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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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  2. 2. The purpose of this advertisement is toconvince people to care for the foster children
  3. 3.  “Do you have room in your heart for more than one foster child? It locates at the centre of the page AND The effect of this is that it makes the reader involved into the text and also to think about the answer
  4. 4. E.g. Don’t be put off if you have room in yourheart but not enough rooms in your home.The effect of using this is that to make you asthe audience feel more involved and want toparticipate because it is speaking, askingdirectly to you.
  5. 5. E.g. Call Centacare now on 9793 7522 or go toour website for more information.Imperatives/commands is to convey you to docertain thing, speaks directly to you.
  6. 6.  E.g.You will be provided with training, professional support and a generous package. By using positive, persuasive language (generous) package, makes the responder say “yes”, because the company/program provides all the needs for customer.
  7. 7.  Dominant image is usually the biggest image in the advertisement Inthis case of the heart to capture the reader attention
  8. 8. The symbol has used for this advertisement isthe heart. ANDThe message of this symbol is that it’s askingfor kindness, caring, that they need your help.Also there are little hearts inside the big heartindicating you obviously have plenty of roomsto care foster children.
  9. 9. The “Centacare” logo is used to let theresponder to know and recognise theprogram/company.
  10. 10. Relevant information is inside the frame tomake it’s clear and easy for the audience toread.