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Ed futures


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Moral Dilemma

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Ed futures

  2. 2.  Your friend Kath has been acting distant lately, so you ask her to meet up to find out what’s up…
  3. 3.  Kath confides in you that she is seeing your mutual friend, Jess’s boyfriend behind her back…
  4. 4.  Meanwhile, Jess is upset because her boyfriend is acting out of character lately..
  5. 5. What do you do...? Should you tell Jess directly what Kath has told you? Should you stay out of it and not say anything and let everything pan out? Should you confront Jess’s boyfriend.. Tell him you know and that he needs to tell Jess the truth?
  6. 6. You decide not to intervene as it’s none of your business, because you don’t know which friend to back. However, Jess finds out that you knew the truth and is hurt by your betrayal.
  7. 7. You text Jess’s boyfriend because you feel its his responsibility to tell Jess the truth, as that way your not directly involved. However, this back fires because the boyfriend doesn’t tell anybody. Now you feel bad on Jess because she still doesn’t know.
  8. 8. You confront Jess about the situation privately and explain that as soon as you found out you told her straight away. You feel good about yourself. However, you have let Kath down, even though you believe she was wrong. You feel you’ve done the right thing.