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Project log


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Project log

  1. 1. Jenny StrandIG3 Production Log10/09/12 Today we discussed as a group the areas where we were filming and arranged a time and day to film. We arranged Wednesday the 12th. We have checked over our script and storyboards and have made sure we are fully prepared and know exactly what we’re doing. We’re going to try and practice before we go out to film properly.11/09/12 Today we had a meeting discussing when we can all film and decided we had to change the filming day to Saturday as that was the only day we could all make it. We also discussed times and meeting places. Our locations will be Monton and Farnworth in Bolton.13/09/12 We worked in Adobe Premier Pro to set up my project with two files ready for when it comes to us editing. One in HD and one In standard definition. We did this as we’d have the choice of both when it comes to editing as we haven’t yet decided what we’re going to shoot in. I then saved both files to my computer and put them both in the same folder.17/09/12 Me, Emily and Becky went out near college today to get some practice of working the camera and what scenes would look like. We practised scene 1. Looking over the shots we filmed, the lighting wasn’t very good as we couldn’t see Emily’s face. I think it’s good we went out to practice as we wouldn’t have known if we’d just gone out to film the actual scene.18/09/12 Today during our break we went into Monton to film the first scene. We encountered several problems while filming in Monton due to it being a busy place and people walking in front of the camera and buses stopping and being in our shot. We shot five takes.20/09/12 We’re just opening our shots in Adobe Premier and viewing them. After looking through them, because of the problems we had with the road being really busy we can only use one of the five shots as that’s the only one where there’s nobody else other than Emily in the shot. We’ve discussed when we’re next going to film and decided Friday 28th is the only day we can all film. We plan to go to Bolton on the day so we can get a full day of filming done.24/09/12 Today we spoke about our second day of filming and come to the conclusion that Sunday is a possible day we can film as that’s the only day we are all free. We plan on spending the entire day filming. Half of the day in Monton and then the other half in Bolton. We have had to change an actor as Jordan isn’t available anymore. James will be taking his place. This will be easier in the long run as James is in our class.25/09/12 Today we uploaded the production meeting onto Blogger and then I started on my opening titles for my short film. I decided on a picture of a type of a crystal ball and then a clown holding it up because I wanted to add a funny factor to it because our theme for the film
  2. 2. Jenny StrandIG3 Production Log is slapstick comedy.01/10/12 Today we decided we’re going to change the location as it’s too much hassle getting there as it’s quite far away. We’re going to spend all of tomorrow filming and hopefully get the majority of the filming done. Tomorrow our location will be three sisters, Winton park and Monton.02/10/12 Today we filmed in Monton. We filmed the first scene and did several takes for each. We used props such as bow ties and a rose. We decided not to film going in the florists as it wasn’t really necessary. We will next film on Sunday and film at the three sisters (lake) and at Winton Park as we couldn’t film at the three sisters and the park today because of the bad weather.4/10/12 Today I carried on creating an opening title for our film. I then looked over our footage and opened it up in our HD project on Adobe Premiere.8/10/12 Today me and Emily decided our group will film tomorrow and booked a camera and tripod ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll re-do the first scene as because of the bad weather it affected the quality of the shots a little bit. We’ll then move onto Winton Park and then The Three Sisters last as Nick and Mark will have to get in the water.9/10/12 Today I Becky, Emily and Mark filmed in Monton. Nick was off so we just filmed the scenes Mark and Emily were in. We re-shot marks reaction to seeing Emily and Nick holding hands across the road and him running to the flower shop. Over all it was a good day filming as we shot from many different angles so we have a good variety of shots to choose from when it comes to editing.11/10/12 Today we looked over the shots we filmed on Tuesday and renamed them and then moved them to the appropriate folders.15/10/12 Today I started to edit the shots of Mark we filmed the other day. We have decided that we’ll film tomorrow during our break.16/10/12 Today I carried on editing. I also made a start on the opening and end titles for the film on Illustrator. We have changed the filming day to Thursday as we’ll have more time.18/10/12 Today I stayed in class and carried on with editing while the rest of the group minus Nick went out to film. Today we planned to reshoot the first scene where Nick and Emily are walking hand in hand. Obviously as Nick’s off they’ll have to film any scenes they can that don’t include Nick.23/10/12 Today we went out to film but I had to go home as I wasn’t well. My group carried on filming and filmed up to the lake scene. The lake scene will be done after half term. That is the last scene we have to film.
  3. 3. Jenny StrandIG3 Production Log25/10/12 Today we looked over the footage that was shot on Monday and imported the shots into Premier. I then looked over them and started to make a rough copy of our film.6/11/12 Today I looked over my edit and finished bits off. We then discussed filming for an entire day to finish everything off and do retakes. I then uploaded my rough final edit of my film to YouTube and wrote a summary of how I did things.08/11/12 Today I uploaded my rough film edit to Blogger and finished the summary.12/11/12 Today I added the two pictures of Emily and Becky acting and directing to my filming diary and wrote about them along with the two location pictures. We have decided to film tomorrow however Becky and Mark won’t be present.13/11/12 Today I carried on with the picture diary.19/11/12 Today I uploaded my picture diary to my blog and booked a camera and tripod out to film for tomorrow.27/11/12 Today I looked for music for my film and found a Charlie Chaplin theme one called Circus. However I encountered problems when I went to convert the YouTube video to mp3 as it wouldn’t work so I have to find another website to convert the video to mp3.11/12/12 Today I finished my final film edit on Premier and was ready to import my music and open my film up on Adobe After Effects.12/12/12 I had to get help to import my music as the file I had downloaded it with was unresponsive. After this was solved I opened my work into Adobe After Effects and started working with certain effects.13/12/12 I finished my final film edit today and then opened my film back up into Premier so I could sort the music out. I then started my evaluation listing what I feel could have been done better and what I feel are the strongest points of my film.17/12/12 Today I had to re-open my film in Premier and render it again as the music wouldn’t play when I watched the film back.18/12/12 After re-opening my film in Premier I had to open it in After Effects and re render it. The film is now complete and on my YouTube and Blogger account. I also finished off my evaluation today.