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Bad Habits that Cause Belly Fat – Eating Scientifically


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You have watched 6 out of 11 bad habits that cause belly fat. To learn about 5 more habits of this type, visit the link:

Bad habits that cause belly fat everyone should know to avoid fat storage.

1. Skipping Veggies
Skipping veggies is one of the bad habits that cause belly fat. You may hate cauliflower, beets, turnips, and kale, but if you want to have flat stomach, you should learn to love them. Fiber in vegetable aids your digestive system and relieves constipation, which helps lose your belly fat. Fiber can also maintain fullness, which prevents you from eating fast foods or snacks, a typical cause of belly fat.

2. Drinking Excessively
Alcohol can postpone your liver from metabolizing fat, and also suppress the primary metabolic hormone called testosterone. Many studies figure out that lowering testosterone levels is in companion with higher belly fat levels. Moreover, alcohol not only supplies you with a lot of calories, but also makes you overeat. The more you eat and drink, the more belly fat you will gain, and the more diseases you may have.

3. Smoking
Smoking is one of the bad habits that cause belly fat. Cigarette smoking can encourage your body storing fat. Researchers indicate that smokers’ waist-to-hip ratios are higher than nonsmokers’ ones. Many studies also point out that people who carry more weight around their waists have higher risks of obesity and cardiovascular diseases than people who carry more fat on their hips. Therefore, if you do not want to have a big belly, give up smoking today.

4. Eating Emotionally
We eat to live rather than live to eat, so do not eat emotionally. Eating emotionally will certainly increase your belly fat. Therefore, you should not eat whenever and whatever you want. The best way to deal with food craving is to drink a big glass of water, take a walk, or talk to a friend. This will help you forget your food demand at that time, and concentrate on other activities.

5. Eating Late At Night
This is the most outstanding one out of bad habits that cause belly fat. Eating late at night and going to bed with a full stomach will make your body unable to digest the food you eat efficiently. This can lead to the risk of acid reflux and digestive disorders.
Therefore, you should only have small meals with easy-to-digest foods for dinner, and only go to sleep 3 hours after that.

6. Using A Larger Plate Each Time You Eat
You should always choose an appropriate plate to put your food on before starting your meal. Do not use a large plate as you may put too much food on it, which encourages you eating more than what you need. A recent survey done with obese people points out that they are fond of using large plates instead of medium-sized ones that other people use.

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Bad Habits that Cause Belly Fat – Eating Scientifically

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