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 IUSY once again declares its commitment to be a part of the global leadership of the SI inthe change that must come. We h...
              values and principles – especially during difficult circumstances – we loose             legitimacy. Member ...
        -     The SI Council, in between the SI Congresses, should be held once a year in the             beginning of Jun...
        -     The SI Regional Committees should meet once per year. The meetings should focus             on supporting re...
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Iusy resoultion reform_the_socialist_international_council_2011


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Iusy resoultion reform_the_socialist_international_council_2011

  1. 1.   Resolution IUSY World Council 2011 Attersee, Austria 28th July 2011REFORM THE SOCIALISTINTERNATIONALThe International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) regards the Socialist International(SI) as a crucial actor in the fight for our progressive principles. We need a strong,progressive, truly global, international movement for the family of socialists and socialdemocrats in order to have the strength required to build a more equal world by tacklingpoverty, inequalities, violations of human rights, authoritarian regimes and all thechallenges, difficulties and possibilities that globalization brings with it.IUSY has been calling for a debate on the future of our movement, the SI, since time.Over the last years the SI has not managed to be a relevant and strong global voice oncurrent political issues and on the constant struggle for human rights and democracy. Thisbecame painfully obvious when the Arab Spring started and the SI under the eyes of theworld found itself side by side with authoritarian regime parties as members that overdecades consequently violated and denied the basic values we stand for. Socialism andSocial Democracy all over the world lost in legitimacy. After exclusion of theseundemocratic parties the SI hastened to become a follower and supporter of thedemocratic uprising but still far from being the leader it should have been. The SI needs aleadership that doesn’t hesitate to take the lead in the struggle for democratisation anddares to take actions against member organizations that chose to turn away fromdemocracy.In a letter on the 14th of April 29 Vice Presidents of the SI and Party Leaders of memberparties called for a reform of the SI stating: “We must now use this opportunity for reformto make our alliance fit for the future, which means establishing it as a politically relevant,publicly visible, global organization with transparent and democratic procedures and withmembers that are able to match themselves against these standards”.At the last SI Council, 19th of March 2011 in Athens, a reform was started; however, theway in which it started, the mandate it was given and the process leading up to theelection of the leadership and members of the reform committee makes us sceptic on whatthe result will be. IUSY does consider the SI leadership and the leaders of the reformcommittee responsible for reforming the SI, at the same time equally holding its memberorganizations and the 29 leaders to their words on the need of reform and their active partin making it happen.What has been missing in the SI is leadership. The lack of long-term planning has made itdifficult not only to participate in activities but also to give substantial contributions. Theworking methods of meetings, with many long and often topic wise widespread speeches,give no possibility to discuss and produce relevant political outcomes. INTERNATIONAL UNION OF SOCIALIST YOUTH Amtshausgasse 4 • 1050 Wien/Austria PHONE +43.1.5231267 FAX +43.1.5231267.9 MAIL WEB  
  2. 2.  IUSY once again declares its commitment to be a part of the global leadership of the SI inthe change that must come. We hereby present our perspective on the role of the reformcommittee, the political role and agenda of the SI and some concrete suggestions onorganizational changes.IUSY inputs on the role and task of the Reform Committee: st - Set a clear strategy for the role of the SI in the 21 century; - Put forward suggestions on how to increase the level of political debate and develop the political agenda; - Put forward suggestions on how to modernise the management of the organization, develop the financial situation and working methods; - Put forward suggestions on how to strengthen cooperation between IUSY and SI; - Put forward statutory changes to ensure a vibrant and well-represented organization. IUSY has long supported the use of term limits in its own statutes. We call upon the SI to adopt the same approach and introduce term limits of no more than two terms for key leadership positions; - Evaluate the membership of the SI and make recommendations.IUSY believes that the SI has a key role to play in global politics, to lead and notonly follow the political agenda: - The SI as the main political international can and should be the main promoter and guardian of democratization worldwide. The SI has more legitimacy than many other actors since it speaks with no hidden interest. The development of the SI reflects the global wave of democratizations and in many cases SI member organizations have been the force that lead the way to democracy. A record that not only proves strong experience but also means high responsibility. - Good Governance, Democratic Governance is a key factor for development. Political parties and politicians together with civil servants stand in the centre of good governance. Through sharing of experience and common challenges we can make sure that our parties continue to develop and take leading roles within their societies and lead their countries. st - A peaceful and democratic world remains a challenge in the 21 century. Peace and Security is on top of the global agenda and with the global network we have and the common base that our ideology gives us we can play a key role in contributing to bringing an end to conflicts or even preventing them from breaking out through dialogue and cooperation. The SI can bring together progressive forces and show that it is possible if the right will is there. But this also requires an active role of the SI in promoting our values and international law and in daring to speak up if they are disregarded, also and especially to our partners. Without being committed to our INTERNATIONAL UNION OF SOCIALIST YOUTH Amtshausgasse 4 • 1050 Wien/Austria PHONE +43.1.5231267 FAX +43.1.5231267.9 MAIL WEB  
  3. 3.   values and principles – especially during difficult circumstances – we loose legitimacy. Member organizations that chose a different track than respecting international law and human rights have chosen not to be a part of the SI and must be excluded consequently. - Economics lie at the heart of politics. The recent years have shown how strong the need for global democratic governance in the economical field is. It is crucial in this time of globalization to make sure that democratic governance is also applied in the global economic system. We need regulataory instruments to assure a market economy that works for people and not only for the financial system. We need a global economy that contributes to a global welfare state. This is the main challenge for Social Democracy in the coming years. - The SI must develop its own political agenda so it can be a strong and independent actor. As global actor, the SI can influence the policies of the United Nations and other international institutions but only if it by itself has a clear political agenda to put forward. Otherwise, instead of being pro-active and part of setting the agenda, it will continue to be stuck in reactive actions without much impact. - The future of Socialism and Social Democracy is widely debated, in part due to the fact that more people realize the value and need of equal societies. The SI should be the place for this discussion and play a proactive role in it. Our values are timeless but as time goes new challenges arise and in response new policies need to be developed and common approaches and common solutions need to be found. - The SI should be the place of ideological discussions as well as policy development and exchange, in order to assure that we are making use of the best ideas of our global movement and putting them in practice all over the world to change it. - Economical and social development is far more important in political processes than recognized today. By focusing on economy-social development, analysing its importance and producing concrete policy suggestions, the SI can have a substantial effect on world politics, re-directing the agenda towards the advantages of equal societies.IUSY inputs on concrete organizational reform suggestions: - The SI Congress should be held every second year. o The SI should have a term limit of maximum two terms for all elected positions. o An open and transparent process is a must for elected positions and an election nomination committee should be introduced. INTERNATIONAL UNION OF SOCIALIST YOUTH Amtshausgasse 4 • 1050 Wien/Austria PHONE +43.1.5231267 FAX +43.1.5231267.9 MAIL WEB  
  4. 4.   - The SI Council, in between the SI Congresses, should be held once a year in the beginning of June. SI Councils could be held at the UN Headquarters in New York as a step in directing the politics of the SI towards the work of the UN. o The SI Congress/Council should be held over two days, whereby one of the days should focus on the internal situation of the International. The other day’s agenda should focus on one or two political issues linked to the work of the ad-hoc committees or a regional committee. o The working methods should be modernized in order to ensure participation, discussion and debate as well as the possibility to make concrete political contributions. More seminars or panel discussions together with well-prepared political documents sent out in advance would provide the framework for this. o The SI should invite and engage high-level progressives – persons and organizations – active in the global discussion for political solutions in order to ensure an exchange with other parts of the global progressive community and reaching beyond our own party structures. - The SI Presidium should meet once a year in September during the yearly opening of the UN General Assembly. o All SI Vice Presidents should take part in the meetings and they should have the possibility to send a replacement on the same high-level. o Visibility is linked to giving concrete political contributions to the global political agenda and the participation of our political leaders in the SI; the SI Presidium has a crucial role in the development of politics and in the advocacy for them. - The SI Presidium should form an Executive Committee to lead the work of the SI together with the President and the Secretary General; assuming the responsibility for preparation of Activities, Committees, Congress, Councils etcetera. The Executive Committee should be a link between the Leadership, the Presidium and the Regional Committees in order to ensure long-term planning of activities and coordination of the political agenda. - The SI Ethics Committee should meet twice a year, not counting the meeting prior to Congress/Council, to constantly evaluate existing members, process membership applications and make sure that we never compromise on the values and principles that our movement is built upon. - The SI Financial Committee should meet twice a year, not counting the meeting prior to the Congress/Council, to overlook the collection of membership fees and the strengthening of the financial situation, and to control the finances with the help of professional external auditors. INTERNATIONAL UNION OF SOCIALIST YOUTH Amtshausgasse 4 • 1050 Wien/Austria PHONE +43.1.5231267 FAX +43.1.5231267.9 MAIL WEB  
  5. 5.   - The SI Regional Committees should meet once per year. The meetings should focus on supporting regional integration, strengthening of democratization in the region, policy development and exchange on campaigning and current political issues. - The SI Thematic Committees should be limited to one or two and should be formed on ad-hoc basis. That would ensure a sharpened political focus during a concentrated time period with a concrete political output. The work should be linked to political processes within international institutions and aim at providing a concrete and coordinated political input from a progressive socialist and social democratic perspective. - The capacity of the SI Secretariat for management, financial fundraising and communication should be strengthened. Since it is unlikely that member organizations will contribute more than today in membership fees, it is important to review the financial priorities and in this process also review the support to IUSY (which is today non-existing). - The SI and IUSY should further cooperate: o The SI should, as its member organizations, give financial support to its youth organization, IUSY. o The SI should further coordinate its work with other international organizations linked to our movement and join the plan for setting up a shared office building in Brussels. The SI should support IUSY financially and practically in this regard so IUSY can be located together with the SI. o IUSY should be invited to take part in all SI activities with the SI covering all costs for at least two representatives. This to ensure that the voice of the young generation is not only praised but also guaranteed.IUSY strongly believes in the need for global cooperation. Global political solutionsare more needed than ever. If we as Socialists and Social Democrats want to take thelead in forming the global agenda we need to work together. Our global movement canprovide us with the necessary framework but only if its is relevant, well functioning andwith a clear political agenda. IUSY considers itself to be a constructive part in the reformprocess of the SI and we are looking forward to take part in the debate and the hard workto reform our movement. It is time for Debate, Action and Change. INTERNATIONAL UNION OF SOCIALIST YOUTH Amtshausgasse 4 • 1050 Wien/Austria PHONE +43.1.5231267 FAX +43.1.5231267.9 MAIL WEB