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Surviving Your 1st Year of Graduate School


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Tips on what to expect in graduate school and how to survive your first year in graduate school.

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Surviving Your 1st Year of Graduate School

  1. 1. st 1 Surviving Your Year in Graduate School
  2. 2. Get used to reading…a lot. • Train yourself to read • Active reading (notes, etc.) • Speed reading classes
  3. 3. Get used to writing…a lot  No multiple choice tests  Journal articles, grant proposal, thesis/dissertation proposals, term papers, etc.  Develop your writing Writing Center at UTA
  4. 4. Participate in class  That is, engaging in actual dialogue, not just showing up
  5. 5. Double check everything Quality work, be detail oriented High Standard Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  6. 6. Manage Your Time Efficiently
  7. 7. Manage Your Time Efficiently  Reading up on time management techniques  Exercise to be healthy and reduce stress  Find time to do things you enjoy for the sake of your sanity  The last 2 are not a waste of time!  Burn out
  8. 8. Introduce yourself to your professors  No, it’s not sucking up.  Remember, they’re human too.
  9. 9. Develop a Good Relationship With Your Faculty Advisor  Get  Be to know them open and honest with them  Remember: They want you to succeed and are here to guide your through graduate school
  10. 10. Don’t be a • Like Eric said last week, don’t burn bridges • Future work
  11. 11. Your Friends & Family  Might feel neglected  May or may not understand how difficult graduate school is  Tell them what to expect when you start graduate school  Unfortunately, you might lose a few friends too
  12. 12. Emotional Rollercoaster  Your fellow graduate students are feeling the same things you are