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Xin wang s3414658 idhub


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Xin wang s3414658 idhub

  1. 1. Link to ID Hub: Name: Xin WANG (Vivian) Student ID: s3414658
  2. 2. Expected persona  As an international student, I want to get my social media present the cross culture communication content. Personally I am crazy about movies, music, travelling as well as photographing. I have tried to get my blog and twitter to be a platform to present those I am interested in and to illustrate my personal view about on the above issues as well. On page, the background is the picture I have travelled in Flower City in China. That’s the experience that is like travelling in a dream due to many flowers around me. Besides, I would like to take a lot of photographs in my daily life, ranging from the beautiful scenery to the people I love. There are many pictures which I took in my social media to record moments I love. There is a pity that I did not present any music or video in this social media, but I am learning how to conduct them using my devices. Fortunately, this is high-tech society, good applications in our mobiles I can use to come the dream that to be a singer or an actress. I hope my friends in social media can listen to my music and watch my movies.
  3. 3. Vivian’s professional ID I am an Advertising Student who has used social media to interact with the world. I want to have deep insight of the changing media world and make my own evaluation listened to my friends and my peers. I like the way how we exchange ideas through Facebook and Twitter. In order to have a better understanding of cross culture and communication, I traveled from China to Australia to do the Master courses in Advertising. The comparison of the culture and media difference makes me have the willing to build a bridge for two countries’ people to see the globalized communication importance. The explored new models and the online discussion indeed help me do research in the social media. Blog and Twitter are really good in helping me expand the social circle. I follow more famous people in media using and I can get great inspired ideas. I can work creatively with that thrilled ideas such as make our own community in the campaign that we are doing. What’s more, I have learnt the skills to help people be interested to participate in the community we are using. I have been tried apply the new communication theories and social media using to make the advertising campaign more easily acceptable for both our teammates and audience.
  4. 4. From Pilgrim to Tourist  Blog Link: /08/15/from-pilgrim-to-tourist/ That blog was written about my understand from concepts of Pilgrim to Tourist.
  5. 5. Media Mapping  Blog Link: /08/03/media-mapping/ The mapping of media exercise indeed helps us to find the important signs and signals in our life. I found that we are in a society full of media influence.
  6. 6. How culture shapes identity  Blog Link: /08/21/how-culture-shapes-identity/ The blog writing make me have a deep understanding of influence of culture on identity especially when I consider how to introduce my identity with Chinese culture to my foreign friends.
  7. 7. Twittering about the course material
  8. 8. Twitter replies with others
  9. 9. A diagram of my platforms Platforms Username URL link Twitter Vivians3414658 ns3414658 Blog Vivian WANG http://vivianwang89.wor Facebook Vivian Wang m/ LinkedIn XIN WANG /home?trk=nav_responsiv e_tab_home Vimeo (Plan to have)  