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APRU Digital Pedagogy Kuhn


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APRU Digital Pedagogy Kuhn

  1. 1. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogy + Digital Argument Institutefor Multimedia LiteracyVirginia
  2. 2. APRU2012 Digital PedagogyBASIC PREMISES Virginia Kuhn
  3. 3. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogy BASIC PREMISESl. orality > literacy > digitalII. ‘fluency’ = consuming + producinglll. ethics: pedagogy + epistemology Virginia Kuhn
  4. 4. APRU2012 Digital PedagogyDigital Studies + Global HealthI. managing + mobilizing the digitalII. contributing to the public sphereIII. fostering systems thinking Virginia Kuhn
  5. 5. APRU2012The Fifth Estate + Digital Argument Digital Pedagogy my approach Virginia Kuhn International Journal of Learning and Media
  6. 6. APRU2012 Digital PedagogySCAFFOLDINGcontrol of semiotic resources key to global citizenshipfair use + copyright as freedom of expressionethics of representation: amplified in visuals Virginia Kuhn
  7. 7. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogyethics of representation Virginia Kuhn vkuhn@cinema.usc.edu
  8. 8. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogy Virginia Kuhn vkuhn@cinema.usc.edumarshal available semiotic resources
  9. 9. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogy Text Virginia Kuhn vkuhn@cinema.usc.edufreedom of speech [citation]
  10. 10. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogycritical thinking Virginia Kuhn
  11. 11. APRU2012 Digital Pedagogy Virginia Kuhn
  12. 12. APRU2012 Digital PedagogyTHANK YOU. Virginia Kuhn