Corning Effect


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Presentation on Corning Effect With Cetera Algorithm

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Corning Effect

  1. 1. Presentation onCorning Effect With Cetera Algorithm Submitted By- Varun Kumar 08/EL/116
  2. 2. Corning Effect Corning Incorporate came out with an incredible corporate video called “A day made of glass…. made possible by Corning” that was targeted at large scale investors in technology, sciences, product design, marketing and more. The technology takes the ipad, ipod, iphone etc. to a whole new potential of an ilife in a merely all glass house.
  3. 3. What does the video reflects ? The video portrays an obtainable and not overly fantasy near future world. The video is not to show you the exact uses of the product and how it will impact our world but it does acknowledge that the technology exists and that innovations like these are being developed right now for integration into our future world.
  4. 4. Speciality about Corning GlassThe Corning Glass is:-  Thin.  Highly Sensitive.  Tough.  Provide 3D view.Which makes it ideal for smart phones and other electronics
  5. 5. Corning’s Future Element “The Graphene”“A newly found form of carbon may change the study of nanostructures and your iPod” -Wolverines skeleton
  6. 6. What Graphene is..
  7. 7. Synthesis of Graphene A thin sheet of graphene was first isolated on 2004 by Novoselov of Manchester University, United Kingdom by a simple peeling of the top layer of highly oriented graphite with a Scotch tape.
  8. 8. Synthesis of Graphene(Cont.) Graphene can also be obtained by heating silicon carbide to high temperatures which is typically greater than 1100 °C to reduce it to graphene. The more simpler and convenient way would be reduction of graphite oxide (GO).
  9. 9. Applications and Uses By sandwiching two sheets of graphene with another two-dimensional material, boron nitrate, created the graphene Big Mac -- a four- layered structure which could be the key to replacing the silicon chip in computers. Also, UC Berkeley, has produced the smallest radio
  10. 10. Cetera Algorithm- 3D Voice Effect  Cetera technology makes the hearing aid “invisible” to the brain.  Cetera’s algorithm can match the exact characteristics of the wearer’s ear.Listen to the Audio clip with your eyes closed and headphone’s up
  11. 11. Cetera Algorithm- 3D Voice Effect(Cont.) The Cetera technology is based on an innovative new algorithm- that drives a hearing aid. The Cetera technology applies the lessons of virtual audio to advance the state-of-the-art in hearing aids. The sound difference can be as significant as comparing a one- dimensional visual image to 3-D
  12. 12. Cetera Algorithm- 3D Voice Effect(Cont.) “The brain is the world’s best sound processor,” said Dr. Sigfrid Soli The Cetera Algorithm customization removes the barrier that most hearing aids erect between the incoming sound waves and the data sent to the brain for processing.
  13. 13. Conclusion The Corning Technology results in a new trend of new world in front of us. Providing the necessary path making the world made of Glass. Starkey’s Cetera technology makes the hearing aid “invisible” to the brain. Cetera removes the barrier between sound and the brain’s ability to process the signals.
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