Magazine design evaluation


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Magazine design evaluation

  2. 2. INITIAL RESEARCHTo get to grips with what people prefer in terms ofmusic magazines and music as a whole, I created aquestionnaire of 6 questions consisting of if they readmagazines, if so what magazines do they prefer, theprice they’d be willing to pay, their favourite part of amagazine (reviews, interviews) and then whether theygo to gigs. By doing this questionnaire I knew what toput in my magazine for example on the contents page,by getting a small audiences opinion I knew what peoplewould like.To get results, I asked tenpeople to answer myquestionnaire. Below are theresults. If I was to do thisagain I’d ask some morequestions to get more of anidea.
  3. 3. PRODUCT RESEARCHTo get an idea of what I wanted to belike, I researched Q and NME magazineas these are both music magazines andones I like. I had a look at the layoutsand how they vary from one another. Ithink in the end I took Qs approach interms of layout as it’s a lot simpler thanNMEs and looks more together, in myopinion. You can see in the next fewslides that my magazine layoutthroughout looks more like Q. I haveused the circle shape on that is used onthe Q front cover on my front cover andcontents page. I thought this was a goodidea because when I was researching, bythe text being in the circle, it caught myattention as it made it stand out fromthe other text so I wanted that for mine.As well as getting ideas for my magazine, I alsohad to look at the layout and include what had togo in. For example, the barcode and logo wasnecessary. By researching these magazines I feelI’ve gained more knowledge of magazines andwhat techniques they use to get an audience.
  4. 4. LOGO DESIGNThis is my logo design. I chose to do alogo like this as I wanted it to look sharpand smart. I like how the letters are cut outand how on my magazine front cover, theblack and white go well together. I feel eventhough it has a peculiar pattern to it, it’s stilleasy to read.
  5. 5. IMAGE EDITINGI edited a total of six images. As youcan see I edited them quite subtly andjust upped the contrast and brightnessand adjusted the colour balance alittle bit. I think by taking the imagesagainst a white background, it goeswith the magazine overall and makesthe model stand out even more.
  6. 6. MAGAZINE COVERI chose
  7. 7. CONTENTS PAGEI wanted to keep the contents page simple andsophisticated. I kept everything in the sametext apart from when talking about the artistas that’s the main story in the magazine. If Iwas to do this again I would add more to thecontents as the bottom of the page looks alittle bare however I didn’t want it to look toocluttered. Overall I am happy with theoutcome and feel all of the pages go togetherreally well. I think using the same colourshelped a lot. I based my contents page on Qsas I liked the layout as it was simple yet lookedboth interesting to read and look at.
  8. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADI really like my double page spread, I think thefont fits well on the page and you can read itclearly. As you can see I used to different butsimilar colours for the background as I’ve seenthis done a few times and always think thefinished piece is has a nice effect due to it. As youcan see I included three smaller pictures down theside of the second page as I wanted to make itlook like the pictures were from parts of theinterview, hence her mid conversation in one ofthem. I then put a black frame around them tomake it look more proper and professional. Overall I’m happy with this.
  9. 9. PEER GROUP FEEDBACK“Simple and bright layout. Nice”“Personally would probably use somemore colours to brighten it up a bit”“Pictures look sophisticated therefore appeal tome”
  10. 10. STRENGTHS OF THEPROJECTAs we had to take our own images, we had a lot of freedom with this. I chose to take my imagesagainst a white background as I wanted my magazine to be quite sophisticated and clean, I didn’twant it looking too cluttered. To suit the personality of my model, on the pictures she’s quitereserved and from looking at the pictures you can’t really tell her personality. The image I’ve used forthe front cover is the image that everybody is going to see first so I wanted it to be quite stand out ishso I chose an image of her staring the camera down to try and describe the vibe she gives off. Quiteblunt and confident. I experimented with all different angles so I had a variety of images to choosefrom. All together I took around 40 images. I edited and used six of these images in total.
  11. 11. WEAKNESSES OF THE PROJECTI found this project relatively easy to do but if I was to do it again, there are some things Iwould change. The first thing I would change is the font on the front cover. I like it but if Ihad the chance to change it then I’d pick a clearer one to use. The other thing I’d change is myimages, I think they would have looked good against a background for example a forest typephoto-shoot where it’s still quite simple yet there would be a bit more going on and it wouldfit in with the theme.