Task 1 different applications of photography


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Task 1 different applications of photography

  1. 1. Photography is used in the advertisingindustry to get peoples attention and to ofcourse advertise the produce the best waythey can. With this example image, it’sunrealistic and obviously not real and that’swhat will catch peoples attention. There aremany factors involved when using images toadvertise something. You’ll find wherepossible a well known/famous person is usedin the ad to catch people’s attention straightaway and if they think that person uses theproduct being advertised, there’s morechance the audience will go out and buy it.For example the beauty appeal is used withthings like shampoos. Then like the exampleused there’s visual effects used to make itdifferent. If a famous person is in theadvertisement, it’s obvious more people aregoing to pay attention. A company that hasdone just this recently is the Got Milk?Campaign. They’ve used a series ofcelebrities from actors to singers and bands.This type of thing works really well as itsticks in your mind. By using a variety offamous people, the more fans they get, therefore the more recognition the product willget. They’re not just addressing a specifictype of audience. The more out there theadvert is, whether people think it’s bad orover the top, they still will have caught theirattention and that is what matters.
  2. 2. Photography is used in fashion because that’s the main thing we see fashion through. Forexample fashion is every where, fashion week, magazines on television. The only way to showfashion is through images. Fashion images and photo-shoots mainly feature in magazines. Asyou can see above the model Alexa Chung features in Elle magazine and you can see in thecorner that the clothes she’s wearing are advertised with where they’re from and the price. Byhaving Alexa Chung feature in the magazine, girls who like her will go out and buy what she’swearing. This is often what a lot of magazines do. Then they go on to normal models wearingmore clothes and have them feature in the magazine through a full length shot. It’s not justclothes this happens with, the same concept is also used for hair styles, make – up and so on. It’sall about making the product/clothes look good and desirable. Celebrities will always feature inthe magazines and what they were wearing and where. The audience likes this because they getto know more about the celebrities in question and what everybody’s wearing at that specifictime. This also gives the designer/shop a reputation and recognition.
  3. 3. Photography is used in the music industry toshow the audience their favouritebands/artists and them in action. Forexample many images we see pictures inmusic magazines of a particular band orartist singing and then a story/interviewabout that specific time in their lives. Bydoing this the bands get more recognitionand the fans are more aware of what’s goingon with them. Andy Willsher is a veryfamous music photographer who usuallytakes images that feature in all the big musicmagazines such as NME and Q. Musicimages often have the ability to become iconicvery quickly. For example the image of AmyWinehouse is now one of the most iconic ofher. He does portraits and image of the artistin question performing. Fans like seeingthese kind of images as they want to be wellaware of what’s happening and if they’remissing anything. Without photography inmusic some people wouldn’t find it asappealing. The singers wouldn’t be known byface if no photography was involved. It’s abig reason of them getting the fan base theydo. Because artists and bands aren’t picturedas much as other industries are, when theyare it’s sometimes a big thing for the fans andit gets them talking about the artist morethan usual for a time.
  4. 4. For this, I looked at Bob Martins images as Ilike the techniques he uses. For example inthe picture of the cyclist, he’s accentuatedeverything in the picture. He’s done this byusing a slow shutter speed. By doing so it’screated a colour mix of the banners andaudience that were originally clear in thepicture. This means all the focus is on thecyclist. The colours capture you for the rightreasons. After looking through a variety ofhis images I can see he uses the same kind oftechniques. As you can see with the twoimages below, by mixing colours anddifferent shades, he makes the images a lotmore interesting to look at. By darkening theimage of the swimmer and upping thecontrast, you pay attention to he swimmersphysique and the effort of the sport itselfand with sports photography, it’s to do justthat. It’s promoting it and making it lookappealing and quite fun.
  5. 5. A photo journalist is a photographer thatcollects news and events by taking imagesthat will represent them. For example they’dbe the person that takes images of theOlympics to accompany the news. They takepictures of every day things. A photojournalist is the same as a reporter how everyou’ll find they have to make more on thespot decisions and they often carry cameraequipment with them as once theopportunity has passed, they can’t get itback. They also have to be quite careful ofwhat images they capture as they have tothink of the audiences reaction and whetherit’s appropriate. In a news situation, if it wasa quite well covered area and there was a lotof attention surrounding it, they would haveto extra careful not to cause offence to peopleand so on. The photographer I’ve researched,Dorothea Lange, was a documentaryphotography as well as a photo journalist.Her images were to get a reaction and shephotographed quite important and seriousthings. The image what features the childrenis them at a public school in San Franciscoprior to the internment of JapaneseAmericans. In the end her images were socritical that the army impounded them.
  6. 6. Fine art photography is photography thathas a meaning behind it, whether little orsmall. They don’t feature in magazines, justgalleries and exhibitions to be sold. Fine artphotography stands to contrast photojournalism. These sort of images are usedcards (birthday, Christmas), post cards andcalendars. They can be quite conventional oras you can see below with the flag, quitedifferent. The style will change for thedifferent themes.