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on wikis, blogs and creative innovation


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presentation on John Quiggin's article" Wikis, blogs and creative innovation"

Published in: Education, Technology
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on wikis, blogs and creative innovation

  1. 1. Week 2 presentation by Vivian Chen Blogs, wikis and creative innovation ---John Quiggin
  2. 2. Blogs Wikis Creative collaboration innovation Content Technicalinnovation innovation Genre innovation
  3. 3. BLOGS• Individual post• Comments• Trackback
  4. 4. Wikis• Relational database• Co-authoring• Easy-to-correct-mistakes• Authorless nature
  5. 5. Blogs--Content innovation• No exact gauge• Blogs VS US Library of Congress• Blogs VS Quality Press Limited area---politics and current affairsConclusion: Blog content are valuable and adequate
  6. 6. • A blog post serves more to initiate a conversation, held in public review, than as a discrete piece of communication from author to reader.• to inspire and encourage the public to participate in the conversation and contribute ideas
  7. 7. Han Han • …… his fellow Netizens feel that his efforts are by no means hopeless. Hans blog, which has registered well over 200 million hits since it was started in 2006, making him one of the most popular bloggers on the planet
  8. 8. EduBlog•••
  9. 9. wiki---content innovationWikipedia (majority of wiki output)
  10. 10. Genre Innovation• Fisking• Spam• Open mike post• Crooked Timber-group blog……
  11. 11. Genre InnovationTwitter?• micro blogging service• up-to-140-word posts• Social networking function( follow,group etc)
  12. 12. Institutions forinnovation• Call for the construction of institutional framework• Creative Commons Licensing System• Intellectual property theory/extended public domain
  13. 13. • Openness,• Creative collaboration,• creative commons
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  15. 15. Thanks!