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VizOwn Advanced Residential Treatment and Recovery Center for Woman


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Advanced Residential Treatment and Recovery Center for Woman

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VizOwn Advanced Residential Treatment and Recovery Center for Woman

  2. 2. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 WHAT IS VIZOWN?
  3. 3. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 At Vizown, we work with our clientsto understand the tools and resources for a successful recovery and we work just as hard to help our clients discover a vision for their life.
  4. 4. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Our goal is to help clients realize their vision for life and how to take ownership of that vision. Taking ownership means that the client will make difficult decisions for their life after residential treatment. This may involve the client removing themselves from prior relationships or avoiding particular environments that can trigger a relapse.
  5. 5. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Vision Statement To Believe. To Endure. To Heal. Mission Statement Vizown is dedicated to providing adult women high quality, integrated, individualized, and trauma informed treatment for substance use or co-occurring conditions in a residential setting. Purpose Statement Establish an environment creating constant positive individual experiences promoting the best individual outcomes.
  6. 6. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 WHAT IS DUAL DIAGNOSIS?A dual diagnosis (often referred to as co- occurring diagnosis) is a term used to describe people who have an alcohol or drug problem in conjunction with an emotional or psychiatric illness
  7. 7. TREATMENT MODALITIES Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Trauma-Informed Addictions Treatment (TIAT) Mindfulness Oriented Recovery Enhancement Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020
  8. 8. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 is a goal-directed, client- centered counseling style for eliciting behavioral change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence. MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING
  9. 9. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 The therapist works with the client to identify both the thoughts and the behaviors that are causing distress, and to change those thoughts in order to readjust the behavior.
  10. 10. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Incorporates horses experientially for emotional growth and learning. It is a collaborative effort between a licensed therapist and a horse professional working with the clients and horses to address treatment goals. EQUINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY
  11. 11. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Allows a physician to examine the client’s DNA to determine what medications are most likely to be effective. The test is done by taking a swab of the inside of the client’s mouth, collecting DNA. METABOLIC TESTING
  12. 12. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Considered one of the best outdoor experiences for addiction treatment. positive risk taking 1. fun and excitement without substance abuse 2. increased self-confidence 3. personal growth 4. reliance on group support 5. improved communication skills and teamwork
  13. 13. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Understanding which foods have the nutrients to help you gain more energy, stabilize your mood, and maintain your overall health. Our goal is to help you learn nutrition basics which have a balance of good taste and a healthy diet.
  14. 14. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Reduces depression Soothes anxiety Improves a person’s negative mood Increases a person’s self-esteem
  15. 15. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 Research shows that acupuncture raises endorphin levels in a person’s body. The increased endorphin levels help reduce the cravings and withdrawal symptoms experienced by people giving up smoking, drugs, and alcohol.
  16. 16. CONTACT US: 1-844-826-2020 VizOwn uses psychological theories and methods that are evidence- based, with treatment guided by the principles of the 12-Steps. The women are introduced to the principles of 12 steps through group lectures and attendance at 12-step meetings in the evenings.
  17. 17. 1-844-826-2020 CONTACT US