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Five workshop programs where editors and reporters gain fluency and confidence in mobile reporting, video journalism, writing for the Web, data journalism, design, graphics, social media, and new product development.

Training modules are typically organized into multi-day training workshops that focus on a specific area of knowledge.

-- Mobile reporting with smartphone + laptop
-- Data journalism, social media and writing for the Web
-- Video journalism and documentary filmmaking
-- Design and redesign
-- Rapid prototyping ideas for new products and services

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Digital journalism training brochure Robb Montgomery

  1. 1. Training that delivers resultsWe offer five workshopprograms where editorsand reporters gain fluencyand confidence in mobilereporting, video journalism,writing for the Web, datajournalism, design, graphics,social media, and newproduct development.Mobile Data Video Design Innovation
  2. 2. A five-day course that introduces the latest mobile reportingtechniques and the fundamental building blocks for producingcompelling multimedia story packages.With smartphones students will produce multimedia reportsthat include photo, video, text, audio and location information.(Android and iPhone supported)With laptops students will learn how to create charts fromdata, report in pictures and maps, create timelines fromspreadsheets and produce interactive elements that engageonline audiences.Mobile reporting:Smartphone + LaptopMobile
  3. 3. Master mobile multimedia skillsLearn how to use your smartphone to produce high quality multimediaProduce compellingvideo sequencesSet up the camera andmicrophones to get thebest quality and avoidcommon mistakesWrite and format scriptsfor easy-to-record voiceoversLearn how toproduce NPR-styleaudio reportsUse geo-locationinformation in your fieldreportingProduce and share 360-degree photo and videopanoramasBuild strongvisual packagesfor video,photo collagesand social mediaupdatesMaster camera and phototechniques toget most out ofsmartphone appsBuild photo/mappingstory packagesMobile
  4. 4. Develop visual reporting skillsQuickly produce data-driven timeline storieswith text, images, links,and videoFind sources for visuals toadd to mapping locationsMove beyond static textand report with rich,interactive elements◊ Download our completeMobile Reporting brochureUse advanced editing andcollaboration tools forlarger projectsChoose the best charttype for the data youhave gatheredBuild data-driven surveysand polls and visualize theresultsBuild embeddableinteractive images withvideos, photos, links, andtextTransform numbersand spreadsheets intovisualizations that provideimpactBuild a comprehensivemultimedia slideshowusing your new skillsUse free or low-cost Web services to create multimedia assetsMobile
  5. 5. Training plans that grow confidenceSmartphone Smartphone Phone + Laptop Laptop Phone + LaptopTime Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayMorning10:00-13:30CLASSROOM•Video reporting•Visual sequences•Natural soundCLASSROOM•Interviewing•Audio stories•Telepromptr•Scripts•Voice overs•Live video streamingCLASSROOM•Photo+GPS story,•Panoramas, collages•and photo stories•Fast images to socialmediaCLASSROOM•Data andvisualizations•Maps•ChartsFIELD EXERCISETeam Project:Small groups will plan astory package and makereporting assignmentsGo into the field togather original reportingAfternoon14:30-16:00FIELD EXERCISESLAB: Log, edit andassemble a videosequenceFIELD EXERCISESLAB: Build aninterview audiopackage and a newvideo sequenceFIELD EXERCISESLAB: Producea photo + GPS story,panoramas, photo essay,and a two videosequencesCLASSROOM•Surveys/ polls•Interactive Images•TimelinesCLASSROOMStudents return fromtheir reporting and editfinal packages into acomprehensive package.Presentationsand Final reviewProgressive lectures and labs guide students to combine new skillsThe schedule shown above is a one week intensive training plan we producedfor Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty journalists in Moscow, Bishkek andTbilisi.Mobile
  6. 6. A three day course designed to introducejournalists to writing for structure,managing data and spreadsheets,understanding data visualizations, creatingonline surveys for interviews, and learningnew ways to present data-driveninformation.Participants also learn advanced social mediaand collaboration techniques.Data journalism, social mediaand writing for the WebData
  7. 7. Grow your digital journalism literacyMaster interview andresearch techniquesusing the latest onlinetoolsGrasp the fundamentalsof structured text, SEO,and metadataLearn how to verifycontent on socialnetworksMaster the curation ofcontent and advancedsourcing techniquesVisualize informationfrom databasesAdopt best practices forTwitter and FacebookengagementApply advanced searchtechniques for socialmediaDevelop a Social Mediamonitoring and responsesystemChoose the best charttype for the data youhave gatheredLearn curationtechniques and short-form writing that propelsdigital storiesBuild data-driven surveysand polls and visualize theresultsBuild embeddableinteractive images withvideos, photos, links, andtextLearn how to incorporateall this multimedia intoyour blogData
  8. 8. Students will gain experience andconfidence with all aspects of producingnews video packages.From story planning, to filming visualsequences, camera and microphone usage,conducting interviews, lighting techniques,gathering sound, and editing footage.This is an immersive multi-day coursefor a small group of participants.Video journalismand documentary filmmakingVideo
  9. 9. Master the art of reporting in videoLearn how to report andbuild visually-drivennarrativesMaster the camera andthe technologyHow to tell a visualstoryLearn the critical anglesand shots for videosequencesBasic lightingfor interviewsStory planning and scenestoryboardingEditing tips for solvingcommon problemsMastering Pieces toCamera and stand-upsVideo for live eventsUnderstand commoneditsRecording voice-overnarrationHow to prepare andconduct interviewsHow to filmVOX popsAdvanced interviewingtechniquesHow to use action camslike the GoPro HeroLearn to write scriptsforTelepromter readsCapturing and buildingnatural sound assetsVideo
  10. 10. A multi-day, practical workshopin visual storytelling,publication design, and bestpractices in visual editing.Learn how to tell storiesbeyond words, how to planpackages and identify goalsfor a redesign projectPublication design and redesignDesign
  11. 11. Design expertise to guide your teamsHow to innovate ondeadline using scalabledesign strategiesMaster the elements andprinciples of designLearn to use editor-driven planningtechniquesLearn to design storiesand news products froma reader-centricperspectiveImprove photo usage andgraphics planningHow to organize theeditorial and ad space tobuild a publicationroadmapMaster the fundamentalsof the cover design anddouble pagesCase studies of innovativeredesign projects fromaround the worldAdopt proven layouttechniques to create highimpact page designsLearn magazineapproaches to craftingstory packagesHow to reorganizeyour newsroom andworkflows to achievegreat designPlan visual elements toanswer story questionsDesign
  12. 12. From brainstorming ideas to scoping,scheduling, and execution you’ll developthe skills to effectively organize anddevelop almost any new idea for a newproduct or services into a refined conceptsuitable to pitch to decision-makers.Rapid prototyping ideasfor new products and servicesInnovationThis workshop is for editors, managers,Web producers or any team that hasto develop actionable plans for newproducts and services.
  13. 13. Develop, design and share great ideasThis seminar can beproduced as a one-dayor multi-day workshopaccording to client goals.Clients usually provide aseed focus and key dataaround developing a newapp, print product orWeb site.Learn how to identifyand organize thedevelopment phases forany new productor service.We use the DesignMethod™ to show howsmall teams can rapidlydevelop innovativeconcepts, refine theirideas and move themforward without delay.Incorporate marketresearch, developmission objectives andstructure the visualpresentations usingMaestro techniques.Gain management insightin how to build andmanage creative teams.Participants learn market-focused techniques andapply a systematicapproach to developingmarket-driven ideas andprototypes to reach newor existing audiences.Innovation
  14. 14. The newstuff isnot newsto usWe’ve been providingmultimedia trainingand consulting formedia professionalssince 2005.
  15. 15. Let’s design a program for youWe are based in Berlin Mitte.Contact us today to book your training program.Robb MontgomeryWeb: robbmontgomery.comFacebook: robbmontgomeryTwitter: @robbmontgomery