Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto


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We decided to write a manifesto about our particular style of facilitation training. Like any manifesto, it outlines what we believe and our philosophy towards facilitation and facilitation training.

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  • Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto

    1. 1. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. Sometimes it seems more important not to change how we solve problems, than to solve the problem. Sometimes we are more satisfied with comfortable defeat, than a challenging success. Facilitating With Confidence Page 1 of 14
    2. 2. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Leaders know what they want from their people but they sometimes don’t know how to get it. Why is it that it is so difficult to stand back, get new perspectives, find new possibilities? We believe every organisation and community, indeed, every individual, has the potential for facilitation as a deep capability. A capability that will enable an organisation or community to create a way through the complexity and constant change that challenges us. The challenge for leaders is how to build this deep capability. Facilitating With Confidence Page 2 of 14
    3. 3. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Why, when the world faces its most complex, challenging problems, do we not apply all of the resources available to us to respond? When was it that making things easy and fun to do became the wrong way? Getting together, seeing what’s happening, getting things done, making things better is the natural human order. It’s what we do. It’s what we’ve always done. When did this become so complicated and not fun anymore? Facilitating With Confidence Page 3 of 14
    4. 4. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Why is it, in organisations, of any size, there are only a few people we call upon, or can trust, to solve problems, think about the future, convert opportunity into reality? We believe that it’s not that people can’t, or don’t want to, but they don’t know how to call upon others. Facilitating With Confidence Page 4 of 14
    5. 5. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto The environment in which we are operating is faster paced, more complex and less predictable. It’s an environment where we are often side-swiped by the unexpected, and tripped up by the unseen. We believe that we do have the capability to expand our peripheral vision, bring different perspectives and ideas to make sense of this world we’re operating in, and to see ways forward. Just because the problem is hard, or complex, doesn’t mean the road to resolution needs to be hard. Facilitating With Confidence Page 5 of 14
    6. 6. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto When faced with modern complexity we often constrain thinking and make things too hard – we’re reluctant to respond and act. We believe that we need to build capacity and confidence to explore options, open possibility, and enable others to act and contribute constructively. Facilitating With Confidence Page 6 of 14
    7. 7. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto We believe the new capacity is confidence. Confidence is what enables you to act even when you are not certain about the problem, the proposition, or the ways forward. Confidence is what has others follow. Facilitating With Confidence Page 7 of 14
    8. 8. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Facilitating with confidence allows others to shine. So it’s not always about what you do but about the room you give to others to work. We believe that people don’t need more stuff, more tools, or even more processes. What they do need is to be able to work with what is, and create what could be, from what they have got. And that’s more about the space you create than the space you fill. Facilitating With Confidence Page 8 of 14
    9. 9. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto What is Facilitating With Confidence? If you google facilitation techniques you get 3,840,000 results in 0.22 seconds. The world doesn’t need another technique. And you don’t get deep capability just by googling it. But you do need to know when to use that rich vein of creativity. Facilitating With Confidence Page 9 of 14
    10. 10. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Our approach is bounded by a single rule. The key to advancing any problem or situation is to get others to work on it together. And facilitating with confidence is the skill of not doing the work of others. Think back to your last meeting. Who did all the work? And who had all the work to do after the meeting? Facilitating With Confidence Page 10 of 14
    11. 11. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Our approach is also bounded by the practice of light facilitation - little effort, major impact. Even in the toughest situations, when conflict is present, the confident facilitator creates a third alternative: not just stepping back, not just hitting out, rather, stepping in. Facilitating With Confidence Page 11 of 14
    12. 12. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto What difference will it make in the world Leadership is different, getting work done is different, how we work is different. Thus, the skills, competencies, and readiness for work need to be different. Facilitating with Confidence taps into the essence of how we, as humans, progress. We try things. We work things out together. Not because we are certain, but because we are uncertain. It is uncertainty underpinned by confidence in ourselves, and others. And awareness of the bigger picture. Together we can create the world anew. Facilitating With Confidence Page 12 of 14
    13. 13. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Does this describe you and your organisation? Are you adaptable? Can you be relied upon in changing times? Are you spontaneous? Are you experimental, improvisational? Are you prepared to create better solutions, and clearer ways forward, by changing how you lead and how you work with the people in your organisation and community? Call us. Facilitating With Confidence Page 13 of 14
    14. 14. Facilitating With Confidence Manifesto Anne Pattillo and Viv McWaters are experienced facilitators who work with clients worldwide to transform the way people work together in organisations to solve problems, deal with complexity, resolve conflict and think about the future. Facilitating With Confidence is a comprehensive range of programs that builds on this experience and is tailored to the specific needs of organisations and its people. www.facilitatingwithconfidence.com info@facilitatingwithconfidence.com +61 417 135 406 PO Box 665, Torquay, 3228 Australia Facilitating With Confidence Page 14 of 14