Diasporic Online Communities


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Diasporic Online Communities

  1. 1. Muhammed Sabith II MADept. of Mass communication
  2. 2.  Are they really nostalgic/thinking of home..? Discussions.. Politics.. Who has time..?
  3. 3. Kerala people in Dubai (32 likes))Sharjah Malayalee Samajam  Members want to know new people  They use it for advertising for their company
  4. 4.  Hamilton Malayalee Samajam (Australia) (35 members)  Though much discussion is not found in this group also, people who seem very casual appear to be finding a kind of unique enthusiasm with the group. Many „shares‟ “lol this is the coolest group ever”.
  5. 5.  Toronto Malayalee Samajam (N. America) (130 likes)  It was found many contents posted in the wall of this page are of business and job. Home-land related discussions, here also, seems lacking  Some other posts like literary posts can also be rarely seen.
  6. 6.  Kerala Samajam Botswana (Africa) (54 likes)-  No discussion found in this relatively new Community page  Its mainly appears meant to spread info. About public functions and gatherings.  It also seems to be used to convey among the members the information like special achievements of member(s).
  7. 7.  Malayalees of South Africa: (Africa) (253 members)  No discussion, being used to find new people Kerala Samajam Ethiopia (Africa) (34)  It is also a community members of which are not interested in any kind of lasting discussions or serious sharing
  8. 8.  Overseas Keralites create Online communities mainly to get in touch, not to get into any „serious‟ discussions as many local Malayalees assume. It is so partly because of the divergence of the members. E.g.: a large section of the Gulf Keralites do not have education beyond primary level. They are unaware of virtual public spheres though they have „account‟ in it. Also, many of them are not living in conditions in which they have free and unrestricted access to the net.
  9. 9.  Not Diasporic, still non-resident Around 200 members More effective because of its nature -homogenous and easy to get connected physically. Facilitate physical contacts. As of educated youth, discussion on various topics could be seen –on home politics, student activism, art and literature.
  10. 10. Thank you…