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Handling clients The human way!

After working with diverse clients – ranging from small agencies to big corporations for over eight years, and by learning from the mistakes and success, I found that there are five basic questions that should be answered, and introspected on, to make an agency-client relation successful-
Who exactly is your client?
What is expected from you? Go beyond gathering requirements and find out what your clients’ & their customers’ expectations are.
When do you plan to give ongoing demos, and delivery? Build predictability.
Why do clients send you those agitated mails? What is the real reason behind them?

To ensure quality results, follow the LED principal – Lead, Empathise, Document.

From my experience answering these questions are building blocks for a successful client relationship- whether a small theme project or one with a huge scope.

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Handling clients The human way!

  1. 1. Handling Clients The Human Way @svivekjain
  2. 2. WHOis your client?
  3. 3. WHATis your client’s business?
  4. 4. Explore your client’s business
  5. 5. WHENare updates expected?
  6. 6. friend “Five More Minutes”
  7. 7. Don’t be a friend “Five More Minutes”
  8. 8. “We are on it!”
  9. 9. WHYdid that angry email come in?
  10. 10. HOWto get good results?
  11. 11. The LED way Lead
  12. 12. The LED way Empathize
  13. 13. The LED way Document
  14. 14. Empathize. Document. Lead.
  15. 15. Thanks @sivekjain