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  1. 1. TALON Volume XIX Edition III October/November A Real Student Dilemma Page 2 & 3
  2. 2. Peter Kondracki, an Avila student and resident, had this to say after seeing his Commuters + Limited Parking parking ticket, “Parking at Avila has been bad enough the last two years and now that spots on the street are being ticketed. Spaces = More It’s beginning to get ridiculous. The lower Tickets By Valerie Reed parking lot isn’t even a safe place to leave my truck anymore. Something needs to be done.” CommentaryI’ve been a student at Avila University sincethe spring of 2009. When I started parking I realize that many students often complainwas more available to students, especially about parking on campus related to thecommuting students, like myself. However, location of spaces, the lack of enoughover the past twelve months, all the parking parking spaces, and even the campusspots near Dallavis Center have been tickets they receive. But this situation isreserved for “residents” or “employees.” wrong and unfair to the students who pay tuition and have no where to park. After all,This situation is compounded by the fact I thought students were the customers ofthat Dallavis Center is surrounded by three the university? As such, we deserve betterresidence halls; Thompson, Ridgeway and treatment.Carondelet. So what’s a commuter student todo when they attend classes in Dallavis? The It’s difficult enough to pay for tuition, fees,initial solution was park on “the Oak Street and books. Now students are being forced tohill”. dig even deeper into their pockets to pay for absurd parking tickets.I have been parking on “the hill” for twoyears, ever since I, as well as many other If you have received a parking ticketcommuters, got booted off of the parking lot. while parking on “the hill,” e-mail me atThis has worked out just fine until October reed156919@avila.edu to let your voice be4, 2010, when I received a parking ticket heard.from the city of Kansas City. I was livid whenI noticed that $40 slip of paper under mywindshield wiper. Many other “hill” studentswere angry as well.It would have been nice if the city couldhave at least warned students about thissudden parking law change to keep studentsfrom parking on “the hill”. Why was therenot even a warning before the KCMO PoliceDepartment issued tickets? Why didn’tCampus Safety e-mail all the students,notifying them that it is no longer legal topark on the hill? Campus safety e-mailsstudents about everything else relating toparking and safety on campus.The most recent e-mail from Campus Safetywarned students about the vehicle break-ins and catalytic converter thefts that haveoccurred in the lower level parking lot.Hummmm, maybe that’s why no one wantsto park there, and chooses to park on thesurrounding streets! Photo by Valerie Reed: As seen from the bottom of the hill, no signs are visible indicating "no parking."2 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  3. 3. doesn’t say faculty. Strelluf told me she “…has To Park or her own collection of tickets…” for parking anywhere that doesn’t say faculty parking. “The problem for the faculty is, there are Not To Park? tons of faculty places, but you get there and By Emily Heid there is a student in it. They are running late Guest CommentatorThursday is my favorite day of the week: last for class and can’t find a spot, so they park inday of school, no job to go to, and a DVR full faculty. Then we are without a spot.” Strellufof wonderful shows to catch up on. Thurs- has made it clear “…that we are all guilty ofday mornings are always relaxing and every- this and that there are no clean hands in it,thing seems to fall into place. My Thursday but it’s out of desperation because there iswas perfect…until I entered the Avila Parking nowhere to park.”lot. As many students have experiencedfirsthand this semester, parking has become Since I was verbally forbidden to park ina MAJOR issue. In my previous two years resident and only 13 spots are available tohere, I have never seen such anger, frustra- non- residents, I resigned myself to parkingtion, or mayhem because of parking. on Oak Street. Once again students were punished for parking there, without any“I think the parking has become more dif- forewarning from the school, I might add.ficult this semester. I think it’s particularly On Monday October 4th, 2010, KCMO Policedifficult for commuter students,” Linda Department placed a sign on the lamppostStrelluf, faculty member in the Communica- on Oak Street, forbidding any parking on thattions Department, said. As a commuter street. As they returned to their cars at thestudent, I agree. For commuters, Dallavis is end of the day, a $40 ticket awaited them.the black hole of all the building parking lotson campus. It is the most difficult to find a What makes this whole thing “so unfair”parking spot near Dallavis. I counted only 13 is that students, whether commuter orspots available to commuter students along resident, pay the same tuition. Yet we arethe main drag of Dallavis. Can you guess how divided into colors of parking tags: greenmany spots are reserved to residents? Too and purple. I thought everyone was sup-many to count. Last year, about 7/8’s of the posed to be given equal treatment…after all;Dallavis parking lot was made into resident we all pay THE SAME TUITION. I repeat WEparking. All last year commuter students ALL PAY THE SAME TUITION! So why areparked in resident parking if a spot was open residents allowed to park closer to Dallavisbecause nowhere does a sign state that we than commuters? Why are commuters theare not allowed there too. A green and or- only type of student allowed to park over inange sign warns residents that they are only O’Reilly? I propose we all rip off our parkingallowed to park in resident parking, but it pass and park wherever is convenient for thesays nothing of the kind for anyone else who time we are parking!is not a resident. So what is the solution for this problem? “II continued to park in any available spot that don’t know what the answer is, but I thinkwas not faculty or handicap this semester. we need to come together collectively asImagine my shock when I found a ticket on intellectual individuals and find a solution,”my car because I was parked in residential stated Strelluf. I propose the school putsparking! When I approached Campus Safety together a town hall type meeting for stu-about the injustice of my ticket, they simply dents, faculty, and administration to attendreplied “We are cracking down this year”. so we can find a solution for this problem byMy point still holds true, where does it say the New Year. If you are just as frustratedother people, whether commuters, visitors, as I am, I encourage you please email meor faculty, cannot park in resident parking? your comments (heid184414@avila.edu – putI know I can read and it is not stated any- PARKING in the subject line) by Novemberwhere on signs posted. 1st. I plan to go speak with people most directly responsible for parking. This shouldApparently, faculty has also found out they not be a silent protest, and together we canare not permitted to park anywhere that come to a fair solution. facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 3
  4. 4. Meet the Talon Media Team Valerie Reed Editor In Chief Trisha Simmons Copy Editor Nicole Drew Jacqueline Sharp James Chapman Photojournalist Advertising Director A & E Editor Taylor Carr JOIN THE TEAM!!! Lynette Galvan Writer Writer Erin Hopper Eric Potter Javier Kelter Writer Writer TalonTV Emilee Bickleman Faye Gipe Professor Snorgrass Writer Writer Faculty Advisor Editorial Policy The Talon News Magazine is produced by students of Avila University. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Talon News Staff, the Trustees, administration, faculty, or staff of the University. The Talon News Magazine encourages letters to the editor. These may be submitted electronically or in writing and should include the writer’s name, address, and telephone numbers for verification purposes. Letters can be mailed to the Talon News Magazine Editor, Avila University, 11901 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64145. The Talon reserves the right to edit letters for reasons of space, clarity, or inappropriate language. Copies of the Talon News Network Operational Guidelines may be requested by writing to the above referenced address.4 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  5. 5. to push ourselves to be in the top,” said Dance and Cheer: Rosemary Virgoni, an Avila freshman and Nationals Season Glitter Girl team member. No matter how much work is put into the routine and taping, the results are always By Erin Hopper unpredictable.Avila’s dance and cheer teams have reachedan important time in their season: National “I have no idea where the other teams arequalifications. Last year both teams placed skill wise. I never know what the judgeshigh in the national competitions. Will are looking for. We will do the best we canthey be able to surpass their previous and then focus on nationals! I feel all thatperformance ranks? qualifier does is let you know where you stand at that point not where you will placeThe first step in the team’s journey to when you get to nationals,” said Stewart.Nationals is the taping of their qualifyingroutines. In order to qualify for nationalsthe teams have to send in a qualifying tape.This tape is viewed and judged. Based onjudging, teams are then ranked. The top twoteams get a full paid bid to nationals if theyparticipated in Dance and Cheer camp overthe summer.The teams put in hours of practice tochoreography, memorize, and perfect their Courtesy Photoroutines. Learning the routine is not the onlyhard part to qualifying for Nationals.“We are working on learning the tapingprocess. We have a great amount of freshmanthat are just learning how to manage schooland cheer so it is all a learning process,” saidBrittany Stewart, Avila Head CheerleadingCoach. “There is no way to prepare themfor taping it is a whole different experience.You get them ready by jumping in headfirst.We start working in the summer on makingeveryone use the same technique and doingthe same thing every time.”One of the hardest things about collegedance and cheer is that everyone and everymove have to be uniform. If there is onearm out of place or one girl one second latethe team’s final score can suffer. In the UDAcompetition the competitors are fierce andbring their best every year. This qualifyingtape sets the stage for nationals and allowsthe teams to scope out the competition.“I love qualifier! I think this wholeexperience is amazing and a major learningprocess. I would love to place first, but I amonly a freshman and I am not sure how thiswhole process works. I don’t know what weplaced last year but I do know we are going facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 5
  6. 6. Ahoy Avila! By Jessica Morrow Guest ColumnistHomecoming at Avila means fun, food, andof course Eagle football and this year wasno different. A week long celebration wascoordinated and included activities likeairbrush tattoos, inflatable games, and finallythe Eagle Madness pep rally!Eagle Madness was held on Friday evening.The goal: to get all of the students involvedand excited about the football game against Photo by Sarah Vallez: AU footballthe Benedictine Ravens on Saturday, October team taking the field!9. The rally provided entertainment from theAvila Cheer and Dance teams, and a hiredperformer.The ladies put together a short routine toperform for the students. The Glitter Girlsalso performed their highly anticipated co-ed dance. The ladies chose a male athleteand choreographed a dance with them. Itwas definitely a crowd favorite, as always.Along with the great performances, gamesand prizes were provided to students bydifferent campus organizations. The resultsof the annual banner competition wereannounced and this year’s winner wasCriminology! Avila is about more than justfun and games, Avila is also involved in the Photo by Sarah Vallez: Avila Cheer andcommunity. Eagle Madness hosted a friendly Dance team doing their halftime show.competition between the sports teams. Theteams were assigned to collect canned foodsfrom their athletes to donate to Harvesters Debt Free Uand some of them got creative with theirpirate theme can design. By Talor CarrThe conclusion of homecoming week wasthe Eagles football game on Saturday against College: a time to meet new people andBenedictine. There was a buzz of excitement figure out what to do in life. It’s the best timein the air before the game with the alumni in of our lives; or so they say. It’s also a timethe stands and a barbecue lunch provided. that puts people in thousands of dollars inThe team put forth good effort, but in the debt to student loans.end fell a short and ended with a loss; thefinal score was 47-7. The team now has a Students without scholarships, financial aid,record of 2-4, thanks to October 16’s win or family aid finish school with a large chunkagainst Graceland. Make sure to come of debt. According to Zac Bissonnette, authorsupport your Eagles at their next home game of the book Debt Free U, there is a way to goon October 23rd against William Jewell. to college without using a student loan or mooching off your parents.6 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  7. 7. Student Review: “The Social Network” By James Chapman “The Social Network” took a new angle to film production. It was designed to capture a relevant and current topic that has taken over the minds of people of all ages: Facebook. Facebook has socially monopolized the internet, but its success did not come easy. “The Social Network” uncovered the history of Facebook and exposed that its story is nowhere near a fairytale. Facebook was created on deceit, bitterness, power, and most of all betrayal. At least that is what the movie had expressed in its intention to model, Co-Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, as a very lonely and insecure person. The reason I enjoyed this movie so much is because of its simplicity. To create real-In Bissonnette’s book he describes not his ity in a movie is tough for any director toown personal experience about how he accomplish, but what this movie offers isgot through college without the help of his the ability to get a deeper look into businessparents, or taking out loans Debt Free U is a and the lifestyle to be lead at a young age. Itrevolutionary book that could possibly help also examinesfuture and current college students become the peopledebt free. Bissonnette not only shares his who will comepersonal accounts of surviving college, into your lifebut he shares his professional knowledge. because ofCurrently, Bissonnette is a personal the fame andfinance expert at Daily Finance, AND is also money, and theattending his senior year at the University of people whoMassachusetts. will always be there duringDebt Free U is full of information on what success orstudents can do to avoid using loans, helpful failure.facts for parents, and aid for choosing theright school. Also discussed are college I liked everyrankings. Bissonnette informs students part of “Thethat college rankings are “useless,” because Social Net-where a student attends school is not work”. The movie was filled with humor andimportant, so long as you hold a diploma. plenty of facts that would blow your mind. IThe degree is what matters in the end. recommend seeing this film, whether you’re a fan of Facebook or not, this film mightCan you go to college without paying student change your view. “The Social Network” willloans or scholarships? Zac Bissonnette is be considered for film of the year, no doubt.living proof that it’s possible. His book can And in my eyes, deserves the award.save students from being $100,000 in debtafter school. Check out Debt Free U. facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 7
  8. 8. www.facebook.com/ talon.newspaper CAMPUS MINISTRY ACTIVITIES: Service Opportunities: every day. October 19-pass out flyers for Trick-or-Treat for Canned Goods all day. October 20-Hospice House ge Student Id. Dinner: Cooking for families ired, just valid Colle October 26-Pick up cans for Trick No coupon requ -or-Treat for Canned Goods Community Events: October 26-Pumpkin Carving Prayer Events: October 24-28—Busy Person’s Retreat -Sign up sheet by Dave 8 Armstrong’s door $ Every Sunday at 11am Mass large Wednesday nights at 9pm- Wednesday Worship in Chapel 1-Topping **Everyone’s Invited to ALL events!** Pizza Valid on Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy® or AVILA BLOOD DRIVE Wednesday, November 3 Hand-Tossed Style Pizza. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Dine-In • Delivery • Carryout in Kansas City 913-648-8888 Expires 12/31/10. Valid with College Student ID. Not valid with other promotions or offers. 528 Whitfield Conference Room Additional charge for extra cheese. Participation, delivery areas and charges may vary. Cash value 1/20¢. © 2010 Pizza Hut, Inc. 0910NP_AvilaNPW_38227_0910NP_Avila.indd 1 9/15/10 2:50 PM Now Serving: We’ve got Great Gifts! -Paninis - Fresh roasted coffees -Variety of breads. - Travel mugs -Evol Burritos Get 10% off - Coffee presses -Soup with Avila I.D.!! and Gift Cards Free WiFi Come study or just relax with friends. Happy Hour 2pm-5pm Daily $1.00 off all espresso drinks 535 East Red Bridge Road 8975 Metcalf Kansas City, MO. 64131 Overland Park, KS. 66212 816.941.8585 913.381.3030