Last day dream film analysis revisited


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Last day dream film analysis revisited

  1. 1. Last Day Dream film analysis.Last Day Dream is a 40 second short film written and directed by Chris Milk and produced bySamantha Storr. The clipshows a man’s last few moments before he dies. This film is extremely shorthowever it appeals to you straight away and keeps your attention. It’s basically showing all of theman’s most memorable events in his life. There are sequences such as him and his wife looking attheir new born child, him holding his first child, the audience seeing his wife through his eyes andthen we see a clip of somebody, I presume him, in a car accident and we see him touch his head andget blood on his hand. This to me signified how he died, but we as the audience don’t actually knowbecause it doesn’t tell us. It kind of leaves it open for us to come to our own conclusion on how hedies. I like how open it is.We don’t actually know that the flashbacks are what the man’s having, however I presumed this asthe woman in the clip below is shown with the man at the start looking at their new born child andthen later on we see clips of the woman on her own, one time in a wedding dress and another timeat their child’s birthday party and then the woman graduating. However it could actually also be thechild as we could be seeing things out of his/her eyes.For example the first clip, the child could be looking up at his parents as a baby and that could be hisearliest memory and it could build on from there.The effects used in the clip make it look quite dreamy and obviously because it’s supposed to beflash backs I think it works really well. The corners of the clips are quite blurred and distorted so itreally adds to the feel of it.There aren’t any establishing shots in this as while there’s a sequence of events of all differentperiods in his life and then the last shot we see is a man’s feet in the ocean, so it’s not anythingsignificant to us as the audience.
  2. 2. I had to watch this clip a few times before I started understanding the sequence and discover who’seyes we were viewing this from. To me, it’s from the sons perspective. , it’s also his last memory. Hisparents looking down at him. However in this one instead of being happy they look extremely sadand he’s holding both of their hands. I linked this with the car accident scene that’s shown.Each clip we see is the memorable moments in the man’s life. To me, the music speeding uprepresents how quickly life is and each clip becomes quicker and quicker. I really like how the firstand last scene mark the beginning and end, at the start of life, people are surrounding you andcaring for your every need and it’s the same when you die, except this time the facial expressions onthe faces we see are completely different which I think is quite clever and moving.The man goes from being born, his birthday party, his first kiss with a girl, to getting married andthen to the last scene, the same camera angle looking up making it even more real, of him suffering.You can see this by him holding both of their hands and the look of anguish on their faces.I like the effects used throughout, by making them blurred at the sides it’s literally as though he’sjust remembering them and he really has to try and remember every detail about them.