Celebrating Costa Ricas Independence day .


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To be used for educational purposes.
Sistema Educativo Bendito Jesùs
by, Ileana Guevara

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Celebrating Costa Ricas Independence day .

  1. 1. Independence Day "Live Independence Day to Promote Coexistance" Costa Rica Sistema Educativo Bendito Jesús. By teacher Ileana Guevara. This picture belongs to: Lic. Orlando Baltodano
  2. 2. Picture belongs to Lic. Orlando Baltodano Noble patria tu hermosa bandera expresión de tu vida nos da bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo blanca y pura descansa la paz.   En la lucha tenaz de fecunda labor que enrojece del hombre la faz. Conquistaron tus hijos labriegos sencillos eterno prestigio estima y honor eterno prestigio estima y honor. Salve oh tierra gentil Salve oh madre de amor cuando alguno pretenda tu gloria manchar verás a tu pueblo valiente y viril la tosca herramienta en arma trocar.   Salve oh Patria tú pródigo suelo dulce abrigo y sustento nos da bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz. Himno Nacional de Costa Rica - Costa Rica National Anthem
  3. 3. Remembrances of my country. "Lets life democracy" Years of independence. Each one of our National Symbols represents our Costa Rican Democracy: Costa Rican Flag Colors Meaning: Each color of our Costa Rican flag represents different characteristics of Costa Ricans life and history : The blue color stands for the sky, which means our right to reach new opportunities, the perseverance that distinguish Costa Ricans , the infinite and endless freedom, the eternity of our forefathers wishes of peace and progress, and the hope and thrust in our religious and spiritual believes; the white color symbolizes the transparency of our thinking, the happiness that characterizes our people , the gift of wisdom given by God to this nation, and the whiteness of our beautiful sky , crowing us with a permanent novel peace prize; and the red color represents the charm, kindness and warmth of the Costa Rican people, our love for life, the brave blood that fights to defend our freedom, and our gentleness and generosity.
  4. 4. A la Bandera de Costa Rica Letra de Porfirio Brenes Castro. Música de José Joaquín Vargas Calvo. <ul><li>Salud, noble bandera de blanco, azul y rojo; jamás ningún sonrojo fue mancha a tu esplendor. La banda bucanera cayó a tu sombra herida y heroica y bendecida salvaste el patrio honor. Tan blancas como armiño tus franjas representan la paz que siempre ostentan los hijos del país. Vivimos con cariño bajo este azul del cielo labrando con anhelo </li></ul><ul><li>dichoso porvenir. </li></ul><ul><li>Carmín en las mejillas del pueblo laborioso, revela el don precioso de entera libertad. Ganaste en los combates de Santa Rosa y Rivas las glorias siempre vivas de honor y lealtad. Como ala protectora en toda Costa Rica tu emblema dignifica el santo patrio amor. La tumba de los Moras y Cañas tú proteges y en nuestro pecho tejes escudo al corazón. </li></ul>189th. anniversary
  5. 5. Coat of Arms of the Republic of Costa Rica Adopted September 29, 1848 during the presidency of Dr José María Castro Madriz. The coat of arms represents: three volcanoes which stand for eachone of the three mountain ranges in the country, and a rich valley between two large oceans which are the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. The maritime merchant history of Costa Rica is represented by the ships in each ocean. The yellow rising shining sun surrounded by a golden frame represents the seed of our golden bead (coffee). An arch of seven white stars represents the provinces of the republic: San José, Cartago, Heredia, Limón, Puntarenas, Alajuela, and Guanacaste. Picture taken from Google Free images
  6. 6. The oxcart, was declared National Labor Symbol on March 22, 1988. The oxcart introduced Costa Rica into international commerce because it was the main means of transportation for exportation means, by the year 1840. Now days the painted oxcart has become a popular Costa Rican symbol throughout the world and has given job opportunities to the handicrafts, today is not only a remebrance for our people, but also it has promoted economic development for those who paint oxcards to sell them. Picture taken from Google Free Images
  7. 7. Picture taken form Webshots American Greetings The Guaria Morada was elected as the National Flower on June 15 th ., 1939. in the past the flowers could be found almost in all gardens and homes of Costa Rica, It is part of our remembrances because it is associated with the beauty of Costa Rican ladies.
  8. 8. National Bird This bird resembles the fertility of owr soils, when as the yiguirro sings it calls rain to fertilize our mother earth and the soils of Costa Rica. It is our National Bird since November, 1976. This bird is known as the clay colored robin or gray thrush and we can find it all over the Costa Rican territory. The Yiguirro epitomize the fertility of the earth, and it is the symbol of the rain fertilizing the earth and the richness of Costa Rica. The Yiguirro
  9. 9. El Árbol de Guanacaste, our National Tree. It is a native tree from Costa Rica, the Guanacaste Tree (Enterolobium cyclocarpum), it is the National Tree since August 31 st ., 1959. This tree represents the remembrances of a stable nation that looks up to the equilibrium with mother nature looking for a better future and a growing nation.
  10. 10. The White Tailed Deer,  became a national symbol on May 2 nd ., 1995. The deer,  Odocoileus virginianus, is a representative national symbol of Costa Rica. The Savannas of Guanacaste have been their home, specially the Santa Rosa National Park.
  11. 11. A Nations Cultural Heritage Local Celebreties