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Instrucciones en igles viviana


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Instrucciones en igles viviana

  1. 1. INSTRUCCIONES EN INGLES GMAIL INSTRUCTIONS 1. To start using gmail must create an account. 2. Gmail is a service of mail with space to save information. 3. With google buzz can you share news, photos, and links with your contacts of gmail. 4. To publish some buzz to click in the text box than appears along to your name. 5. To finish the gmail session you need to click in the top part any of gmail page.
  2. 2. 6. To change your personal information or password to click in configuration. 7. To write a new message to click to write, in any gmail screen you can select the destinies in the contact list writing addresses in the space FOR. 8. In gmail also I have option of use chat to interact with all my contacts. 9. In the pull down menu stablish state select custom message and customize your states. 10. For sign out in chat to click located in flee Along to stablish state and to click in close chat session. INSTRUCTIONS BLOGGER 1. To create a blog enters
  3. 3. 2. To access the blog you must have a gmail account. 3. On your home page you can edit the blog through of seven options. 4. The seven options to set the blog are: edit entry, comments, and configuration, desing, monetize and statistics. 5. To see or edit you profile to click on edit profile that appears the right side your photo. 6. Report of Adsence that appears in the flange monetize, contains basic information on the number of ads, that have been published in your blog. 7. In goggle the gadgets are simple applications on HTML and JAVA Script that can be embedded so on websites, as in other applications, included blogger.
  4. 4. 8. For the password your blog is secure use combination of uppercase and lowercase. 9. To change the blog template other, selected new template and to click on the orange button and save template. 10. To raise the photo your profile to click on edit photo, review and up.