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Greatest drinking party games


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This consists of best drinking party games that you must try when you are free with your friends.

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Greatest drinking party games

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  2. 2. Read this article if you are adult or above 18. This consists of best drinking party games that you must try when you are free with your friends.
  3. 3. These games give you a chance to drink in bulk and enjoy the party in a unique way.
  4. 4. You can also include some games that are non drinking ones after you have full drink. This will give you a chance to play the game openly without following any visit here.
  5. 5. But you must know the basic rules of the drinking games or else it might cost you resulting in over drinking paying the penalties.
  6. 6. Let us have a glance at few of the drinking games that are popular these days.
  7. 7. This game is mostly played by every person those are habituated to drink every now and then. In fact you must know the complete rules before you start the game.
  8. 8. You can view the rules click here to know more about the game. In this game you have to sit round on the table and put a cup at the center.
  9. 9. Take the cards out and distribute accordingly to your friends. Now watch out the rules in the game and start playing.
  10. 10. This game is set at an Olympic standard. You have to pick ton of plastic cups and a keg.
  11. 11. All you have to do in this game is strengthen your skills and fill your stomach with drinks. It’s an interesting game where you have to get all your skills instantly.
  12. 12. This game can be played by as many numbers of people you wish. It is recommended that only adults can play this game as it involves alcohol.
  13. 13. In this game first you need to make the arrangements of things required to play this game. Make two teams equally and give them cups half filled with beer.
  14. 14. When the game is started, the team members sitting at the end of the table have to flip the cup filled with beers to right.
  15. 15. This should be continued until the last person does. If anyone missed or fails to do it then the team will lose the game.
  16. 16. These are some fantastic games to watch out for the alcohol drinkers. Well other than these there are many other games that are buzzing all around the world.
  17. 17. These games are simple and easier to play. Being an adult you at least expect some fun out of the game doing some naughty things at the center.
  18. 18. But these games can result in danger if you have unlimited beers and other alcoholic beverages.
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