The World Wide Web


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The World Wide Web

  2. 2. THE INTERNET is a huge network of computers around the world that allows users to share information and other resources.  AnGeL SopHiE
  3. 3. Individuals of all ages use the Internet to search for information on almost any topic. ☻ Doctors – to know about new drugs and keep themselves updated on the current treatments and trends in medical practice. ☻ Students – to find information. ☻ Teachers – to find data for their research, host online classes, make instructional materials available outside class time, post grades and publish electronic announcements. ☻ Consumers shop online, pay bills and transact with their banks. People are continually coming up with new uses for the Internet, making it increasingly valuable to individuals and businesses. AnGeL SopHiE
  4. 4. THE WORLD WIDE WEB or the web is a collection of electronic documents that are linked together like a spider web. Web Page Web Site • Is an electronic document written in a computer language called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). • Is a collection of related web pages managed by an individual or an organization. AnGeL SopHiE these documents are stored on computers called servers located around the world.
  6. 6. a WEB BROWSER is a software that allows users to access and view web pages. AnGeL SopHiE The most widely used web browsers are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
  7. 7. WHAT IS HOME PAGE? It is the starting web page of a browser It provides connections to other documents, web pages or websites. AnGeL SopHiE It provides information about the website’s purpose and content.
  8. 8. AnGeL SopHiE BROWSING OR SURFING Is the term used in exploring the web by clicking on links from one page to another.
  9. 9. DOWNLOADING UPLOADING • is the process of copying, sending or transferring files from your computer to a server. AnGeL SopHiE • is the process of transferring information, such as from a server on the internet to your computer.
  10. 10. HYPERTEXT AnGeL SopHiE .. are text links that are usually underlined and in a different color to set them off from the rest of the text.
  12. 12. 1. THE TITLE BAR AnGeL SopHiE Shows the title of the web page
  13. 13. 2. THE BACK, FORWARD AND RECENT PAGES BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Are used to revisit recently viewed web pages.
  14. 14. 3. THE ADDRESS BAR AnGeL SopHiE Shows the URL of the web page
  15. 15. 4. THE REFRESH BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Requests a fresh copy of the current web page from the web server
  16. 16. 5. THE STOP BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Stops the downloading of a requested web page.
  17. 17. 6. THE INSTANT SEARCH BOX & SEARCH OPTION BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Are used to perform a keyword web search and to specify the search tool used to perform the search respectively.
  18. 18. 7. THE FAVORITES CENTER BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Opens the Favorites Center pane, which contains a list of frequently viewed web pages.
  19. 19. 9. THE QUICK TABS BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Is used to view multiple open web pages. The web pages are displayed as thumbnail images.
  20. 20. 8. THE ADD TO FAVORITES BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Is used to add the URL of a frequently viewed web page to the Favorites folder.
  21. 21. 10. THE TAB LIST BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Is used to view one web page from a list of open web pages.
  22. 22. 11. THE TAB ROW AnGeL SopHiE Can accommodate as many as ten tabs, allowing you to open and view several web pages in one window.
  23. 23. 12. THE NEW TAB BUTTON AnGeL SopHiE Is used to open an additional web page in a new tab.
  24. 24. 13. THE STATUS BAR AnGeL SopHiE Displays the URL of the link where the mouse pointer is.
  25. 25. 14. THE SCROLL BAR AnGeL SopHiE Appears whenever a web page is too long or too wide to fit in the screen.
  26. 26. REFERENCE Second Edition By: Clifford P. Esteban AnGeL SopHiE The amazing World of Computers 5