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  • Translations might work for some clients with certain restrictions. It all depends on several factors. Regarding budgets and costs, companies should also be paying attention at ROI. Sometimes, a website can be far more profitable than a store.

    Websites tended to be an afterthought years ago. These days, that's just a missed opportunity. Sites can easily become the core of a campaign, increasing exposure, sales and building a brand. There are simpler solutions for lower budgets, though.

    Think about this: How much does a TV spot cost? What about a traditional store? A site could potentially have more viewers than a TV commercial and far more sales than a store. It's all about doing things right. Integration is key.
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  • so you prefer for a company to have multisite vs just translation.. interesting. What do companies say about this? Do they mind that it costs them a little more? I mean, I completely agree that translations on sites sometimes make no sense whatsoever, but we're always being told that if a company doesn't have much money we must leave websites as an afterthought almost. What do you think?
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Multicultural Marketing - WordCamp Miami 2012

  1. 1. Multicultural Marketingthrough a multifunctional platform
  2. 2. First of all, let’s start by answering an important question...
  3. 3. What’s the meaning of life?
  4. 4. Ooops... sorry. Let’s try again.
  5. 5. Who am I?
  6. 6. •My name’s Vicent Llopis•Associate Creative Director @Nobox•12 years of experience, working for national and international brands.•Copywriting instructor at Miami Ad School•Official Spanish Translator for U-Design: best-selling WordPress theme in Themeforest with over 10,000 sales.•Pro-Blogger
  7. 7. When talking about “multicultural marketing”,first thing that comes to mind is...
  8. 8. Language
  9. 9. Multilingual site vs. Multisite
  10. 10. A multilingual site requires the use of several languages within the same site.
  11. 11. A tool to build an efficient multilanguage site: qTranslate Plugin
  12. 12. Allows different languages in one simple WP installation
  13. 13. One-click switching between languages
  14. 14. SEO integration
  15. 15. Unique URLs • ?lang=en • /en/ •
  16. 16. Why a multisite then?
  17. 17. Some reasons to consider •Content starts the same but it evolves differently •Comments •User-engaging activities (ex. poll, contest, sweepstakes...) •Specific promos based on location/language
  18. 18. Translation vs. Transcreation:a copywriting challenge
  19. 19. A -maybe too simplified- differentiation •Translation is a plain reproduction of another language. •Transcreation is a full representation of the meaning, beyond a literal interpretation.
  20. 20. Social Media integrationand how it affects multilingual sites
  21. 21. We like “likes” in every language
  22. 22. •Language adapts to your social network preference•Live streams from Facebook or Twitter show fresh content •Don’t mix languages: double the effort, double the reward•Integration between blog/site and social media •Perfect connection helps increase all fan bases•Recommended plugins: •Share This •Share and Follow •Sociable
  23. 23. Social integration samples
  24. 24. E-mail marketingor how to build a strong fan base
  25. 25. •Build your e-mail communications in your language•Capture data•Ask for a language of preference•Analytics (including A/B testing)•Services integration: •Survey Monkey, Social Media (stats & sharing), Mobile...•Free for lists up to 2,000 subscribers•Alternatives: aWeber, Constant Contact
  26. 26. Capture data efficiently: Pippity plugin
  27. 27. •Light-box to sign-up•A/B testing•Analytics•Alternatives: •Pop-Up Domination
  28. 28. Google AnalyticsKnow who you’re targeting
  29. 29. Quick basic considerations•Location: • Helps identify where your audience comes from, to determine proper messaging•Language: • Determine which language should be more prominent•Time-zone: • Establish best time to post new content
  30. 30. Thanks!Vicent LlopisMy Work: Plan16.comMy Blogs: elpatiodigital.comMy e-mail: