CarManager Alarm System


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A presentation on "CarManager Alarm System" - An Android App

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CarManager Alarm System

  1. 1. CarManager Alarm SystemDeveloped By: Vivek Prasad
  2. 2. The Idea• CarManager is an electronic way of effectively managing regular maintenance jobs for any automobile, be it a car or a pick- up truck.• This app being a green app helps in reducing global carbon footprint and waste scrap thereby helping the world economy and allowing the society to bloom.• Helps a user to save on extraneous economic expenditure.
  3. 3. Tire Pressure Management Underinflated tire Increases Increases Is a safety household global carbonexpenditure footprint hazard
  4. 4. US Underinflation Report
  5. 5. Engine Oil Management• Irregular engine oil check can lead to poor engine life and maintenance nightmares.• Vehicles can become more polluting, thus hurting world’s green initiative.• Bad engine oil can cut the vehicle’s mileage by upto 7%.
  6. 6. Coolant Management• Automobile manufacturers recommend flushing a car’s radiator once every two years, unless the owners manual recommends otherwise. Most of the vehicles don’t come with any indicator and it is left to the owner to remember this detail.• A bad coolant can break down a car’s air conditioning system, leading to expensive repairs and warranty issues.• Car Manager’s coolant change reminder feature solves this problem by reminding users of proper coolant change/flush intervals.
  7. 7. Features• Car Health Manager is a system that once initiated continues to monitor your vehicle utilizing various android library systems such as the notification manager, alarm manager etc.• In other words the app once set, gives an easily noticeable notification on the android home once the proposed day is reached. Tapping on the notification will open the app. The user is then provided with three options i.e. he can either snooze the notification for another two days in case he wants to delay or he can choose to ignore the notification altogether or he can choose to call a mechanic from the given list for immediate help.
  8. 8. Flexibility• Flexibility is engraved deep into the core of the app preserving the need of every individual.• It allows the user to adjust the interval between two successive checks by proceeding into the settings menu and fine tuning the intervals of air pressure, engine oil and coolant check.• A Revert to defaults button is also provided so that the user may return to the optimum settings at any point of time.
  9. 9. Features, Cont.• The app provides the user with an easily accessible help page to understand its usage.
  10. 10. WorkingThis is the screen of theapp where the user canclearly see the respectivedates of the nextproposed check.
  11. 11. Working, Cont.Once the user either tapson the notification oropens the app on hisphone, he will beprovided with a dialogueasking him to choose anoption.
  12. 12. Working, Cont.•If the user chooses to call amechanic, he will be providedwith a list of nearby mechanicsfrom which immediate help couldbe sought•In the next version, the userwould be navigated to the nearbymechanic using Google maps
  13. 13. Who cares? 54 million prospective 700K Daily MARKET Android SIZE users with a vehicle & an Phone android phone Activations Makes amark in day- to-day life
  14. 14. Who pays?Vehicle Owners Environmentally In-app Advertisement• Reduces their extraneous Conscious people & • App can remain free for all expenses NGO’s • Revenue will come• One time fee is negligible through ads • Helps reducing global compared to the long term carbon footprint profit they get • Maintains the world’s green initiative Large Premium High expected User Data Targeted Profit user base Ads Potential
  15. 15. CompetitionCar Health Manager offers the most compelling and easy way to keep your vehicle healthy and less polluting. An effort to make the world more green.
  16. 16. The secret sauce Inspired from one’s daily life and rising environmental problem
  17. 17. Improvisation Air Filter Management features PUC Check Improved GUI Reminder TheConfigurable Future Collaboration snooze with more interval garages Support for Using Google several maps to help more reach the languages garages
  18. 18. Questions?