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Walnut Shell Filters - Oil & Gas

This must the discovery of the decade. Walnut shells are used to purify water from any sort of Contamination and has been a blessing for the Oil & Gas Sector.

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Walnut Shell Filters - Oil & Gas

  1. 1. Water Technologies Walnut Shell Filters Siemens Water Technologies Redesigning for Offshore Use Michael Howdeshell Chad Felch Eric Lorge
  2. 2. Slide2 Water Technologies Geography -Siemens -O&G offices
  3. 3. Slide3 Water Technologies Agenda Walnut Shell Technology Background Testing in North Sea Taking Walnut Shell Technology Off-Shore
  4. 4. Slide4 Water Technologies Produced Water Water Treatment in Oil Field Industry Tertiary Separation  Walnut shell filter  Coalescing filter  Cartridge filter  Sand filter Secondary Separation  Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)  Dissolved Gas Flotation (DGF)  Induced Gas Flotation (IGF) Primary Separation  Hydrocyclone  API Separator  Plate Separator  Skimmer
  5. 5. Slide5 Water Technologies Separation Technology Spectrum 10,0001,000100101 Oil in Water Concentration (ppm) Efficiency API CPI DAF, IGF, DGF Hydrocyclone Centrifuge Membrane Walnut Shell and Coalescing Filters 1º 2º 3º
  6. 6. Slide6 Water Technologies How Do Walnut Shell Filters Work  Continuous pressurized media bed  Bed(s) cycle based on time or ΔP  Media is recharged using backwash cycles  Oil is adsorbed not absorbed  Used to removed SS and free oil  Walnut shell media have an equal affinity for oil and water  Very low attrition rate
  7. 7. Slide7 Water Technologies The Siemens Walnut Shell Filter Media The Black Walnut Shell  Excellent surface characteristics for  Coalescence  Filtration  High “modulus of elasticity”  Chemical free oil separation
  8. 8. Slide8 Water Technologies Walnut Shell Global Usage - Installation - Void regions
  9. 9. Slide9 Water Technologies Pilot Testing – BP Valhall Platform Objectives  Prove walnut shell media can handle North Sea produced water  Test efficiency of system  Suitable for off-shore? Stavanger Bergen Oslo BP Valhall
  10. 10. Slide10 Water Technologies Pilot Unit Used on BP Valhall Platform
  11. 11. Slide11 Water Technologies Walnut Shell Media Close-ups
  12. 12. Slide12 Water Technologies Backwash Procedure Used in Test
  13. 13. Slide13 Water Technologies Results from Pilot Testing * * Measurements conducted with TD500 OiW analyzer
  14. 14. Slide14 Water Technologies Results from Pilot Testing – Inlet and Effluent Oil Concentrations 45 50 55 60 65 70 8/21/2008 8/22/2008 8/23/2008 8/24/2008 8/25/2008 8/26/2008 Inletoil(ppm) 0 1 2 3 4 5 Effluentoil(ppm)
  15. 15. Slide15 Water Technologies Results from Pilot Testing – Oil Removal Efficiency 80 82 84 86 88 90 92 94 96 98 100 8/22/2008 8/23/2008 8/24/2008 8/25/2008
  16. 16. Slide16 Water Technologies Moving from On-Shore to Off-Shore Demonstration Objectives  Prove walnut shell media can handle North Sea produced water  Test efficiency of system  Suitable for off-shore use? Off-shore challenges  Footprint and weight reduction  Simplify and optimize backwash system   
  17. 17. Slide17 Water Technologies Moving from On-Shore to Off-Shore Tasks  Reduce external scrubbing  Increase throughput  Reduce backwash water volume
  18. 18. Slide18 Water Technologies Siemens Internal Backwash
  19. 19. Slide19 Water Technologies Improvements for Off-Shore  Complete turn over and mixing of the media  Fully fluidize the walnut shell bed  No rotating equipment or moving parts  The ability to use a finer walnut shell media to improve oil and solids removal  Smaller footprint and weight  A reduction in backwash water volume 0.72% 0.35% 5% Sand Filter Old WSF New WSF ForwardFlowUsedfor Backwash(%)
  20. 20. Slide20 Water Technologies The Siemens Walnut Shell Filter Design Considerations  Ready for off-shore use  Refinement of the design through many years of successfully commissioned installations, most of which still in operation today  Direct experience of many applications for which walnut shell filters can be appropriate  No compromise of design to ensure effluent quality is maintained
  21. 21. Slide21 Water Technologies Summary Walnut Shell Media  Efficiently remove oil from North Sea produced water  Solids do not impact the efficiency  Suitable for off-shore use Walnut Shell System  Reduced footprint through efficient backwash design and finer shell media  Reduced weight  Reduced backwash water volume
  22. 22. Slide22 Water Technologies Thank you for your attention!