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  1. 1. In 1193 B.C Paris, Prince of Troy, has fallenin love; however, the beautiful woman whohas beguiled him is Helen, Queen of Sparta,who is wed to King Menelaus. While Helen ishardly immune to Paris‘ charms, this doesntblunt Menelaus fury when Paris steals heraway from him. Menelaus‘ brotherAgamemnon, the power-hungry king of theMycenaeans, is eager to expand his empirethrough Troy to the lands of the Aegean Sea,and he uses Paris romantic slight againstMenelaus as an excuse to wage an all-out waragainst the great walled city.
  2. 2. Priam, King of Troy, summons hisarmies, led by Prince Hector, to meetthe onslaught of Agamemnons forces,but while the great ci ty has yet toyield in a battle, Agamemnon has aformidable ally -- Achilles, a mightyand seemingly unstoppable warriorwhose presence could tip the scalesin Agamemnons favor.