OFFICIAL WASHINGTON, DC                                      SUMMER/                                                      ...
90                                                                                        84                              ...
WELCOME                                               O                                                       n behalf of ...
Introduction to Washington, DCT      he nation’s capital grew up along the banks of          All year round, the District ...
Inside DC with Marc Silverstein                                                                         “Washington, DC is...
MARC SILVERSTEIN                                                                Best nightlife:                           ...
Visitor Services  Fast Facts                                                                  Sales Tax                   ...
VISITOR SERVICES  FAST FACTSInternational TravelersWashington, DC is more than just the nation’s capital –it is also home ...
CALENDAR OF EVENTSThru Aug. 15                                    Thru Jan. 15                                Aug. 1-7Play...
CALENDAR OF EVENTSAug. 16 – Oct. 2                            Aug. 30 – Oct. 30                            Sep. 10Urinetow...
CALENDAR OF EVENTSSep. 23 – Oct. 23                               Oct. 1                                      Oct. 30Leadi...
CALENDAR OF EVENTSNov. 16 – Dec. 18                           Dec. 7 – Jan. 21                            Dec. 15-18A	Year...
Convention and tourist guide pdf
Convention and tourist guide pdf
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Convention and tourist guide pdf


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Inside DC with Marc Silverstein. Official Washington DC Visitors Guide

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Convention and tourist guide pdf

  1. 1. OFFICIAL WASHINGTON, DC SUMMER/ FALL 2005VisitorsGuidemuseums · theatres · restaurants · shopping · hotels · events · maps Hot attractions, Haute tables Food Network and Discovery Channel’s Marc Silverstein Take Us to “The Best of” DC
  2. 2. 90 84 26 14 52 30 56TABLE OF CONTENTS2 Welcome Letter 30 Attractions4 Introduction to Washington, DC 52 Performing Arts6 Inside DC with Marc Silverstein 56 Restaurants & Nightlife8 Visitor Services & Fast Facts 84 Shopping, Health & Beauty10 Calendar of Events14 Transporations & Tours 90 Accommodations26 Neighborhoods 116 Advertiser Index 901 7th St. NW, 4th Fl. Publications Coordinator: Jennifer Weeks had been solicited from WCTC members in good standing Washington, DC 20001 Chicago Office through March 2005. While making every effort to ensure Phone: 202-789-7000 Nancy Mark accuracy, WCTC assumes no responsibility for errors, Fax: 202-789-7037 312-226-1609 changes or omissions. Overseas Office Essential Media PartnersMeeting: 800-635-MEET Representation Plus, LTD Advertising Sales and Production by Consumer: 800-422-8644 11 Blades Court Essential Media 121 Deodar Rd. 1012 14th St. NW, Suite 308President/CEO: William A. Hanbury London SW15 2NU Washington, DC 20005Executive Vice President: Dawn Poker United Kingdom Phone: 202-393-7709 Fax: 202-393-7710Vice President Sales & Services: Elliott Ferguson 011-44-208-877-4506 Fax: 011-44-208-874-19 President: Nancy LawDirector of Convention Services: Dianna Waldroup Washington, DC’s Official Visitors Guide is a semi-annual Vice President of Sales: Troy BartonVice President of Marketing & Communications: Victoria Isley publication of the Washington, DC Convention & Tourism Account Executive: Crystal GibsonVice President of Tourism: Theresa Belpulsi Corporation and DC Chambers of Commerce. Copyright 2005. Graphic Designer: Yuen-Lam (Angela) LeeVice President of Membership: Wanda Dyson All right reserved. Reproduction of whole or part of the contents ON THE COVER: Marc Silverstein and Kathy Fowler at the Manager of Creative Services: Corey Kliewer without permission is prohibited. Information for this publication National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden. Photo by Randy Santos.
  3. 3. WELCOME O n behalf of our nearly 600,000 residents, welcome to Washington, DC — The American Experience. We invite you to explore our unique neighborhoods, visit our famous attractions, and discover the cultural and historical treasures that lie in and around America’s capital city. The footsteps you take here will follow the path of our country’s history. In the process, you’ll get a glimpse of the future of one of the country’s most dynamic urban centers. Look around and you’ll notice that this is much more than a government town. Washington, DC is a cosmopolitan world capital brimming with trendy shops, fabulous restaurants and endless entertainment possibilities. This year, our city welcomed Major League Baseball’s newest team, the Washington Nationals, bringing baseball back to the nation’s capital after a 34-year absence. Beyond the ballpark, our summer calendar is packed with free concerts, performances, film festivals, parades, exhibitions and more. The city doesn’t slow down when days get shorter; when fall arrives, our theatres and museums dive into another season of impressive programming. The Kennedy Center welcomes more than 600 performers for its Festival of China in October, and the Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company kicks off its first complete season in its new home in Penn Quarter. From our historic neighborhoods to our national monuments and memorials, we hope you will take the time to discover Washington, DC, where we invite you to create, share and remember your own American Experience. Mayor Anthony A. Williams Book your hotel online at
  4. 4. Introduction to Washington, DCT he nation’s capital grew up along the banks of All year round, the District of Columbia’s neighborhoods, the Potomac River, in a spot chosen by George people, history and culture truly embody the American Washington that would satisfy both northern and Experience – from Duke Ellington to John Phillip Sousa;southern interests. City designer Pierre Charles L’Enfant from the Civil War to civil rights. Only in Washington, DCfashioned the bold new city after his native Paris, with can visitors see the original Declaration of Independencegrand boulevards and ceremonial spaces. Washington, DC and US Constitution at the National Archives or marvel athas since evolved into a fascinating, lively world capital, the sight of the national monuments and memorials.known for its vast green spaces, sweeping memorials,and majestic neoclassical buildings. During your stay in the nation’s capital this season, we encourage you to explore the city in a new way. CatchBeyond the familiar sights of the National Mall, a Hollywood classic on the National Mall this summerWashington, DC is a rich network of colorful with our “Screen on the Green” festival or zip downneighborhoods, renowned restaurants, vibrant nightclubs, Pennsylvania Avenue on a segway. Stay in a cozy bed and noted cultural attractions. New restaurants, shops, breakfast and catch a Friday night jazz performance atand hotels await you around every corner of the city. the National Gallery of Art’s sculpture garden. Try out aFrom downtown to Dupont Circle, Washington, DC’s new restaurant during Washington, DC Restaurant Weekneighborhoods delight summer and fall visitors with (Aug. 1-7) or see exotic flowers in full bloom at Kenilworthwalking tours, street festivals, sidewalk cafes and quaint Aquatic Gardens’ Waterlily Festival (July 17).boutiques. Spend your morning shopping for locally-produced treasures at Eastern Market, then take a bike Use your Official Visitors Guide to find many more excitingride along the scenic CO Canal. Linger over live music ideas to make your visit to Washington, DC an adventure.and cocktails at a rooftop bar in Adams Morgan, or catch For additional assistance, please visit our website ata professional baseball game at RFK Stadium., or ask your hotel concierge for guidance. Book your hotel online at
  5. 5. Inside DC with Marc Silverstein “Washington, DC is really what America is all about...” Fowler, feel that it’s important to share the cultural treasures in the nation’s capital with their children, Spencer, 5, and Lexy, 2. “Washington, DC is really what America is all about. We’ve got all of these amazing places in our backyard. We’re taking our kids to see the things they’ll be learning about in school. We’d be crazy not to take advantage of it.” Food Network and Discovery Channel’s Marc Silverstein and wife And they do take advantage of it. When guests come Kathy Fowler, ABC-7 medical reporter, enjoy the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden with their children, Spencer and Lexy. to visit, Marc plays tour guide, pointing out some of the city’s more unusual sites. Stops on Marc’s tours include the “Exorcist Stairs” near the campus ofW Georgetown University, the Watergate complex and ashington, DC-area resident Marc the Awakening statue at Hains Point. Marc also takes Silverstein built a national reputation his visitors to the top of the Hotel Washington to grab on Food Network’s The Best Of series a drink and enjoy one of the best views of the seeking out flavorful foods and colorful eateries Marc and his family offer a few of theiracross the country. His newest television series, Go recommendations for Washington, DC visitors:Ahead, Make My Dinner, debuted in June and nowappears daily on the Discovery Channel. Taped infront of a live (and hungry) studio audience, the show Best museums andbegins as Marc introduces a person with a real life attractions:cooking dilemma. He then brings in two fantastic “With kids, you’ve got to remember that getting therechefs who are given the same basic ingredients the is half the fun. Our kids love to ride Metro. Sometimesparticipant has on hand. The chefs are given just 20 the Metro ride is what they remember the most.”minutes to create as many dishes as possible, sharing “We recently took the kids to the National Museumcooking tips along the way. After the participant of American History. There was an exhibition on Thepicks a winning recipe, viewers get to see him or her Beatles that I wanted to see for myself, but Spencertest it out at home on a group of family and friends. ended up enjoying it as much as I did.”From Food Network to the Discovery Channel, Marc’s “You can’t beat the National Air and Space Museum.television career has made him one of the most Our kids love both of them [the flagship museumrecognizable “foodies” in the nation’s capital and has on the National Mall and the Steven F. Udvar-Hazyearned him opportunities to travel the globe in search Center near Dulles Airport]. We’re also big fans of theof The Best Of. When he’s not on the road, however, National Zoo. If you’re coming in from out of town,he keeps up with what’s going on closer to home. you’ve got to see that.”Marc and his wife, ABC7 Medical Reporter Kathy Book your hotel online at
  6. 6. MARC SILVERSTEIN Best nightlife: “You’ve got to go to Adams-Morgan. At Perry’s, the food is never overdone; they just let it speak for itself. We like to sit on the rooftop deck and watch the crowds below. We also love the rooftop view at Lauriol Plaza.” “For a good steak or a night out with the guys, I like to go to Charlie Palmer.” Most creative cuisine: “Café Atlantico’s Minibar. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in any city.” Giant pandas are one of the top draws at the National Zoo, one of the city’s most family-friendly attractions. A culinary surprise: “We like to buy crabs at the Maine Avenue Seafood Market on the Southwest Waterfront. We’ve lived in this region long enough to be picky about our crabs,“For an escape outside the city, we love Glen Echo and those are outstanding.”Park. The kids love riding the carousel and watchingthe puppet shows.” Living, working and visiting the nation’s capital, as Marc points out, can sometimes put give rise to a situation that would only happen in Washington, DC.Best Restaurants for Dining “I was standing in line to get a cup of coffee at theOut with Kids: airport and turned around to see Ted Kennedy. I called Spencer over and introduced him to the Senator, who“Old Ebbitt Grill and Clyde’s are great for a night out. was very friendly and accommodating. I asked if weYou can get dressed up, or just take the kids and go could take a picture with him and he agreed. I startedcasual.” to pull Spencer away so that I could grab my camera,“Austin Grill has a really good children’s menu, and and Ted Kennedy offered to keep an eye on him for me instead. Where else but Washington?”it’s close to the Mall if you’re out sight-seeing.”Best restaurants for datenights:“It takes an act of Congress to find a babysitter… butsince we do live in the Washington, DC area, Kathyand I are able to get out sometimes. We’re big fans ofZola and we’re suckers for the scene at Café Milano.We also just had an excellent meal at Teatro Goldoni.” Stylish downtown eateries such as Zola have earned praise from the country’s foremost food critics. Book your hotel online at
  7. 7. Visitor Services Fast Facts Sales Tax • Washington, DC: Sales tax is 5.75%. Hotel tax is 14.5%. Food and beverage tax is 10%. • Maryland: Sales tax is 5%. Hotel tax varies by county with most averaging between 5% and 8%. • Virginia: Sales tax is 4.5%. Hotel tax varies by county with most averaging between 9.5% and 10%. Disabled Travelers Washington, DC is one of the most accessible cities in the world for physically challenged visitors. Following are a few resources: • City Scooter Tours - ScootAround offers scooter and wheelchair rentals daily, weekly or longer (serving DC and 500 North American locations). Call our 24 hourA roving concierge service, the Downtown SAMs assist toll-free line 888-441-7575 for a free estimate! Tourvisitors by providing directions to restaurants, theatre and the DC sites on a comfortable mobility scooter with Citylocal attractions. Scooter Tours. Visit us online at or • - The is theF rom the patriotic and inspiring monuments to the cosmopolitan theatres, restaurants and nightlife,Washington, DC is rich in culture and tradition. premier source of disability- related information in the Washington, DC area. Detailed accessibility information for all attractions, restaurants and bars. We produce thePopulation annual Washington, D.C. Access Guide. Call 301-528- 8664 for more information.The population is approximately 572,000 in Washington,DC proper and 5.4 million for the entire metro area. • Metro System Guide – A free guide providing information on Metro’s bus and rail system for the elderlyClimate and physically disabled. For copies call (202) 637-7000Experience the glory of all four seasons here in or visit, DC. Warm weather usually prevails fromApril until as late as October. Winters are short here, • Senior Citizens Counsel and Delivery Service–with more rain than snow. Monthly high and low average Custom-made group tour packages for senior citizens.temperatures are as follows (Fahrenheit/Celsius): Handicapped equipment and wheelchair accessible vehicles available for mobility by the day, week and High Low High Low month. (202) 678-2800. • Smithsonian Access Brochure – A free guideJanuary 44/5 30/-1 July 87/31 69/20 that provides an overview of accessibility features,February 46/8 29/-1 August 85/30 68/20 parking entrances, interpreters and special tours at theMarch 54/12 36/2 September 79/26 61/16 Smithsonian museums. Available in large print, Braille,April 66/19 46/8 October 68/20 50/10 audio cassette and from AOL (keyword: Smithsonian).May 76/25 56/14 November 57/14 39/4 For copies call (202) 357-2700 (voice) or (202) 357-1729June 83/29 65/19 December 46/8 32/0 (TTY); Also available online at is restricted during rush hours and some • Washington, DC does not recognize out-of-stateweekend hours (Check posted hours on street signs). handicapped tags for free parking in front of meters.If your vehicle is towed Friday after 7 pm or any time For information about parking please call the DCon the weekends you will not be able to retrieve Department of Motor Vehicle at (202) until Monday after 9 am. For details contact theDC Department of Motor Vehicles 301 C Street NWWashington, DC 20001, (202) 727-5000. Book your hotel online at
  8. 8. VISITOR SERVICES FAST FACTSInternational TravelersWashington, DC is more than just the nation’s capital –it is also home to more than 150 embassies, chancelleriesand diplomatic residencies where colors cultures andlanguages mix like nowhere else. The following sectionscontain some tips and information to make internationalvisitors feel more at home.EmbassiesMany embassies offer guided tours with prior notification.Embassy phone numbers are available by calling directoryassistance at (202) 555-1212. A comprehensive listing ofembassies is also available online at ServicesThe White House, Kennedy Center, Library of Congressand other attractions offer brochures in several languages.The Smithsonian Institution provides multilingualinformation at the visitors center in the Castle Building.Meridian International Center offers multilingual servicesat its information desk at Dulles International Airport, andstaffs a telephone language bank. For details, call Meridianat (202) 667-6800 or is voluntary; gratuities are not automatically addedto the bill except in some cases for large groups. Tippingguidelines: servers – 15%, for outstanding service - 20%;taxi drivers – 15%; doormen, skycaps and porters - $1per bag.ElectricityThe electricity used in Washington, DC is standardelectricity, which is 110 volts. European appliances broughthere will require a voltage transformer.For more informationWashington, DC Convention Tourism Corporation901 7th St. NW, 4th Fl.Washington, DC 20001-3719(202) 789-7000 or 1-800-635-MeetFax: (202) 789-7037Consumer Inquiries: 1-800-422-8644Washington.orgMetro: Gallery Pl-Chinatown Book your hotel online at
  9. 9. CALENDAR OF EVENTSThru Aug. 15 Thru Jan. 15 Aug. 1-7Play Ball! – Hollywood and Gods and Empire: Huari Washington, DC Restaurant Baseball in America Ceremonial Textiles WeekThe National Theatre—Celebrating The Textile Museum—This exhibition More than 80 of the city’s top restau-the return of baseball with a series explores what textiles tells us about rants offer three-course, prix-fixe lunchof themed films, the National Theatre Huari religious and ceremonial practices menus for $20.05 and dinner menus forpresents The Natural, Soul of the Game, and the development of the empire. Also $30.05. Produced by the Washington, DCA League Of Their Own and others. included are examples of Huari style Convention Tourism Corporation andAdmission is free. (202) 783-3372 garments and ceremonial (202) 667-0441 the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington. (800) 422-8644 washington.orgThru Aug. 24 July 18 – Aug. 15 Aug. 12-14The Reel Architecture Film Screen on the Green National Museum of the Series National Mall—Featuring films shown American Indian National National Building Museum—On outdoors on giant screens, Screen on the PowwowWednesdays, the Museum’s doors will Green presents The Way We Were, The MCI Center—Spectators will experiencebe open to aficionados of architecture Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Suspicion Native cultures firsthand through nearlyand film classics alike for screenings of and others. Films begin each Monday 100 Native artisans and exhibitors show-American films that reflect themes found night at sundown. Admission is free. casing fine art, jewelry, sculpture andin the museum’s 25 years of exhibitions. pottery, along with Native American song(202) 272-2448 and dance. (202) 633-1000 Aug. 13 – July 16, 2006Thru Sep. 4 Pretty Women: Freer and the East Meets West: Hiroshige at Ideal of Feminine Beautythe Phillips Collection Freer Gallery of Art—Most of the worksThe Phillips Collection—Exploring that Charles Freer acquired during histhe connection between East and first 12 years as a collector were imagesWest through the impact of Utagawa of beautiful women, and this exhibitionHiroshige’s art, this collection feature brings together 34 of these beautifulhis famous travelogue of stops along the paintings and works on paper.ancient Tokaido Road. (202) 387-2151 July 30 – Aug. 7 (202) 633.4880 Legg Mason Tennis Classic William H.G. Fitzgerald Tennis Center— Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, James Blake and others battle it out in this US Open Series Event. 48 singles and 16 double teams compete for a single elimination draw. (202) 721-9500 leggmasontennisclassic.com10 Book your hotel online at
  10. 10. CALENDAR OF EVENTSAug. 16 – Oct. 2 Aug. 30 – Oct. 30 Sep. 10Urinetown Othello Elton John in Concert: The Signature Theatre—In this wacky Shakespeare Theatre—This work Peacthree Road Tourcomedy, a water shortage leads the explores the tragedy of love destroyed by MCI Center—Elton has delighted andgovernment to outlaw private toilets, jealousy when Othello begins to mistrust entertained the world with his virtuosity,forcing residents to use pay-per-use his loyal bride, Desdemona. With poetry wit and style. In September, he comesamenities. Anyone who refuses is imme- rivaling King Lear, Othello is a highly to the nation’s capital to perform hisdiately hauled off to Urinetown—never to charged tale of prejudice, revenge and Peachtree Road Tour. (202) 628-3200return. (703) 218-6500 the destruction of innocence. (202) 547-1122 shakespearedc.orgAug. 27 – Jan. 3 Sep. 5Encouraging American Genius: National Symphony Orchestra Sep. 10-11Master Paintings from the Labor Day Concert Black Family ReunionCorcoran Gallery of Art US Capitol West Lawn— Associate National Mall—A celebration of African-Corcoran Gallery of Art—Only a hand- Conductor Emil De Cou kicks off the Americans’ historic strengths andful of museums can boast a collection Kennedy Center’s fourth annual Prelude Festival with a free NSO concert at the traditional values. Get health screenings,of the exceptional quality, depth and watch performances, nibble on soul food US Capitol. (202) 416-8000breadth that characterizes the Corcoran’s and when the sun goes down, the stage kennedy-center.orgholdings of pre-1945 American paint- lights come up on spectacular concerts.ings. This exhibition features 74 works this collection. (202) 639-1700corcoran.orgAug. 30 – Sep. 4 Sep. 11My Fair Lady Adams Morgan DayWolf Trap—A brand new production of Adams Morgan—The Festival hasthe Lerner and Loewe multi-award win- grown from a single day to a weekendning classic includes the musical theater filled with celebrations highlighting thestandards “I Could Have Danced All Sep. 5 – Oct. 16 best of Adams Morgan, Washington’sNight,” “On the Street Where You Live” most densely populated and ethnicallyand more. (877) WOLFTRAP The Faculty Room diverse neighborhood. (202) Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company— In this zany, funny and caustic look at strange and perhaps inappropriate rela- tionships between teachers and students, Sep. 18 – Dec. 31 a public high school erupts with gun- Monumental Sculpture in shots, desperate longing and misguided acts of courage. (202) 393-3939 Florence: Ghiberti, Nanni di Banco, and Verrocchio at Orsanmichele Sep. 8-21 National Gallery of Art—Three master- pieces of Italian Renaissance sculpture Kennedy Center Prelude Festival by Lorenzo Ghiberti, Nanni di Banco and Kennedy Center—This spectacular pre- Andrea del Verrocchio will travel to the season celebration of the best performing National Gallery of Art to celebrate the arts from Washington and the world is a completion of their restoration. grand three-week opening event, promis- (202) 737-4215 ing to be as exhilarating and entertaining as the performance season that follows. (202) 416-8000 Book your hotel online at 11
  11. 11. CALENDAR OF EVENTSSep. 23 – Oct. 23 Oct. 1 Oct. 30Leading Ladies WalkingTown, DC Marine Corps MarathonFord’s Theatre—Leo and Jack, two Discover little-known treasures through The 26-mile, 385-yard course windsunemployed Shakespearean actors, a series of walking tours throughout the through Arlington, Georgetown and theaccept work in the hinterlands when city. All tours are free and open to the District of Columbia, passing the Capitol,they cannot find it elsewhere, scheming public, with no reservations required. Union Station, the memorials, museumsto swindle an older woman out of her WalkingTown, DC is presented by and the Kennedy Center. Nicknamed themoney and pose as her long lost heirs. Cultural Tourism DC. (202) 661-7581 “Marathon of the Monuments.”(202) 347-4833 (800) RUN-USMC marinemarathon.comSep. 24 Oct. 7-9 Nov. – Feb.National Book FestivalNational Mall—This festival attracts Fall Wine Festival and Sunset Holiday Homecomingaward-winning authors, illustrators, Tour Washington, DC’s hotels, restaurantspoets and storytellers and a crowd Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens— and attractions celebrate the holidayof more than 85,000. Pavilions at the Join Mount Vernon in its rain or shine season with special events, promotionsfestival will highlight a genres includingfiction, history, mysteries, poetry, family, fall celebration of the history of the and exceptional values. (800) 422-8655children and teens. (888) 714-4696 Virginia wine industry, on the east lawn of George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, overlooking the Potomac River.Sep. 30 – Oct. 1 (703) 780-2000 Nov. 4 – Jan. 1DC Underground Film Festival Cuttin’ UpGoethe-Institute—Showcasing the work Arena Stage—The barbershop is aof independent filmmakers and artists community, and its denizens shareboth in the US and abroad, the festival the joys and troubles life hands them.often exhibits radical and thought-pro- Together, these colorful stories illustratevoking issues, catering to thoughtful a remarkably simple truth: “When youaudiences who appreciate high-quality have history, you belong.”films. (202) 488-4377 Oct. 8Oct. Taste of GeorgetownKennedy Center Festival of Georgetown—Featuring Georgetown’sChina finest restaurants, talented artisans andKennedy Center—As the largest celebra- unique shops, the festival includes ation of Chinese performing arts in his- wine tasting, children’s activities andtory, the month-long series features over three different jazz, blues and rock20 companies, performing everything bands. (202) 298-9222from opera and orchestra to fireworks tasteofgeorgetown.comand fashion. (202) Oct. 13-16 Georgetown/Adams Morgan Film Festival Two popular film festivals merge to create a cross-town cinematic experi- ence, bridging two of the city’s most colorful neighborhoods and screening more than 200 films. (202) 255-1995 georgetownfilmfest.com1 Book your hotel online at
  12. 12. CALENDAR OF EVENTSNov. 16 – Dec. 18 Dec. 7 – Jan. 21 Dec. 15-18A Year with Frog and Toad Les Miserables Handel’s MessiahRound House Theatre—In this jazzy National Theatre—Les Miserables is Kennedy Center— Don’t miss one ofmusical affectionately an unlike friend- the story of a man engaged in a lifelong DC’s most beloved holiday traditions,ship develops between the cheerful Frog struggle to evade capture. Winner of presented each new season with a freshand the grumpy Toad. Its clever tale and the 1978 Tony Award for Best Musical. perspective and original insight by thefunny characters will delight audiences (800) 447-7400 National Symphony Orchestra andyoung and old. (240) 644-1100 talented soloists. (202) Dec. 9-11Dec. Washington Craft Show Washington Convention Center—Pageant of Peace National Presenting 185 of the nation’s leadingTree Lighting Ceremony craft artists, the Washington Craft ShowWhite House Ellipse—The annual light- features recognized masters and emerg-ing of the National Christmas Tree on ing talent, accompanied by their latestDecember 2 kicks off Washington, DC’s collections of inventive art to decoratetwo-week celebration of caroling, music, yourself and your home. (203) 254-0486a burning Yule log and other events. Dec. 18 Dec. 9-11 Family Christmas ConcertDec. 1-24 The Joy of Christmas: Cathedral Kennedy Center—Join Santa and hisThe Nutcracker Choral Society friends, Frosty and Rudolph, for the Choral Arts Society holiday concert forWarner Theatre—Seasoned with refer- National Cathedral—This holiday tradi- young people of all ages. (202) 244-3669ences to DC and Americana, audiences tion takes place in the acoustic splendor choralarts.orgrave about the crisp marching soldiers, of the Washington National Cathedral.sultry Anacostian Indian duet, bursting The Cathedral Choral Society is joinedCherry Blossoms and tiny skittering mice. by organ soloists the Washington Dec. 21 – Jan. 15The Nutcracker is a holiday feast. Symphonic Brass in performances of(202) 362.3606 holiday favorites. (202) 537-5527 Wicked Kennedy Center—As the story of how two unlikely friends end up as the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch, Wicked is the untold tale of the witches of Oz. (202) 416-8000 Dec. 9 – Feb. 5 Damn Yankees Arena Stage—When a Washington Senators fan gets an opportunity to play with the team and become the world’s greatest ballplayer, he doesn’t hesi- tate—but his attempt to outfox the devil becomes a battle between good and evil. (202) 488-4377 Book your hotel online at 13