Pick me treatment


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Pick me treatment

  1. 1. Pick me treatment.My short filmed is aimed at the 14+ demographic group as anybody from that age shouldunderstand it, I have chosen this age as the older generation would have watched slapstick comedieswhen they were younger so will appeal to them.In the early sixties, a fearless new woman called Bonnie James came from London to the small townof Grimsby. Mysterious and sophisticated, always dressed glamorous and smart she had everybody’sattention: Ben and Jerry’s attention in particular.With both men interested in dating her, it soon becomes a battle for her attention. The womannotices this almost straight away, and – like any beautiful woman would do - plays them bothagainst each other. Each day she would wave to them or give them a wink when passing by, knowingthat they watched her every step.Being the more romantic of the two, Jerry showers Bonnie with gifts of love. Chocolates, flowers andpoetry all seem to keep her attention. However, when Ben becomes competitive, the story explodesinto a battle of wits, with Ben trying to out-do Jerry’s affectionate gestures.This ridiculous contest between the two men ultimately ends in a clumsy fight, where they bothpoint the finger at who ‘stole Bonnie first.’After some time, Bonnie and Jerry sit down in a posh coffee house to have their first date, and sheseems to be falling for his charm. She responds to his questions with enthusiasm and, as far as wecan tell, seems to be flirting with him. After gesturing to Jerry that she’s going to the ladies room,we soon become aware that she is actually leaving the table to meet Ben, in the same restaurant!After slyly going back and forth on the two dates, we are left feeling almost sorry for the duellingduo!Finally, Jerry – full of espressos and energy – excuses himself to the Men’s Room. Upon his return hecatches Bonnie in the act with Ben at their other table and a silly slap-stick fight begins.Will Ben win her heart? Will Jerry get the girl? Or, will she run away and leave them both standingalone with only each other to answer to? ‘Pick Me’ is a black and white slapstick comedy, inspired bythe works of Laurel & Hardy and set in the 1960s.
  2. 2. Ben is also there to buy a gift for her. The both see each other and Jerry knocks things off the shelf toget to the chocolates before Ben. Jerry then buys the chocolates and rushes out of the shop to findBonnie. However just as Bonnie is taking the chocolates from Jerry, Ben appears with a bigger box ofchocolates and hands them over to Bonnie. Bonnie then takes them both from the two men, smilesand happily walks off.This results in Ben and Jerry having a clumsy fight, pointing their fingers in each other’s facing andgesturing to Bonnie walking down the road, accusing each other of stealing her.We then see Bonnie and Jerry on a date. Bonnie then gestures to Jerry that she’s going to the ladiesroom but us, the audience actually see that she is also on a date with Ben, in the same restaurant.This carries on and she keeps going back on forth on the dates.Finally, Jerry goes to the Mans room and after he’s walking back to the table he notices Bonnie andBen. He looks back and forth between them in bewilderment and then he goes to marches over tothem. Bonnie jumps up and tells him it’s not Ben, he then nods his head like he was seeing thingsand walks back to his and Bonnies table. Then he turns back round one more time and clicks on thatshe was lying.Jerry gives Ben an exaggerated push and Ben grabs a pan from the nearby kitchen and whacks Jerryover the head. As they’re both fighting, we see Bonnie run off.Afterwards, we see Ben and Jerry stood together looking around for her and then they look at eachother and realise she’s gone. They both shrug, facing each other.