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What's New in WildFly 9?


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This session covers new improvements that will be introduced in WildFly 9:

• Wildfly-core will be extracted from the codebase and the ability to assemble a server on top of it will be introduced. WildFly 9 will be provided in two versions: Wildfly Web and Wildfly Full but users will be able to create their custom packaging of WildFly.

• Users will be able to shutdown the application server in a graceful manner - after the shutdown command is executed server will reject new requests and allow existing requests to finish before it shuts down.

• Support for HTTP/2, a new version of HTTP protocol based on SPDY, will be introduced.

• Users will be able to use WildFly as a load balancer. Consequently, it will be possible to manage the balancer with the same tools that are used to manage the rest of the domain. What is more, users will be able to use more efficient protocols, such as HTTP/2, for communication between the balancer and backend servers.

• An OpenShift cartridge, which will enable users to use WildFly 9 in cloud environment, will be provided.

• WildFly 9 will use OpenJDK ORB library instead of JacORB.

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What's New in WildFly 9?

  2. 2. WildFlyWildFly Formerly JBoss AS Community project with goals of fraquent releases and rapid innovation Upstream for JBoss EAP Fast, lightweight, manageble runtime Supports Java EE7 and beyound Open source, community driven project Version 9 coming soon! Cloud enabled
  3. 3. HTTP/2HTTP/2 Reduction in page load time GoalsGoals No changes in network infrastructure No changes in website content
  4. 4. HTTP/2HTTP/2 Binary protocol with request framing DesignDesign Multiplexed - many prioritized streams interleaved in one TCP connection Header compression Server push - server is able to push data to a client before it has asked for it
  5. 5. HTTP/2HTTP/2 Although not required by specification major browsers require HTTP/2 to use TLS connections with ALPN extension WildFly Configuration: configure server's security realm install ALPN jar
  6. 6. Server suspendServer suspend Server can be suspended After suspend operation is executed new requests are rejected but running requests are able to finish their work Suspend operation ends when either all requests finish or timeout is extended Usage example: graceful shutdown, configuration changes Server can be resumed - request processing starts immediately
  7. 7. Server suspendServer suspend :suspend(timeout=x) Management operationsManagement operations :resume :shutdown(timeout=x) :read-attribute(name=suspend-state)
  8. 8. Codebase splitCodebase split The base architecture of WildFly has been fully separated, and is now versioned separately from the full platform wildfly full - subsystems implementing EE functionality We provide tooling to faciliate building WildFly extensions and composing them into a server
  9. 9. wildfly webwildfly web new servlet-only distribution adds Undertow and naming subsystems on top of wildfly-core with all capabilities provided by core useful for applications that prefer to use their own frameworks
  10. 10. Feature packFeature pack Jar describing server extension Consist of modules and subsystems configurations and content files Lightweight - no jars included Can depend on other feature packs Build by maven plugin based on configuration file During build all module dependencies are checked
  11. 11. Server provisioningServer provisioning Feature packs are used by provisioning library to create a server The library can be used in standalone mode or be embedded in maven plugin Merges modules, configuration and content files from all feature packs Can provision thick or thin server
  12. 12. Example: REST distributionExample: REST distribution Users can use above tools to provision server with only those parts of WildFly that are necessary in their use case Example: lightweight server, based on wildfly-web, with ability to deploy RESTful applications
  13. 13. WildFly SwarmWildFly Swarm tool for building runnable fat-jars with embedded WildFly created jars can contain only necessary parts of WildFly build using maven plugin microservices friendly
  14. 14. WildFly as loadbalancerWildFly as loadbalancer httpd based loadbalancer mod_clustermod_cluster Dynamic configuration of httpd workers Server-side load balance factor calculation Fine grained web-app lifecycle control
  15. 15. WildFly as loadbalancerWildFly as loadbalancer WildFly can now be used as front end mod_cluster based load balancer One tool can be used to manage front and backend servers More efficient communication protocols, such as HTTP/2, can be used
  16. 16. Offline CLI supportOffline CLI support Ability to embed a WildFly process inside the CLI process Usage: management of the server using CLI commands, without having a running server
  17. 17. Switch to OpenJDK ORBSwitch to OpenJDK ORB Downstream project of OpenJDK Better interoperability with the JVM ORB and the Java EE RI
  18. 18. ReferencesReferences WildFly , , JBoss EAP 6.4 Quickstarts @WildflyAs