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This presentation will let you know the simple procedure to find contacts with email id mining.

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Lead Data Mining

  1. 1. Contact Mining Technique Overview 1. General LinkedIn Mining 2. Person’s Email id Mining
  2. 2. General Contact Mining To start general contact mining the best thing to use is LinkedIn social media channel. It’s the best thing that you can find the contacts updated than other paid versions. This is very simple to find people. Login to LinkedIn Account that you have. Go to LinkedIn Advance search where you will find the name of the people with company and designations. Click
  3. 3. Cont. You will find all the details in the previous image. Give the company name that you are looking for and also the designation and the location that you are looking for. If you know the name you can search by name as well. You need not come here to search by name as you will get in Google searches. Usually LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook searches will get first. There you go you will get all the result with the same designation and the required company. Copy in the excel sheet in the required format and you the contact mining list.
  4. 4. Contact Email id Mining After finding out the names from LinkedIn you can find out their email ids and phone numbers on Google.com. But many email ids and phone numbers you wont find. To get email ids here is the simple method. You need to know mining on Google. Go to Google search. Search in Google as “*@domain name” Eg. *@linkedin.com Check for the formats that the company has on Google search on one of two search pages. Examples of formats are given here.
  5. 5. Cont. Format may be like this  First name . Last name @ linkedin.com  First letter . Last name @ linkedin.com  First letter Last name @ linkedin.com  First name Last name first letter @ linkedin.com  Eg. vivek.maudgalya@linkedin.com Consider this format and find the required email id in the excel sheet that you had mined.
  6. 6. Excel formulas for email Mining After you find the format email id. If you the many contact list from the same company you can use these formulas in excel sheet. To use these formulas you need to put First Name , Middle Name and Last Name in different column in excel sheet. To find email ids  =lower(concatenate(first name, “.” ,last name, “@linkedin.com”))  =lower(concatenate(left(first name,1),last name, “@linkedin.com”))  For first letter selection use Left(Name,1)
  7. 7. Hope this made you easy to find contacts of the folksthat you are looking for. Hope you found a simple way to know.If you have any doubts please share with me. And also share if you know any thing better and simple way for mining contacts.I also recommend Jigsaw.com , Lead411.comfor contacts mining. This gives good results too. Thank you