions
  2. 2. epistemology + pedagogythey cannot be separated
  3. 3. Oral > Literate > digitalthe digital is not a split with all that’s come before
  4. 4. the personal is political a syllabus sanctions materials
  5. 5. popularity isn’t quality enough said
  6. 6. in the age of moocs + distance ed, faculty = premium time with faculty is a valuable commodity
  7. 7. WELCOME TO IML555! where you are free to challenge course assumptions public: Virginia Kuhn, PhD #iml555 Associate Director Institute for Multimedia Literacy Assistant Professor School of Cinematic Arts University of Southern California down: Twitter: @vkuhn /