TALON   Volume XIX Edition IV   November/December“To sin by silence when they should protestmakes cowards of men.” - Abrah...
Where’s Our Voice?               country, Our world. Take pride in what is ours;                                          ...
I agree that as young adults our voices are                Making A Point                     often ignored. I agree that ...
Season’s  Greetings  from the                             Valerie Reed                         Trisha Simmons    Team     ...
all of us march on down.                                                   Once downstairs we immediately start to        ...
Thornhill Gallery                                                                             Mark Cowardin               ...
need to learn and inquire knowledge from                                                    the adults of this society to ...
In Your Neighborhood    Bring in this coupon         for $1 off       your purchase!     16 Flavors! 42 Toppings!         ...
in the country, it was time and due for some                                                 improvements out there.” The ...
symbolism throughout. The memorizers of                                                   books, termed “book people,” ide...
Wagner, or Bruchner, which are the three        its spine, an ambiguous author and title,composers that Hitler deemed wort...
McGovern Makes aBig Statement           By Emilee BicklemanAvila’s new Cross Country team hasfinished its season with a ba...
entertaining comedians converse and tell                Shooting The Bull                  stories which consist of any an...
the business offering the coupon sets a limit                                                for the number of coupons all...
The perfect holiday gifts for the gadget lover in your life                          BY GREGG ELLMAN                  McCl...
www.facebook.com/                                                     talon.newspaper         all day. every day.         ...
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  1. 1. TALON Volume XIX Edition IV November/December“To sin by silence when they should protestmakes cowards of men.” - Abraham Lincoln WHERE’S OUR VOICE? pg 2 MAKING A POINT pg 3 JUSTICE pg 4 “COLLEGE KID” pg 7 Former Avila Student: Brad Sage
  2. 2. Where’s Our Voice? country, Our world. Take pride in what is ours; show the world that we are a generation that is By Lynette Galvan Commentary not passive, nor ready for someone else to take the reins. It is time to show that we will speak without hesitation. And when we choose to speak, we go all out. We have this great thingLet’s go back to April 4, 1968, theday Martin Luther King Jr. wasassassinated. Riots and disorderbegan, police enforcement wascalled upon, and the Americanpeople were enraged with anger.Back in Kansas City we were copingand while doing so, maintaining acivilized structure. That is until April9 1968, the day of Martin LutherKing Jr.’s funeral.Infuriated with the government fornot allowing students the day offfrom school to pay respect to Mr.King, 1000 high school studentscame together and marched downto City Hall in protest. Surrounded by police, Photo by Snorgrass: Piece of Berlin wall onthe National Guard, and other forms law exhibit at Newseum in Washington DCenforcement, these students marched to makea point. Not to cause trouble, but to just be that those 1000 high schools students did notheard. Their march ended after tear gas was have; it’s called technology. With the touch of aused, but it is said that the tear gas was to button we can relay a message half way acrosshave never been implemented. But by then the world in a matter of seconds. Any worldthe students’ point had been made. news we want to know we have access to 24/7. The world, and the power to change it, is at our fingertips. So why not do it? Why not take a stand like those 1000 high school students did on April 9? Why not? I pledge to know what’s going on in my world. I pledge to care what’s going on in my world. I pledge to at least inform others if I can’t change what’sI share this story because I wonder: what going on in my world. One pledge can lead tohappened to our voice? What happened to another, which can lead to another, and thenthe young people? Why do we not care, nor another. It is when we come together as onecare to be informed better about what’s going that things can change.on in our world? It is our world that we, theup and coming generation, will be running What do you pledge? Do you want to seein not many years. Knowing what “Snooki” change? What will you do to make it happen?and “The Situation” did on the last episode of Watch the news? Talk with others about it?Jersey Shore is not going to do squat toward Or be proactive? It’s time for students to getimproving our world. motivated about something other than “Jersey Shore.” Join us at thetalon-online.com andLet me say that again, Our home, Our voice your opinions.2 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  3. 3. I agree that as young adults our voices are Making A Point often ignored. I agree that we should speak out more about things that we think are wrong or unjust. However, I think it could Doesn’t Have to Get Personal be a very, very bad thing if we encourage speaking out and voicing our opinions more than we already do. Why, you ask? By Trisha Simmons CommentaryAn important topic was brought up at our Let me first start with some examples oflatest Talon meeting. The subject of “voice” young adults saying too much.was presented. As we sat and brainstormedstories we all became pretty heated talking I am certain that by now many Avila studentsabout the restrictions that are put on our have seen, or heard, of the Facebook groupfreedom of speech, and the fact that young created to bring about changes in theadults don’t care about important issues campus cafeteria. The group is titled “Get Lana the cafeteria manager out of Avila.” While I support the students in this group for speaking up, and agree that the cafeteria and its management could be improved, I think that naming a specific person to be fired was a little extreme. This is not an effective way to send a message to the University. It would be better if a group called “Bring changes to the Avila cafeteria and food service system.” Students could then specifically say what it is they don’t like about the food service on campus. Another Facebook example is a status update I read encouraging November voting. It read: “Everyone go out and vote today! Even if you don’t know what you’re voting for just do it!!! We control our future!” – I don’t want these people controlling my future if they don’t know what they are voting for!!! I DID NOT vote for that very reason. I commend this person for promoting a good cause, but there was not enough thought put into that message.Photo by Trisha Simmons: The Facebook groupcreated to bring change to Avila’s cafeteria and There are many other examples similarfood services. to these. Young people speak out and act irrational about something that is importantenough to speak up about them. I agreed at to them, but look bad doing it. It’s things likethe time, and still do, but I also have to ask: these that make us, the young adults, lookdo we say too much? incapable and naive to our elders. facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 3
  4. 4. Season’s Greetings from the Valerie Reed Trisha Simmons Team Editor In Chief Copy Editor Jacqueline Sharp James Chapman Nicole Drew Advertising Director A & E Editor Photojournalist Taylor Carr JOIN THE TEAM!!! Lynette Galvan Writer Writer Erin Hopper Eric Potter Javier Keltey Writer Writer TalonTV Emilee Bickleman Faye Gipe Professor Snorgrass Writer Writer Faculty Advisor Editorial Policy The Talon News Magazine is produced by students of Avila University. Opinions expressed are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect those of the Talon News Staff, the Trustees, administration, faculty, or staff of the University. The Talon News Magazine encourages letters to the editor. These may be submitted electronically or in writing and should include the writer’s name, address, and telephone numbers for verification purposes. Letters can be mailed to the Talon News Magazine Editor, Avila University, 11901 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64145. The Talon reserves the right to edit letters for reasons of space, clarity, or inappropriate language. Copies of the Talon News Network Operational Guidelines may be requested by writing to the above referenced address.4 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  5. 5. all of us march on down. Once downstairs we immediately start to Police Absence Makes Justice Less explain what we just went through. The lady behind the desk said those who were not dismissed could request for an add-on from Rewarding the courtroom clerk. As we were all gathered By Valerie ReedEleven students enter the Kansas City Munic- in the hallway discussing further action, a Commentaryipal Court on November 15, 2010 at 11 a.m. prosecutor approaches us and asks, “If weOur objective: to fight against the Oak Street are the group from Avila University.”parking tickets. After explaining our situation to the pros-Upon entering the courthouse, my nerves ecutor, he proceeded to take us into thewere started getting to me. Once we all made Prosecuting Offices, where he lined us allit safely through the metal detectors and up. Going from student to student, analyzingup two floors, we came upon Courtroom H. each ticket, he came to the conclusion thatThere were no lights on and a sign saying the the only fair thing to do is to dismiss themhearings were moved to CourtroomD. Outside Courtroom D, is a groupof people waiting for the 11 a.m.docket hearings. All of us, AvilaStudents, were apprehensive aboutgoing in. After waiting for 25 minutes, Ifinally asked a police officer if weshould just enter the courtroom. Heasked what time we were sched-uled. Because they were already30 minutes behind schedule, hecautiously said we should go in,stating that if we missed our turn awarrant would be issued. We didn’tthink twice after that statement,and piled into the courtroom. Witheveryone’s eyes on us, we quietlyfound a place against the sidewallof the room.The judge’s serious appearancemade me more anxious. Then, onthe side, a man in a suit calls outnames while holding tickets. Littledid I know, those tickets would bedismissed because the officer didnot appear. Upon hearing my name from Photo by Trisha Simmons: Lynette gladlythe gentleman, my fine is dismissed. This ripping up her dismissed ticket!was a bittersweet moment, because I am off all. “Since there was eleven of you coming inthe hook. What about my classmates? What here, there obviously isn’t something right,”about pleading my case? said the prosecutor as we left the offices.Once I tell the rest of the students the news, What started out as a “stupid” ticket, turnedeven after being told that bringing a group to into a model of power of voice in group.plead the case was alright, we find out thatthey were still liable for their tickets. Tryingto find someone to get some answers, I see asign for an Information Desk downstairs, and facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 5
  6. 6. Thornhill Gallery Mark Cowardin (F)Utilities November 12 - December 30 For More Information: Marci Aylward, 816.501.3659 Marci. Aylward@avila.edu National Sports Center for the Disabled - Kansas City Giv child Si NSCD. Sustainable freedom from sexual exploitation is a gift that lasts a lifetime Donate at raphahouse.org Recognizing National Recycling Week 2010 for more information visit recyclingweekplanetark.org6 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  7. 7. need to learn and inquire knowledge from the adults of this society to make it in the world. We question because we care about Students offended what is being said. So adults, don’t take it by “College Kid” Label offensively, embrace the underlying message that we are here by choice, paying for theStudents in college are often perceived as ability to provide a better and more influen- ByJames Chapmanadolescents or kids. Most are 18-22 years tial life for ourselves.of age and holding a part time job or are fulltime athletes. The image of a college student All we ask is for respect from each adult thatis molded every day when we get through has an influence on our life. Understand thatrigorous course loads and spend weekends each person has a different opinion and wein the library, at practice, at work, or just out are here to express ours. Challenge eachon the town creating a social life. person including our peers; let us speak our minds without repression.The aver-age collegestudent putsin at least 30hours of worka week. 40hours wouldbe considereda full time jobto most. Whendoes the tran-sition of beinga “collegekid” to beingrecognizedas an adultin this worldbegin? Collegekids are oftentreated withthe level ofrespect that akid in high school deserves and this is doneby the people that have more life experience. Photo by James Chapman: John CzerwinskiI would like to disagree, and feel college works an 8 hour shift at his part time job, butstudents deserve more respect. still puts in 2 more hours of homework.Here is the match-up: Students in collegeversus the experience of an “adult”. Whatqualifies the adult you might ask? The manyyears that they hold over our heads collect-ing attributes such as wisdom and experi-ence? Is an acceptable reason for qualifyingthem as “adults”? Why does the conversationthe students choose to hold with adults haveto be manipulated into a power matchup? Asstudents there is no power in the position,but that does not mean that we shouldn’t beable to be treated as adults and on an evenplaying field. Look eye to eye and see that weare in a position to do great things and we facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 7
  8. 8. In Your Neighborhood Bring in this coupon for $1 off your purchase! 16 Flavors! 42 Toppings! 33 cents/ounce! Located at 121st & Stateline Road next to Hy-Vee FREE WIFI and plenty of seating8 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  9. 9. in the country, it was time and due for some improvements out there.” The team willChristmas Comes be coming out this spring on their new stomping ground!In November:Softball & Baseball The Avila Softball team is able to update their field as well. The improvements By Emilee BicklemanThere is nothing more exciting than getting are not only necessary for cosmetic andpresents a month before Christmas has playing reasons, but also for safety. Coacharrived! The Avila Baseball and Softball Williamson, Avila’s head softball coach,teams will soon get to enjoy early Christmas states, “There were a lot of safety concernsgifts. Both teams have received updates to and we just needed to update some of thattheir fields. for the safety of the players.” The school is helping out with the remodeling of the field. There will be new dugouts, new infield, concrete poured in the dugouts, a new hitting cage, and work done to solve the drainage issues. “The field will be much more playable, it won’t be such a tough infield, the dugouts will look a little more finished off. Once they get all of that done it will just look a little nicer overall,” says Coach Williamson. The softball field will be ready for the spring season within the next couple of weeks,Photo by Emilee Bickleman: Nail found on the depending on the weather. Check out the new and improved softballsoftball field causing safety hazards.The Avila Baseball team has been trying to and baseball fields and support both teamsupdate their field for a long time. “The field this spring!was beginning to be the worst field in theconference. It was at a JV high school level,so it needed to be upgraded severely,” saysCoach Howard, head coach of Avila’s men’sbaseball team.After winning the HAAC tournament lastyear, the baseball team came back to Avilafrom summer break and noticed the newinfield. Over the summer Bermuda grassreplaced the old infield. Since the start ofthe semester there have been many otherchanges and more plans made for updates.Cutouts will be made in the infield to helpwith drainage; new dugouts will be added, aswell as a new brick back stop.The brand new dugouts are replacingthe small, leaking, flimsy dugouts. This ispossible thanks to the help of a player’sfather’s company. Coach Howard states,“Being a national tournament qualifier, ateam that is pretty good, and top 25 ranked Photo by Emilee Bickleman: The new outfield facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 9
  10. 10. symbolism throughout. The memorizers of books, termed “book people,” identified with their books so much that costume designerBurning the Ashes: Ruby Salmon blended elements from theFahrenheit 451Production authors’ styles and those of their characters to create an eclectic vision in the final sceneBurning books is good. It’s right. There’s of the play. Many elements of the production By Faye Gipesomething about watching the flames and also relate directly to Bradbury’s influencesthat smell of kerosene that warms the soul. in writing the story as well. The firemenPeople who own books have obviously been and women reflect costumes much likemisled. The real way to be happy is to get rid the uniforms of the Nazis who began bookof the books! Burn them! burning in 1933.The walls of my living room make me happy. Salmon comments, “I chose to give theThey’re actually giant television screens that firemen and women a Nazi influencelet me spend time with other people around because the fire people parallel them in thethe world, my family. Books upset people, oppression of book readers as the Nazisthey make us nervous. People who read oppressed and exterminated the Jews.”usually get sick and often suicidal. I just wantto be happy. So let the government handle Meanwhile the oppressive voice of theall the politics, let the books burn, and let government, heard in Captain Beatty, alsome enjoy my television dramas, my sleeping reflects Nazi policies in Josh Gleeson’s soundpills, and my parlor wall families in peace. design.In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, this “Anytime Chief Beatty’s character listensperspective is held by much of society. Let to music, she would listen to Beethoven,the books burn andlet the governmenttake care of thepolitical business.The majority ofpeople in Fahrenheitsociety simply wishto be happy andfind that happinessthrough pills and byliving their contrivedexistences outwith their parlorwalls. To maintainthis lifestyle, thegovernment employsfiremen and womenlike Captain Beatty,played by SheaKetchum, and GuyMontag, portrayed byBen Auxier.From November18th-21st, Avila’sproduction ofthis futuristicyet plausible talewas innovativeand layered with10 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  11. 11. Wagner, or Bruchner, which are the three its spine, an ambiguous author and title,composers that Hitler deemed worthy in his encouraging members of the audience topolitical sphere,” Gleeson notes. identify with an element in the show.Lyle Uttley’s design for Faber’s attic hiding Overall, the production references the pastplace is a book that hangs above the stage. while adapting to the challenges of theThis is appropriate as Faber was once technical advances addressed by Bradbury.an English professor and the ideology The cast only added to this, making thepresented in many texts referenced in the world exist, through their realistic portrayalplay loom over heads of the other characters. of humans struggling to find peace andFurthermore, this book references, along happiness.In the Alcoves: The Beginnings of the Avila Writing Center This band of reckless grammatical By Faye GipeIn the very back of the Hooley-Bundschu renegades and their fearless leader, Dr. TonyLibrary sit a few round tables, shelves of Michel, have begun a system of setting upportfolio-sized books, and a handful of appointments with students to revise papersdedicated English and Honors students, in the evenings while walk-ups are welcomeready and waiting to help edit papers for during the day. The students have begun tostudents in need of grammatical assistance. advertise their services across the campus in quote symbols as a means of grabbingThe Library has been generous enough to attention while referencing the academicgive a space for this up and coming group of nature of their duties.dedicated students and their services thissemester. There are many plans currently The hours of the Avila Writing Center (AWC)in place to move forward with alterations of vary from day to day and range from 10:30this space including the addition of a coffee a. m. – 9:50 p. m. Sign ups are available at themaker, a few couches, and new paint on the front counter of the library.walls. Photo by Trisha Simmons: The “very back of the Hooley- Bundschu Library,” where the Avila Writing Center is located. facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 11
  12. 12. McGovern Makes aBig Statement By Emilee BicklemanAvila’s new Cross Country team hasfinished its season with a bang. Theteam has clearly made a name for itselfwith great help from team member AdamMcGovern, a transfer student fromEmporia State University.Coach Dave Denny says, “Adam is a greatambassador for our sport and our first yearof cross country at Avila University. Heis ‘putting us on the map’ and we hope tobuild on this season with more athletesand eventually a whole team qualifyingfor the NAIA National Cross CountryChampionships. Our men and womenhave worked extremely hard this fall andsome of them are running cross country Courtesy Photos - Above: Adam (in white)for the first time.” Recently, Adam made running in the meet at Tabor. Below: Adamhistory and a name for himself at Avila. passing competition in the meet at TaborAt Lee’s Summit West High School,McGovern was on a state championshiprelay when he was a junior, and his senioryear he was All State in cross country. Hiscoach in high school was Coach DaveDenny, who is now the head coach forAvila’s cross country team. Denny says,“Adam trusts me as a coach, becausewe have worked together for many years.He knows that I will listen to him and hewill listen to me. He communicates wellwith me and lets me know if there are anyissues that I need to know about. Wework well together to plan out his trainingprogram and know how to have himrunning his best at the end of the season completed the 8-kilometer course inwhen the championship meets are run.” Baldwin City, Kansas in 25 minutes, 54.39 seconds. “He finished third and nearlyBefore transferring to Avila, McGovern second as he narrowly lost to last year’sran Cross Country for Emporia State defending conference champion fromUniversity. “Adam was very competitive Graceland,” says Denny with pride. Thisin the NCAA Division II as a sophomore win makes McGovern Avila’s first Crossat the conference level while running for Country runner to qualify for the NAIAEmporia State,” states Denny. To maintain Cross Country Championships.and improve his abilities he runs 60-80miles a week. The National meet for cross country will be November 20th in Vancouver, Washington.On November 6th McGovern qualified for McGovern, and the Cross Country team,nationals by finishing third at the Heart has Avila’s support in this competition.of American Athletic Conference. He Best of luck!12 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  13. 13. entertaining comedians converse and tell Shooting The Bull stories which consist of any and every topic. Benson would not release the names of the With Doug Benson comedians he plans on having on the show, but did say this, “Everyone that is going ByJames ChapmanComedy Central’s stand-up comedian and to appear on my show will be my friendsthe main character of the film “Super High and others that will be able to tolerate meMe”, Doug Benson, recently took the time to constantly interrupting them while going through a story.” But Doug Benson is not just your average comedian. Most of his characters in prior film and TV work have consisted of the use of marijuana and having an avid vote in the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Benson went on to say, “That is what “Super High Me” was about, the effects of smoking pot. I also added in the film why I chose to smoke pot, but my new show isn’t going to be anything like that. It will be more about interrupting people than smoking marijuana.” “The Benson Interruption” can be seen on Fridays at midnight on comedy central. For more information about Doug Benson’s life and his work you can find him on MySpace, Facebook, or his personal podcasts.be a part of a conference call to talk about hisnew show called “The Benson Interruption.” Dance Results Are In!I was fortunate enough to be able to join thisconference call/interview. By Erin HopperThe show, which aired November 5th at The results are in! Avila University’s cheermidnight, consists of Benson sitting in a and dance squads submitted a qualifyingchair on stage while other comics complete video for the national competition ina stand up skit. You might ask, what is so Orlando, Florida in January. Both routinesspecial about the show? Well, Benson has a looked amazing and now the wait is over.microphone and continuously interrupts the The ranking of the teams’ performances hascomedian, making the joke funnier or just been released. Dance placed eighth withmaking fun of his fellow comedian on stage. their routine and cheer placed fourth.So being the viewer, you get to watch two “I was a little disappointed with our ranking,” said freshman dancer Kristen Riddle, “But this gives us a chance to really bring it at nationals.” This ranking is only the first judging. The teams still have a couple months to perfect their routine before they compete at Nationals in January. “I am looking forward to Nationals,” said freshman dancer Brianna Gilmour, “I believe the ranking we received will really motivate the team to push harder to do well.” Good luck to both teams as they prepare over the next few months! facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 13
  14. 14. the business offering the coupon sets a limit for the number of coupons allotted to be Get Your used. If the limit for a coupon is 100 people/ uses, you can use it, but only if you are one of the first 100 consumers. Group-On! Groupon is available in 35 different cities. By Eric PotterIn this economy everyone is looking for Registered consumers receive dailya way to save or at least cut back. With emails. The website and service is real andgroupon.com you don’t have to stress about accessible. Avila senior Dan Myers wassaving money. This website is designed for skeptical about Groupon’s services, so hecustomers and consumers trying to save tried it out and was very impressed. “I gotmoney and time. on the website and got a membership and I already have my moms Christmas presentThe catch? It is completely FREE to sign done because I got her a massage for 50% offup, BUT the coupons are only good for one of the regular price.”day. Another catch, the coupons are groupcoupons. The term group coupon means that Everyone is looking to save pennies and by using Groupon you could save dollars.Photo by Valerie Reed: The Groupon website, where the “Deal of the Day” can be found for yourspecific district. “My favorites were my toy story bandz. Get Silly I loved to wear them and trade with my friends,” said Sophomore Dianne Winter, With Bandz “It may sound childish but for some reason By Erin HopperThe cool item around the town is silly those bands were addictive.”bandz, a shaped rubber band. These rubber There you have it, silly bandz can catch thebands have exploded around the Kansas attention of anyone ages 5-25 years old.City area. They were so addictive they were Whether we want to admit it or not sillybanned from elementary schools. Were Avila bandz will always have a place in our hearts.students participants in the craze?14 • Talon Media • facebook.com/talon.newspaper
  15. 15. The perfect holiday gifts for the gadget lover in your life BY GREGG ELLMAN McClatchy-Tribune Information Services The latest and greatest in the technologyworld exists for just a few days. Capturing that elusive “must-have thingof the moment” for the tech geeks onyour shopping list can be quite a chal-lenge, and horror of horrors if you Kensington PowerBackend up giving someone last year’siPod. To help you in your tech quest,we’ve compiled a list of what’s out To find out how much power is left in the extra bat-there for this holiday season. Happy shopping! tery, an indicator has four One of the hottest items on the market continues to be lights to display with a push of Apple’s iPad, and there is no a button. shortage of accessories for If additional power isn’t them. needed, Kensington KeyFolio Headphones make a great Kensington has what I think Bluetooth Keyboard and Casegift and iFrogz has a few is one of the best — the for iPad ($99.99) falls in thereasonably priced addi- PowerBack ($129.99) battery functional and well-built cate-tions. case with kickstand and dock, gory. The DJ-style head- which has gotten the official The synthetic leather casephones, named the Apple stamp of approval. stores your iPad and has wire-Ronin and Mogul With a portable device like less Bluetooth keyboard withheadphones, are for the iPad, power is critical and rubberized keys built into theanyone wanting com- portable power is often neces- device.fortable over-the-ear sary. This case gives you both The keyboard is alsofit without having to and more. charged with a micro-USBspend your entire holi- The iPads have great bat- connection and has rubberday budget. tery power, but often it’s not keys to ensure that they won’t Both models work enough and the PowerBack is scratch the device when not inwith any electronic a great choice. use.gadget having a 3.5mm In addition to the added Both the PowerBack andheadphone jack. power, you get a hard-shell the KeyFolio give users full They feature adjustable case for protection and a built- access to the iPad whenover-the-ear style cushioned in kickstand for hands-free attached including the 30-pinspeakers, good to wear over a use. connection for charging andlong period of time, and both fold The kickstand opens to a syncing. iFrogz http://us.kensington.comup for storage. 65-degree angle, allowing for a Moguls The Moguls ($69.99) feature separate keyboard (not includ- Joby Gorillatorch SwitchbackAeroFoam cushions, which help ed) and landscape or portraitkeep out unwanted noise and give viewing.you great sound from speakers To attach, slide your iPadfeaturing 50mm drivers producing in; it snaps together in secondsgood sound with a good amount to protect your expensive Joby’s Gorillatorchof bass. device from scratches and Switchback is a new addition They are available in black, other environment haz- from the company known for themagenta, sky blue and white. ards. Gorillapod line of tripods for The lesser-priced Ronins A micro-USB cable cameras and iPods or iPhones.($49.99) have standard cushioned is included for charging The light comes in a kit withpadding and are available in the PowerBack 4200mAh the tripod to attach an LEDblack, blue, red and white. They battery, which should lantern-headlamp in any environ-have the 50mm drivers to deliver iFrogz give your iPad about five Kensington ment where extra portable light-clear sound in comfort. Ronins additional hours of life. KeyFolio ing is needed. http://ifrogz.com Six light modes are available along with an adjustable dimmer switch to control five powerful LEDs projected with a 92 percent charging. Anything on these ultra-efficient holographic lens. devices can be played to wake How much it lights depends on The XtremeMac Luna SST up, as well as FM radio your environment, but Joby states joins the crowded field of AC chimes. it is capable of illuminating an 8- powered docking nightstand There’s also an XtremeMac person family tent or small cabin. alarm systems, but manages to Alarm Clock App to create a With the famous Gorillapod set itself apart. customized wakeup. This lets tripod included, attaching it to What makes it stand out is users choose what they want to most anything is simple. that the unit splits into two wake up to (music, sounds, The flexible tripod legs can pieces; one can be placed on etc.) and set the snooze times. stand upright on any flat surface,Logitech another nightstand. This is The Luna SST sounds great attach to a pole, doorknob or mostWireless Illuminated handy since the Luna features as a sound system. The includ- anything it can wrap around.Keyboard K800 dual-alarm capabilities with ed wireless remote is helpful The versatility doesn’t end full stereo sound. to change the sound settings there; a woven headband is The clock is easy to view (bass and treble), included to take the light off on the large LED backlit face your choice of the tripod to wear while hik- with orange numbers, which tunes and the vol- ing, trolling around an attic Logitech’s Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is a full-sized adjusts from bright to dim. ume. or just trying to get moreoption for any Mac or PC user working day or night. Alarm controls and the www. light anywhere it’s needed. What makes it stand out from other keyboards is its ambient light ever-important snooze for the XtremeMac. Using the headband, it willand motion sensors. dual alarms are well-placed on com, $129.99 light up to 60 feet ahead. The sensors detect how much light is in the room and the motion both the main unit and the In addition you get twosensors work well to detect when your hands are on the keys, turning detachable speaker. white LEDs for flood lightingthe backlighting on and off as needed. Thus the keys are backlit with Users can dock an iPod and two red LEDs to preservethe correct amount of light for viewing, regardless of how much light is Xtreme Mac touch or iPhone for the audio night vision on headband.in the room. and video content as well as Luna SST http://joby.com, $59.99 The rechargeable wireless keyboard can enjoy longer battery lifebecause of this, up to 10 days before needed a charge. Charging is done with a micro-USB connection, and it doesn’t mat-ter if the keyboard is in use while recharging the built-in AA NiMHbatteries. Typing with the keyboard is very comfortable due to the LogitechPerfectStroke technology and key system. Users type, as Logitechdescribes it, in a “stroke comfortable, fluid and whisper-quiet” man-ner. The full-sized keyboard includes a number keypad on theright, the standard F1 through F12 keys, volume controls and facebook.com/talon.newspaper • Talon Media • 15more. A connection to your computer is made with a small 2.4 GHzwireless USB connection, which can stay in the USB port andalso will control a Logitech wireless mouse. www.logitech.com, $99.99
  16. 16. www.facebook.com/ talon.newspaper all day. every day. No coupon requ ired, just valid College St udent Id. $ 8 large 1-Topping Pizza Valid on Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy® or Hand-Tossed Style Pizza. Dine-In • Delivery • Carryout in Kansas City Avila Bookstore BUYBACK is 913-648-8888 December 6 thru December 17. Expires 12/31/10. Valid with College Student ID. Not valid with other promotions or offers. 528 Additional charge for extra cheese. Participation, delivery areas and charges may vary. Cash value 1/20¢. © 2010 Pizza Hut, Inc. 0910NP_AvilaNPW_38227_0910NP_Avila.indd 1 9/15/10 2:50 PM Now Serving: We’ve got Great Gifts! -Paninis - Fresh roasted coffees -Variety of breads. - Travel mugs -Evol Burritos Get 10% off - Coffee presses -Soup with Avila I.D.!! and Gift Cards Free WiFi Come study or just relax with friends. Happy Hour 2pm-5pm Daily $1.00 off all espresso drinks 535 East Red Bridge Road 8975 Metcalf Kansas City, MO. 64131 Overland Park, KS. 66212 816.941.8585 913.381.3030