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Firestarter SSIS 05 control flow

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  • To create a new control flow task in your package, drag the task from the toolbox to theControl Flow tab in the SSIS Designer.After you add a task to the control flow workspace, you need to configure the task to performthe specific operation you selected. To allow configuration, every task has an editor thatyou can open by double-clicking the task or by right-clicking the task and then clicking Edit.Table 1-1 lists the tasks in SSIS under the Control Flow Items list in the toolbox.You might have noticed that there is also a list of Maintenance Plan Tasks for the controlflow. These are primarily for database administrators (DBAs) who are managing SQL Server2008 databases through the SSMS maintenance plan interface or DBAs who are creatingpackages in BIDS for database maintenance.As you can see, SSIS features the ability to perform a host of different processing andintegration operations.
  • Variables within SSIS are a way to integrate objects by passing values between tasks and containers, accepting values from external sources, or building code dynamically that is then executed. You can also use variables for auditing and logging.
  • SSIS control flow

    1. 1. The control flow is the workflow engine that contains control flow tasks, containers, and precedence constraints, which manage when tasks and containers execute. The data flow, in contrast, is directly related to processing and transforming data from sources to destinations.
    2. 2. There are three primary types of control flow objects: Control flow tasks Workflow objects that perform operational- level jobs Control flow containers Provide a grouping mechanism for tasks and other containers Constraints Let you connect tasks and containers and define execution ordering and precedence
    3. 3. A control flow task is an SSIS component that performs a high level of operations such as sending an e-mail message, executing a SQL statement, or copying a file from an FTP server. When a control flow task is complete, it either succeeded or failed.
    4. 4. STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 3. Notify Management if @ > 2 2. Send Email to each Customer 1. Retrieve Customers from DB Complete Control Flow
    5. 5. Full Name Email User::Full Name User::Email User::Customer Records User::Email Counter Email Counter > 2 User::Email Counter COMPLETE COMPLETE STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3
    6. 6. Control Flow Elements- Designing Package Control Flow- us/library/ms140234.aspx