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Recommendation Engines Program Kickoff


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The presentation for Big Data Gods Meetup that occurred on May 06th, 2013 at Santa Clara, CA. This was a kickoff meeting for a month-long scrum on Recommendation Engines.

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Recommendation Engines Program Kickoff

  1. 1. Recommendation EnginesProgram KickoffVivek A. Ganesanvivganes@gmail.comBig Data Gods Meetup, Santa Clara, CA May 06,2013
  2. 2. Before we startCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rights reserved 1o A BIG thank you to our sponsors –Big Data Cloudo Meeting Spaceo Food + Drinkso Recreation (just kidding)
  3. 3. AgendaCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rights reserved 2o Introductiono Structureo Scheduleo Teamso Questions?
  4. 4. IntroductionCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rights reserved 3o Program Outlineo This is an opt-in program, it is FREE! (as in beer)o We do social coding (which means you share yourcode as open source, Apache v2 license)o Program duration = 1 month, weekly sprintso Weekly meetup (topical + social coding + Q/A)o A weekend hackathon (Sat. afternoon) alternateweeks (deep technical immersion)o Demo at the end of the program
  5. 5. About this Meetup : StructureCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rights reserved 4• Agile teams• Week 1 : Introduction to Problem• Week 2 : Algorithm + Platform• Week 3 : Technical help(Algorithm, Platform, Testing andDeployment)• Week 4 : Panel + Demo• Showcase Startups/Experts inthe space• Teams show demos• Panel judges winners• We might have prizes (needsto be figured out)
  6. 6. About this Meetup : ScheduleCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rights reserved 5• May 06th : Kickoff• Scrum 1• May 6th – Meetup : Kickoff• May 11th – Hackathon 1 (Sat. 01:30 pm – 05:30 pm)• MongoDB Introduction + Setup• Scrum 2• May 13th – Meetup : Collaborative Filtering Algorithms• Scrum 3• May 20th – Implementing Collaborative Filtering• May 25th – Hackathon 2 (Sat. 01:30 pm – 05:30 pm)• Advanced MongoDB• Scrum 4• May 27th – Panel + Demos
  7. 7. Picking your teamsCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rights reserved 6• Ideal Team structure (Three to Five people per team)• Data Science interest (at least one person)• NoSQL interest (at least one person)• Visualization interest (at least one person)• Domain interest (at least one person)• Yes, one person can have more than one interest• Requirement : At least two people in a team• Requirement : Not more than five people in a team• Requirement : Teams must register with the Organizer byend of this week (May 10th, 2013)• Requirement : Each team must pick an unique name (letthe Organizer know)• Requirement : Each team must have two team leads
  8. 8. Questions? Comments?Thank You!E-mail: vivganes@gmail.comTwitter : onevivekCopyright 2013, Vivek A. Ganesan, All rightsreserved7