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  • great presentation - I love this artist! wonderful job... I believe this artist could be contextualized just a bit more and the copy edited to help students and teachers understand how he fits into a broader context of artists using social practice, community, under represented populations, graffiti, etc. (it also seems as if we are losing letters and words due to a missing typeface or ?)
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JR Art Lit Lesson

  1. 1. This is JR.No one knows his real name. He refers to himself as a photograffeur, which putshim somewhere between a photographer and a graf ti artist.
  2. 2. JR found a camera on the subwayin Paris and began to take picturesand make art. His art is alwaysfocused on people, bold, black andwhite, and oversized.
  3. 3. JR wants to be anonymous because he wants bring attention to the sub-jects of his art. He wants to give a voice and a face to those that can’t doit for themselves. JR likes to work at night. After his artwork is seen, thereis no one to explain it but those that have not been previously heard
  4. 4. JR always chooses certain people for a certain reason.This is part of his campaign called “Women are Heroes”in Kenya. He wanted to show the importance of women.
  5. 5. This is “Portraits of a Generation,”a series based on those living inParis housing projects. At the be-ginning of this project, JR said, “Inthe street, we reach people whonever go to museums.”
  6. 6. In 2011, JR was the winner of the TED prize, a $100,00 prize granted to thosewho wish to change the world. Past winners include Bill Clinton and Bono and atthe age of 28, JR is the youngest to receive the prize!
  7. 7. JR’s wish is coming truethrough a movement called“Inside Out” where heinvites people to uploadpictures of themselves onhis website. A black andposter will be sent backand is encouraged to beput up as art.
  8. 8. HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT:Join JR’s art movement and nd a com-puter and upload a picture of yourself orsomeone that you would like to see as art.Receive a poster and paste it in a publicplace where people will see it.ORcreate your own movement and nd anissue that you would like to call attentionto. Make your own portrait about some-thing that needs a voice and display it in aplace that is relevant (for older students)