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Updated research

  1. 1. Here is an estimate of what the camera equipment willcost if we were to use this camera. If we were to hirethe camera for a day it would be £100, so for threedays it would be £300. We want our filming to be of areally high quality so this camera will be really good touse and then with our filming we can then use softwareto edit it to the standards needed.ADDEDThis would be a cheaper option for us as it would only be £110 for the weekend if we were to hire.£132 including VAT. However this comes without the tripod so we’d have to look into hiring one.After looking on the same site for a tripod I’ve found a basic but up to our standards tripod.
  2. 2. This tripod is what I’ve found and think it will be suitable for us. It’s also in our price range as it’s only£7.50 if to hire for the weekend. The tripod together with the camera is still cheaper than the firstoption. However the first camera I looked at is bigger and has more options.
  3. 3. The third camera I looked at was a Nikon Single SLR. If I was to hire this one then it would be £220for the weekend. Straight away this camera looks like there are more options and a wider variety ofshots and angles to try which I think would be beneficial to us. If I was to use this camera I wouldhire the same tripod.This dress is 1920’s which is the time we are basing our film in. This dress is £32 so is quite cheap. Ithink this relates to our main woman character, Jenny and it definitely fits the 1920’s guidelines.This dress is also classed as vintage in terms of the way it looks and has an old fashioned look aboutit however it is still modern. I think we could use a dress like this in our film as it’s quite modern andlooks fresh and sophisticated. As we’re trying to put a modern twist on our film I think this will workboth ways.
  4. 4. I think this pinafore dress could be a good option as it’s in our price range at £28 and it’s quitemodern yet fitting with our theme in a traditional way and because of the colour and simplicity it’scould easily be altered and updated if needs be.I have chosen this outfit as an example as it’s quite unique and in a way quite scruffy and laid back soit would suit our film. Ben is our scruffy character in the film so this outfit would be for him.
  5. 5. These are the type of waistcoats we would want our posh character, George to wear as these arevery sophisticated and smart and that’s how we want George to be portrayed.I chose this shirt because at £35 it’s a reasonable price for us and it looks quite smart yet casual atthe same time, laid back which will work for our film.
  6. 6. Here is everything we need for editing and is a deal. We need this because we have to edit our filmas we are filming it on a professional camera so the quality will be good etc but we will have to edit itto make it quite grainy and black and white etc. Our estimated editing costs and final post mix costare included in this.Adobe After Effects would maybe be an easier option as it’s cheaper and we’ve had previousexperience working on this software which will make the post production time a bit moremanageable.
  7. 7. Dreamweaver by Adobe could also be an option however we haven’t had much experience on thisprogram and it’s quite expensive.Social networking marketing will be free and we will use social networking sites such as MySpaceand Facebook. We can create polls on Facebook and get people to vote on things to do with our filmetc.Advertising on MySpace would be free for us and we can create a poll on this.
  8. 8. I think we would probably use Facebook over MySpace as it seems to be a lot more popular and wellknown than MySpace so we’d get the majority of our audience on Facebook.The bread is one of our main props as a silly argument breaks out and bread is used. We also usebaguettes.For our producer and director we are going to give them both £600 each as because they have bothproduced really famous films and have been paid a lot more, we have gone off this and decided forour very short film, this amount is the right amount.