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Under our skin dc city paper


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Under our skin dc city paper

  1. 1. The City Politics Arts Sports The Mail Comics Blog: City Desk Comments Print E-mail Share:Under Our SkinAt 1 : 1 5 p . m . a t A F I S i l v e r .Al s o a t 4 p . m . S a tu r d a y ,Jun e 21 , at Di scove ry HDThe ate r ( pass hol de rs on l y)a n d a t 8 p . m . Mo n d a y , J u n e23, at AFI S il ver .P OS TED : J UN E 1 1, 200 8You might want to cancel that camping tripafter watching Under Our Skin, AndyAbrahams Wilson’s candid and frighteninglook at Lyme disease. Though it’s the mostcommon (and increasingly widespread)vector-borne illness in the United States, it doesn’t garner Video: Under Our Skinthe hysterical press that West Nile Virus does, and there’scontroversy in the medical community over whether themulti-symptom, often crippling disease is even a chronicailment. That leads to debates about treatment, whichmeans a lot of sick people get denied insurance coverageand, more alarmingly, doctors who believe in aggressive,long-term solutions lose their licenses. The film profiles sixsufferers, including Mandy, a pretty young woman prone tofits of involuntary movement and can’t-stand-upexhaustion; Elise, a wannabe mom who’s miscarriedbecause of the tick-spread infection; and Dana, a mid-30s Full Coverage: The City Paper s complete guideevent producer for U2 whose youthful looks and love of her to Silverdocs 2008job helps hide the fact that she’s in constant pain, though Send a Letter to the Editorshe says it can be frustrating that “everyone thinks I’mnormal.” One of the movie’s heroes is pathologist AlanMacDonald, whose research is helping the case that the disease is truly chronic and not, as many believe,psychosomatic. But you can see it for yourself, most startlingly in Mandy, whose years-long antibiotictreatment reverses her from a near-vegetable back to the functional, articulate person she was before a merebug bite torpedoed her life. —TOJ UN . 13 - 19, 200 8 (V OL . 28 , #2 4)