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Overnight PPT service

  1. 1. Top Reasons to Outsource PPT Production1. You can lay out valuable slides/ stories faster than you can producethem• You are highly valuable structuring problems and outlining the story/ solutions• Your goal in life is not spending lots of time entering your slide sketches/ whiteboard into the computer – let us free you up to focus on more important things2. You have better things to do at night than stare at your computer andplay with formatting• Stuck making the day’s work into slides at the end of the day? We can dramatically reduce the time – we can convert sketches/ edits/ whiteboard drawings into crisply produced slides3. Your assistant’s PPT skills are limited to a small number of sketches/shapes• You may be able to hand your slides to your assistant, but graphic production was not tested in the interview. Your terrific visuals for telling a story can return when you utilize our highly trained graphics specialists4. Increase productivity/ ROI• Compare your team’s hourly rate and time spent creating slides to: 1) our $20/hr rate and 2) our elimination of a time consuming “outsourced design” model used by many of our competitors. We can make your output better and cheaper.
  2. 2. India GraphicsPowering Presentation Productivity Overnight PPT Production Support Learn more: vijay@outsourcedppt.com www.outsourcedppt.com
  3. 3. Overview of our services to management consultants Graphics specialists who Get work done while you sleep understand business needs Signed NDA; controlled access/locked facility; immediate destruction of produced information**Exception: template; work-in-progress
  4. 4. How we workSchedule Send Kickstart tomorrow• Reserve capacity • Email scanned file • Receive files in the if >10 slides • Fax to US number morning• Let us know of • Free up resources submissions to for important tasks come after 6.00 p.m. PST or requires early Try 5 completion slides free!
  5. 5. Make presentations visually appealing
  6. 6. Graphic services offered • Producing and redesigning PowerPoint slides Our specialists are engaged in the design • Animating slides and production of visual communication materials • Proofreading documents like graphics, charts, ex- hibits, overhead trans- • Adding illustrative imageries to presentation parencies, onscreen animated presentations, • Creating PowerPoint templates and multimedia pro- ducts, mostly based on • Designing posters PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign • CD covers for our clients worldwide • Data processing – Word, Excel assistance
  7. 7. Contact vijay@outsourcedppt.comProduction hours• Starts from Sunday 7.30 PM PST and ends with 7.30 AM PST Friday)• We do not have day time PST support at the moment. Ideal time would be sending the materials by close of your business time and getting back the document the next day morning PST/EST• If you decide to hire dedicated resources they can be available anytime 24/7Weekend coverageThere is no general weekend coverage available. However we offer support if thebooking is announced in advance
  8. 8. Backup
  9. 9. Chart types – Data-drivensVertical bar Horizontal bar PieLine Correlation Vertical/horizontal 100%
  10. 10. Some combination of Data-drivensBar butterfly V. bar with cost curve Exploded pie with barVert./horiz. waterfall Column line Column butted
  11. 11. Some conceptualsPros & cons Horizons Timeline chart Pyramids 2001 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 • Text • TextForces at work Process flows Cycle flow PuzzleLeverage – scale Filters/obstacles Steps – stair stages FunnelHoneycomb Strategic game board Tree chart Organization chart
  12. 12. Symbols to use while editing (printed) slidesTo … You do … Corrected text To … You do … Corrected textDelete The good word The good word The word Transpose The word good The good word The go od wordInsert indi- Close up space The goaod wordcated text The word The good word Delete and The good-wordLet it stand The good word close up space The good word Delete but The goodwordMake capital The good word leave space The good WordMake lower case The Good Word Insert space The good word Run in the The good word, theChange to italics The good word same line bad word The good word, The good word the bad word Break The good word, theChange to bold The good word bad word
  13. 13. What you send in and what you get back (1/4) Example of one-to-one production – data- driven chart based
  14. 14. What you send in and what you get back (2/4) Example of one-to-one production – text chart
  15. 15. What you send in and what you get back (3/4) Example of one slide production with addi- tion of more contents from the next slides
  16. 16. What you send in and what you get back (4/4) Example of edit slide as indicated in the fax
  17. 17. Frameworks
  18. 18. Posters
  19. 19. Posters