Beautiful Thoughts On Friendship


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This is not my creation, I loved it & wanted to share with my friends here.
The owner\'s link is there at the end of it & I appreciate his work. veyy much.

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Beautiful Thoughts On Friendship

  1. 1. BEAUTIFUL THOUGHTS ON FRIENDSHIP [email_address] Slides change automatically
  2. 2. FRIENDSHIP If there is one ingredient which adds warmth and love to our lives... It is friendship.
  3. 3. If there is one relationship to help us through all the others... It is friendship.
  4. 4. Friends surround us with the beauty of their caring. With friends we can share what we see, what we feel, and what we love.
  5. 5. Friends help us with our problems because they listen. And as they listen we begin to hear the language of our own hearts.
  6. 6. With friends we can walk along the remembered paths of our lives... and completely share our experiences.
  7. 7. With friends we can work the soil of forgotten dreams that needed to be tended and nurtured once again. With friends we can plant the seed of our hearts new dreams.
  8. 8. We can always return to a friend, like going back to a special place. And find the same warm feeling unchanged by time or distance.
  9. 9. Life gives us friends so that we can share the precious times... and memorable moments of being children and teenagers, and adults and parents, and grandparents.
  10. 10. Life gives us friends so we can share the growing up... and growing down and old.
  11. 11. With friends we have a place to go to be accepted and understood. Together we can laugh. Together we can cry.
  12. 12. Our thoughts are heard, our feelings are held in the heart of a friend. With our friends our lives are made more full, more rich, more open, Beautiful and Blessed!
  13. 13. Sometimes along life's pathways There will come along a Friend, Who gets to know you inside-out right to the very end, And depth and height and width, of all that makes you 'You' And they continue liking you no matter what you do.
  14. 14. They get to see inside of you, where others dare not go. And soon they are a part of you and, oh, you love them so. They let you laugh. They share your joy. They help you through the day. And no matter what you've said or done They will not turn away.
  15. 15. Sometimes, when things are getting rough, and when the crying's done, They'll join with you in games and play - Just like when you were young - And had a special playmate who would run the Field of Joys, That children find around the bend with girls or with boys.
  16. 16. They're honest. They are faithful. They try never to betray. - The precious trust between you - as you live from day to day. It's so hard to describe them. And though it might sound odd. My best way to describe them is - They are a gift from God.
  17. 17. And so, my Friend, I'm writing with a thankful heart to say - I'm so glad I've a friend like you - You've helped me on my way. So, thank you for just being there. And thank you for the toys. But mostly - Thanks for running with me through the Field of Joys.
  18. 18. Among the great and glorious gifts Our heavenly Father sends Is the gift and understanding That we find in loving friends.
  19. 19. For in this world of trouble That is filled with strife and care Everybody needs a friend In whom they're free to share.
  20. 20. And somehow in this big wide world We've loving faithful friends, For God in all his charity And wisdom always sends
  21. 21. A sense of understanding And power of perception And mixes these fine qualities With kindness and affection.
  22. 22. So when we need some sympathy Or a friendly hand to touch, Or an ear that listens tenderly And words that mean so much,
  23. 23. We seek our true and trusted friend In the knowledge that we'll find A heart that's sympathetic And an understanding mind.
  24. 24. The Garden Of Friendship The garden of friendship is always in bloom whatever the season or day With flowers to cheer us though sunshine and rain lovely blooms to brighten our way.
  25. 25. Flowers of hope and encouragement, understanding, compassion and care, Blooms that grow sweeter as time passes by in the beautiful memories we share.
  26. 26. And no matter how far we may wander away, no matter how long we`re apart, We`ll still know the joys of the flowers that grow in the garden that blooms in our heart.
  27. 27. My dear and much beloved friend My best regards to you I send, And from a heart sincere and true All happiness I'm wishing you.
  28. 28. May you be free from all distress And meet with real and true success, May no misfortune come to you, May all your friends prove kind and true.
  29. 29. But should your earthly friends depart Remember still there is one heart That beats for you with tender love; 'Tis your eternal friend above.
  30. 30. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING [email_address]