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  1. 1. Evaluation.For this project I had to design my own magazine front cover, contents page and article. For this Ihad to pick to cover music or fashion. I chose music as I read more music magazines than fashionones. For the article I had to produce an introduction, 8 questions and a conclusion. All of these hadto be a minimum of 100 words. This project took around a month to complete. I first wrote up thearticle and then took the images. I think this was a good order to do things as the article took longerto do than taking the images and editing. I kept the editing quite subtle. I just upped the brightnessand took the contrast down a little bit to make the models hair stand out more and come across asbrighter and then just played around with the colour balance but nothing to make it unrealistic as Iwanted to keep it looking classy.As I’d never designed a logo before Ididn’t know how it would go.However it was fine as we used a website to test how it would look and to get an idea of what wewant our style of magazine to be and how it would be represented. I chose this logo as I like howthe letters are close together and the design is a bit different. It captures your attention.As we had to take our own images, we had a lot of freedom with this. I chose to take my imagesagainst a white background as I wanted my magazine to be quite sophisticated and clean, I didn’twant it looking too cluttered. To suit the personality of my model, on the pictures she’s quitereserved and from looking at the pictures you can’t really tell her personality. The image I’ve usedfor the front cover is the image that everybody is going to see first so I wanted it to be quite standout ish so I chose an image of her staring the camera down to try and describe the vibe she gives off.Quite blunt and confident.I experimented with all different angles so I had a variety of images to choose from. All together Itook around 40 images. I edited and used six of these images in total.I found this project relatively easy to do but if I was to do it again, there are some things I wouldchange. The first thing I would change is the font on the front cover. I like it but if I had the chanceto change it then I’d pick a clearer one to use. The other thing I’d change is my images, I think they
  2. 2. would have looked good against a background for example a forest type photoshoot where it’s stillquite simple yet there would be a bit more going on and it would fit in with the theme.